Turkey and the Corona ..How to contain the epidemic and vaccines

Turkey and the Corona ..How to contain the epidemic and vaccines

Turkey and the Corona ..How to contain the epidemic and vaccines
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Turkey's experience in dealing with the Coronavirus epidemic:

With the terrifying invasion in which the Coronavirus spread in various parts of the world, it was not with the unexpected that it reached Turkey, but the unfortunate thing in its arrival is the spread of its spread very quickly to become in a period of time one of the largest foci of Corona in the region and with the great fear that may be In the country, the increase in the number of injuries and the increase in deaths and damage that may accompany them, the Turkish government has worked to mobilize all its resources to try to contain this epidemic that struck the world from nothing.

Although many health experts expect that the actual number of deaths due to the Coronavirus epidemic is greater than what is recorded in the official records because deaths resulting from the Coronavirus are not counted unless it has already been proven. He contracted it before death, and despite that, the numbers of deaths remain low compared to the large population that the country enjoys, which amounts to eighty-three million people.


And one of the most important strategies that Turkey has deliberately pursued in an attempt to contain the Coronavirus is resorting to complete closures and abnormal closures, as although it is not necessary to rush to expect to overcome the crisis, many experts in Turkey believe that the country It has succeeded in avoiding a catastrophe much greater than what befell it thanks to the efforts made to implement the rules of social distancing and mechanisms to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, and Turkey is ranked among the list of the fastest countries in response to the epidemic and trying to contain the crisis through the strategies it resorted to, such as imposing detection tests. The virus, tracking down those infected with it, working to isolate them, imposing restrictions on movement and movement to limit mixing between people, and working to stop some activities of daily life, even if temporarily, such as visiting cafes, shopping in crowded markets, collective prayer in mosques, and imposing a complete quarantine on Persons under the age of twenty or over sixty-five and the imposition of curfews on weekends and the closure of major cities during which, especially the city of Istanbul, which was once a focus of the Coronavirus in Turkey.


The vaccines used in Turkey against the Coronavirus:

After taking all these precautionary measures to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, it was necessary to move towards the next and most effective step, which is to vaccinate the population to make them immune to Corona infections through new vaccines, and the vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus has already begun and exceeded the number of The doses of vaccines that have been administered so far the threshold of fifteen million doses within the framework of the vaccination campaign that is supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Health and according to the statistics issued by the Ministry, the number of vaccinations of the first dose amounted to more than eight and a half million vaccines, while the second dose reached more than Six interval six million doses.

And twenty-eight million doses of Corona vaccines have been received by Turkey so far. As for the types of vaccines available in Turkey against the virus and coming from outside the country, they are from the Cornavac and Bionic vaccines.


In the future, more than a hundred million vaccine doses are expected to arrive in the country in the coming months. As for the locally developed vaccine by Turkish experts, it is expected that the transition to the last phase of clinical trials will take place soon.

And the Turkish Ministry of Health has completed the first phase of the vaccination campaign is launched, which is specialized in providing the vaccine to health cadres as it is the first line in confronting the virus, people over the age of sixty-five, and residents of care homes for the elderly, as well as the staff working in it. I started using the Chinese Coronavac vaccine in the first month of 2021.


Corona vaccines in Turkey for foreigners:

As we mentioned, the vaccination campaign that was launched by the Turkish Ministry of Health in order to vaccinate against the Coronavirus began in January of this year, and in the first phase of it, it worked to cover the most dangerous or most priority groups such as medical personnel, elderly people and Many foreigners, whether within or outside Turkish territory, may wonder about their situation regarding the Coronavirus, the campaign and vaccines in Turkey, and we can assure you that the process of obtaining an appointment for the Coronavirus vaccine is for all foreigners residing in Turkey legally, i.e. those with residence permits Issued by the government does not differ in any difference from the process that Turkish citizens must go through to obtain the vaccine, and the entitlement of foreigners to the vaccine in Turkey depends on the status of residence that they enjoy as foreigners in the country, as any person who held a residence card in Turkey is allowed to have a chance. Subject to the same procedures that Turkish citizens are subjected to, and there is no difference in the manner in which foreigners are treated from the treatment of Turks, who are also given priority to receive the vaccine. According to the age group to which they belong.




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