Is it possible to work and study in Turkey? And what are the conditions?

Is it possible to work and study in Turkey? And what are the conditions?

Is it possible to work and study in Turkey? And what are the conditions?
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Many people want to pay a visit to Turkey because of the gossip and good deeds that are circulating about it, as it is considered comprehensive for various fields, whether recreational or practical, as it has historical and tourist attractions, which makes it one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and therefore thousands of tourists flock to it. Visitors from everywhere want to take a look at these charming countries, in addition to being an excellent investment destination thanks to the great prosperity that the various investment sectors are witnessing, especially since the trend towards buying real estate in Turkey has become a first-ranked goal for many foreign investors. Thanks to the advantages and benefits of real estate in Turkey, and indeed, many people can obtain some type of residence in Turkey, and perhaps the most common type among young people and students is the study residency, and many of them want to find work to secure the cost of living. In Turkey during the period of their stay in it, do students who study in Turkey have the right to work there as well?


Is it possible to work during the study period in Turkey, and what are the conditions?

Indeed, the law in Turkey provides the opportunity to work during the study period for students of institutes and the various stages of study in Turkish universities, whether bachelor's, master's or doctorate, but on condition that they first obtain a work permit and concerning the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to obtain a work permit in Turkey It differs according to the person’s academic stage. Institute students and bachelor’s degrees are not entitled to obtain a work permit unless they complete their first academic year. Also, working hours during one week must not exceed twenty-four hours per student, while students are allowed in the phase Master's and doctoral degrees, obtaining a work permit, starting from their first year of study, and at all educational levels, the residency that the student holds must have a validity of no less than six months.


Reasons for refusing a work permit for a student in Turkey:

The work permit in Turkey is the official document that entitles you to work there, in addition to that it gives you the right to enjoy health insurance to use it when medical treatment is needed in Turkish government hospitals. The student studies his work permit application, such as being a student of engineering in Turkey and writing a major that has nothing to do with your specialization. This is in the work permit application

Also, your application for a work permit may be rejected if the application does not include the number of working hours, which should not exceed twenty-four hours for institute students and bachelor’s degree students.

Also, the expiration of your student residence permit and being not valid when applying will mean that your application will be rejected and that you will not obtain a work permit. The work permit may also be refused due to economic or security conditions or any expected changes that may stand in the way of granting a work permit. For foreign ex-pats.


Professions that are not allowed to foreigners to practice in Turkey:

The Turkish government is working continuously to lay down laws aimed at organizing and conducting work in it like other countries, and based on that, we find that there is a group of professional works that no one but Turkish citizens is allowed to practice and these professions include both dentistry and the profession of nursing Likewise, practicing the profession of pharmacist, whether opening a pharmacy or working in one that is not yours, as well as practicing veterinary medicine, whether opening your own clinic or working in one, is also forbidden for foreign expatriates in Turkey to take over the management of private hospitals, and they are also not allowed to receive the task of a notary or Obtaining a job in the private security sector, not working in the customs service, not receiving tourism guidance tasks in Turkey, or practicing fishing within the borders of territorial waters.


The costs of obtaining a work visa in Turkey during the study period:

As a student pursuing his education in Turkey and wanting to practice work there, you must pay an amount of three hundred Turkish liras every year in order to cover the expenses of obtaining health insurance because obtaining a work permit means that you automatically obtain health insurance. Turkey, ranges between eighty Turkish liras and three hundred and fifty Turkish liras, depending on the nationality of the student who applies for a work permit in Turkey.


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