The most famous gardens in Turkey

The most famous gardens in Turkey

The most famous gardens in Turkey
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Last update 19-04-2023
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One of the places that come to the mind of the tourist and the local citizen to visit when visiting Turkey is the public parks and gardens. It is a tireless journey that expresses the taste and art of the Turkish society in organizing his country and its agricultural engineering, which raises the attention of the tourist that Turkey is full of these gardens, but the tourist needs evidence He guides him to the most important gardens that he can visit and in order not to start his random journey, what are the most important of those gardens that we can visit in Turkey? We can show all this through the following lines.


The most important and most famous gardens in Turkey:

1- Yildiz Park:

This garden took its name from Yildiz Palace, which is located close to it. It is considered one of the lush green places of beautiful beauty. It also includes a variety of trees of different types and flowers of many different colors. Inside is a small water pool dedicated to swans. The park is suitable for lovers of enjoying the calm and beautiful atmosphere, sitting and enjoying the various aspects of nature wrapped around it. It is also suitable for sports lovers such as walking and jogging. In general, it is suitable for family outings due to the intimate atmosphere that it imposes. Its doors are open on all days of the week.


2- American Garden:

This park enters the circle of history because it comes from it and at the same time it does not give up its luxurious and distinctive character and is one of the largest public parks that are found in the city of Istanbul in general and is also surrounded by high walls on all sides, one of the most things that makes it special is that it includes about One hundred and twenty plant species of global rarity, famous for the presence of tulips in them in many colors, and birds and sparrows never leave them and give the garden a special and unique luster, we must also mention that it contains artificial waterfalls, actually hiking will be an irreplaceable opportunity where you can Take souvenir photos to keep a memory.


3- Florya Garden:

It is famous for its tulips planted everywhere. It is not only a garden, but also includes several other facilities within it such as a restaurant and a cafe, and their prices are very reasonable, which makes them a target for tourists. This garden also contains walking paths, a racing track, and places for children's play. It also includes Free sports equipment as it contains a mosque, bathrooms, and halls for holding events, and of course, we must mention that its area is vast, which means that it can receive a large number of tourists at the same time.


4- Ataturk Park:

Ataturk Park is a place that suits individuals who love calm and a healthy atmosphere far from noise and noise. It is classified as one of the largest natural parks that exist in Turkey, and one of its most important features is that it includes more than two thousand different plant species inside it, some of which are very rare. It comes from different countries. Such as in Japan, Spain, and the United States of America, and there are also some types of pets such as turtles and ducks inside, their atmosphere is distinctive suitable to meet more than one goal such as playing sports or sitting and reading a book and perhaps enjoying its details only.


5- The Japanese Garden:

A Japanese touch of beauty can be found within the Turkish state. The green and red colors abound in their nature, which makes the visitor feel the dark atmosphere. Its architectural design is very distinguished. It can be taken as a place for hiking and practicing sports, and at the same time getting to know strange details and its distinct nature, what makes it distinct is that its doors are open In front of visitors all night and day, it also includes a restaurant that serves unique Japanese cuisine.


6- Culture Garden:

This park has been called this name because it is characterized by festivals, exhibitions, and plays that are held in it. Besides this, it is a special place for hiking and enjoying a wonderful natural atmosphere. It also includes some restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of food and drinks, so it is the place that secures an integrated and diverse journey.

If you are looking for the most important gardens in Turkey for you to visit without having to search and search for them, you should read the above lines, as they will provide you with many famous gardens in Turkey with an explanation of all their privileges and details.

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