The importance of the Eurasia tunnel in Istanbul

The importance of the Eurasia tunnel in Istanbul and its effect on real estate in Turkey

The importance of the Eurasia tunnel in Istanbul
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Turkey has an impressive group of major cities, each of which is a pioneer in the two fields of investment, and the country derives the great importance it enjoys thanks to the advantages offered by each of these cities.

And when talking about major cities in Turkey, the name of Istanbul must be mentioned, which is known as the economic capital of the country and its vital artery, as unlike other important cities, Istanbul is distinguished as a prosperous center for various forms of investment because it includes a significant number of major projects and Important modernity at the level of Turkey and the world as a whole.


The importance of the Eurasia water tunnel in Istanbul


What is the Eurasia water tunnel in Istanbul:

This tunnel is a water tunnel that is used for the passage of cars and works to connect the parts of Istanbul, that is, the European part with the Asian part, as it passes under the bottom of the Bosphorus Strait and the length of this tunnel is fourteen intervals six kilometers and forms the part below Of them, water equals five, four kilometers apart.

The tunnel connects the Kazli Shisma neighborhood in the Zeytinburnu area in the European section of the city with the Göztepe district in the Kadikoy region in the Asian part, and the tunnel got its distinguished name by merging the names of the two continents that connect between them, i.e. Eurasia means Europe and Asia.

Work on this project was started by the Turkish government in April of the year two thousand and fourteen AD, taking more than two years of excavation work to complete, and it was inaugurated in December of the year two thousand and sixteen AD.

And the completion of this project cost the Turkish government nearly one billion two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.


The importance of the Eurasia water tunnel in Istanbul:

Although this project was very distinctive by the city of Istanbul, it was not the first of its kind, as it was preceded by the Marmaray tunnel under the waters of the Sea of ​​Marmara, but it is distinguished from its predecessor, which is only intended for the metro train, that the Eurasia tunnel is designated for the passage of cars under the waters of the Bosphorus Strait. The tunnel is a huge project extending fourteen meters underwater, making it the longest tunnel for car traffic in the world.

And it does not sell the strategic importance of this tunnel from being a passage for the crossing of sans and buses and connecting between the two parts of Istanbul, but rather from being an important tool that contributes to enhancing the economic and commercial importance of Istanbul and thus supporting the Turkish economy as a whole.

And for that, the Eurasia water tunnel was named the best tunnel in the world in the year two thousand and sixteen, according to the classification that was made by an American magazine.


Features of Eurasia Water Tunnel in Istanbul:

This tunnel greatly saved time by reducing the time required to travel between the European part and the Asian part of the city, as the departure trip from the Gözbate region to the Kazli Chesme area took more than an hour and a half and it was shortened by crossing In the tunnel to only a quarter of an hour.

This shortening of time will enhance the movement of trade and the movement of trade and facilitate commercial transactions, which will be a motive for attracting a greater number of foreign investors to invest in Istanbul, such as buying real estate in Turkey.

It will also support the tourism sector in the city, first because of the desire of tourists to take a look at this great achievement, and secondly because it has moved to parts of Istanbul easier for tourists.

The shortening of time and distance in commuting between parts of the city means the need to consume less fuel and thus emit less smoke and gases, which will positively affect the environment and therefore it is not only a project with commercial and tourism advantages.


Turkey real estate and the Eurasia water tunnel in Istanbul:

It has become known that properties that are adjacent to important projects gain a high investment value, and the real estate of Zeytinburnu and Kadikoy region is not different from this case, as the real estate of these two areas has gained great importance thanks to the passage of the Eurasia water tunnel through them, so modern transportation plays an important role in raising the vitality of the regions. Which it passes through, especially in raising the investment value of the real estate in its various forms, including residential and commercial real estate.


Real Estate in Zeytinburnu area:

The region constitutes a transportation node in the city of Istanbul in general, and it gained additional importance upon the opening of the Eurasia water tunnel project, and residential real estate investments in it increased, such as hotel, youth, and student housing, and the increase in investment value included commercial real estate in the region of shops and commercial offices.


Real estate in Kadikoy:

This region constitutes one of the high-end areas in the Asian section of Istanbul, and it, in turn, benefited from the Eurasia water tunnel and witnessed an increase in the investment value of a real estate in it.


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