Types of tourism in Turkey

Types of tourism in Turkey

Types of tourism in Turkey
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As it is known, Turkey is considered one of the most crucial tourist countries in the world, as it ranked seventh in the world as the most popular tourist destination for tourists. One of the most critical factors that helped in this is its strategic location between Europe and Asia, in addition to its charming climate and the varied terrain of seas, mountains, and plains. Indeed, we do not forget the great interest that the Turkish government attaches to the tourism sector as it works to facilitate access to tourist sites and serve areas well. Indeed, there are many forms of tourism in Turkey, which we will get to know together.


Religious tourism in Turkey:
This type of tourism comes at the forefront as Turkey is rich in religious symbols and is considered an ancient place with many religions and sects. Turkey is working to attract Muslims and Christians from all over the world thanks to its ancient mosques, ancient cathedrals, monasteries, and other Religious homes.

Turkey has witnessed many religious facts through the ages, as it is narrated that it is where the story of the Prophet Noah, peace be upon him, took place and that the Virgin Mary used to live in it. Moreover, some stories tell the story of the fire of the Prophet Abraham; peace is upon him in Turkey as well.

We note the religious character of many real estates in Turkey, which indicates the religion that prevailed in this place.


Natural tourism in Turkey:
We come to the second type of tourism in Turkey, which is natural tourism, as this type had to be present due to Turkey's richness in the various and unique natural terrain that captures the heart and mind. Many charming waterfalls, such as the Kursunlu and Dudan Falls, frozen lakes, and rivers of sparkling water.

Many tourists visit Turkey to enjoy these beautiful scenes, breathe clean air and spend time in the bosom of nature, as there are many natural resorts and country houses in Turkey.


Historical tourism in Turkey:
There is no doubt that Turkey is full of ancient historical sites, and that is due to the many facts that occurred within it, the rich history that it enjoys, and the various civilizations that came to it. All this contributed to giving it its current identity and had a role in achieving its renaissance. We see this among the historical and archaeological sites spread throughout Turkey to tell a story of struggle and development.

And one of the most important cities with a rich history is Istanbul, which has had a prominent role and impact in the historical development of Turkey, which is full of the most important historical monuments, such as the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Rumeli Fortress, and Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which attracts tourists from all over the world to see creativity in design And taking memorial photos.


Medical tourism in Turkey:
This type of tourism is no less important than others, on the contrary, as it attracts a large number of tourists and people from all over the world, especially after the excellent reputation that Turkey has gained in this field and the significant development witnessed by the health sector in Turkey. Therefore, the treatment arena is divided into Turkey into two types: The first type is the one that takes place within Turkish hospitals equipped with the best medical devices, trained personnel, and brilliant names in medicine.

The second type is hospital tourism, which takes place within the hot springs in Turkey, which contain mineral water with specific medicinal properties that benefit many joint, nerve, and muscle diseases. These springs attract many visitors to take advantage of the water whose temperature reaches more than 100 ° C.


Sports tourism in Turkey:
Turkey is one of the countries best equipped to practice different types of sports, and that is because of its richness in the appropriate terrain, whether in rugged heights, deep seas, or even frozen lakes, and many athletes visit Turkey and reside in Turkey to practice many sports such as cycling, swimming, snowboarding, and others A lot, and we do not forget the sport of parachute jumping, which was very popular in Turkey and attracted the attention of people from everywhere.

There is no doubt that Turkey still carries many surprises and advantages, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and book a ticket to spend the best time in Turkey.



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