Significant increase in real estate sales in Turkey 2021 Learn the details

Significant increase in real estate sales in Turkey 2021 Learn the details

Significant increase in real estate sales in Turkey 2021 Learn the details
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Real estate in Turkey is a promising investment trend, especially in the eyes of foreign investors of various international nationalities, who buy a property in Turkey for various reasons and goals, including those that are limited to investment and to achieve investment returns, and some buy Turkey real estate to obtain the accompanying advantages. It has such a possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship while many buy real estate in Turkey to obtain real estate residency and stability and housing in the country.

Turkey real estate is known to have many advantages and factors that contribute to attracting foreign investors and foreign capital, the most important of which is the noticeable decrease in real estate prices in Turkey if they are compared with real estate prices in various neighboring European countries, but by the year 2000 Twenty-one, it was noted that there is an increase in real estate prices in Turkey.


Rise in sales and real estate prices in Turkey 2021

By the beginning of 2021, statistics and reports have shown that there is a noticeable rise in apartment prices in Turkey, which reflects the existence of recovery and renaissance in the real estate sector in Turkey and an increase in the number of opportunities available to investors, unlike the situation during the past year Two thousand and twenty, which has been a difficult year for various countries and the global economy, including the Turkish economy in its various investment sectors due to the massive spread of the Coronavirus in various parts of the world and the consequences of this pandemic of closing markets and work and restricting the movement of investors and investments, and from the Real estate sector in Turkey.


Details about sales and real estate prices in Turkey:

The real estate market in Turkey is one of the largest and most diverse real estate markets in the world, as it provides investors, especially foreigners, with various forms of possible options, which are usually impossible for them not to meet the needs of all real estate seekers in Turkey, thanks to this diversity. The biggest offered by real estate in Turkey, whether in terms of real estate specifications or real estate prices in Turkey, which is also very diverse, is the large geographical area that Turkey extends on, as it occupies a swath in two continents, the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia, and it includes many and many major cities and regions The appropriate way to buy real estate in Turkey, as the number of Turkish states reaches eighty-two states, which makes it impossible for prices to be similar between them, as there are large differences between the average price per square meter of the property in each of these Turkish cities and regions, and it is added to That is because real estate prices vary and also vary within the same city in Turkey, especially the major cities, including real estate that are located in vital and well-known areas. It goes without saying that you have different prices. About those that are in the suburbs and outskirts of the city or neighborhoods that are less vital and important, especially in major cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, and other various important cities in the country.


The average rise in real estate prices in Turkey in 2021:

As we have already mentioned, real estate prices in Turkey have witnessed a remarkable rise at the beginning of this year, and in addition to that, they vary according to the region and the type of property. In the year two thousand and nineteen, the average price per square meter of residential real estate was between two thousand and Two hundred Turkish liras, up to three thousand eight hundred Turkish liras, and by 2021, the increase in the average price per square meter has reached six percent within a one-year period, so the increase ranges between two thousand and four hundred Turkish liras and up to three Thousands of Turkish Liras.

And the increase in real estate prices in Turkey did not include only the sale and purchase, but also the leasing operations had a share of this increase, as the average rent to be paid to obtain an apartment with an area of ​​one hundred square meters ranges between one thousand and four hundred Turkish liras and One thousand seven hundred Turkish liras, and these numbers are a noticeable increase over their predecessors last year, as it was possible to obtain an apartment for rent with an average of one thousand two hundred and fifty Turkish liras and up to one thousand five hundred fifty Turkish liras only.

But in general, it can be said that real estate prices in Turkey are witnessing noticeable changes and that they begin to fulfill previous economic expectations and forecasts that all confirmed the promising investment future for Turkey's real estate and that its investment importance and real estate value will gradually increase despite the previously low prices. This is thanks to the increasing importance of the country and the great trend and the continuous influx of foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey.


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