Nisantasi a European neighborhood blends in Istanbul civilization

Deal Real Estate has always been interested in locating the articulated areas in Istanbul

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Nisantasi Street in Istanbul is one of the most famous touristic places in Istanbul and one of the most cultural, historical, and commercial streets of Istanbul; Arabs and foreigners visit during summer and winter holidays because it provides options and a unique and ideal shopping experience from the finest international brands, specifically in the field of fashion Fashion, plus many palaces, museums and historical parks suitable, for family outings with children.

Deal Real Estate is always interested in determining the articulated areas in Istanbul, and Nisantasi is one of the most important strategic areas in Istanbul. 

Nisantasi is located in the Sisli district and provides many recreational activities, so we will try to specify it in detail in this articleCity'sIstanbulonwhile visiting various. City's


The most important tourist destinations on Nisantasi Street

Nisantasi includes a number of the most important historical and recreational attractions, which offer its visitors a variety of activities for all ages:

city's mall istanbul

City's mall Istanbul

One of the most famous shopping centers on Nisantasi Street attracts thousands of Arab and foreign tourists while visiting Istanbul despite its small area.

While wandering among its various stores, you can buy what you want from different clothing, accessories, and original luxury cosmetics from the finest international brands, in addition to enjoying the mall's family entertainment, such as a cinema and children's play area and restaurants.

The mall consists of 8 floors, the last two of which include fast-food restaurants andGlamourlocal and international luxury restaurants. It is located in Nisantasi, Istanbul, 15 minutes from Taksim.

Ihlamour Palace

Glamour Palace

It is considered one of the significant tourist attractions for tourists in Nisantasi Street, Istanbul, where you can enjoy a Baroque architectural design that is still inspiring to many architects, in addition to the elegant European furniture and decor that relies on marble frescoes, with a visit to the historic palace café, which has a charming view of its garden.

The palace's history dates back to Sultan Abdul Majeed, who established it as a summer break from two buildings, the first to hold the reception palace's history and official ceremonies and the second for the royal family.

Today, the first building (the ceremony building) has been turned into a public museum open to the public, while the second (the Sultan's procession) has been turned into an upscale café.

Ihlamour Park

It is one of the most famous historical parks on Nisantasi Street in Istanbul, which Arab and foreign tourists visit during their visit to the Ottoman Ihlamur Palace, which is part of the park, which has an area of approximately 24,700 square meters surrounded by high walls on one side and metal bars on the other.

By strolling in the garden, you can get enough relaxation and recreation, or read quietly near the clear water pool and amid vast. At the same time, spaces numbered spaces and flowering trees such as linden and magnolia trees, with a delicious drink from the cafe attached to the palace.

Maçka Park

It is one of the best parks in Nisantasi Istanbul, where children can play and have fun freely and safely in their entertainment area. At the same time, parents can relax among the vast green spaces and the endless numbers of trees in the park or take a walk and wander in the paths designated for walking and jogging while petting kittens. 

Which the park is famous for and is constantly in it.

Macka Park is also famous for its number of statues and a station for the cable car that takes passengers from Besiktas to Taksim.

palace's historyGlamourHarbiye Military Museum

One of the most important tourist attractions on Nisantasi Street in Istanbul, you can learn about the military war history of the Turkish state from the earliest times to our time through halls full of rare antique weapons that the Ottoman Empire has always used, in particular in its battles and conquests.

This is in addition to several critical many beautiful memorials for figures who influenced the history of Turkey, led by the first Republican President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, with the possibility of attending the musical performances of the military band presented by the museum every afternoon.

Shopping in the Nisantasi street

Nisantasi Istanbul Street is known among the locals as the street of brands in Turkey, as it includes a large number of high-end stores, boutiques, and giant shopping centers through which you can shop the latest fashion lines of international fashion, in addition to elegant and original pieces of accessories that add splendor to the outfit such as watches, glasses and leather goods.

See also one of the most critical projects of Deal Real Estate in Nisantasi:

Restaurants in Nisantasi

Nisantasi Street includes many of Istanbul's high-end restaurants that offer delicious Turkish grills, baked goods, appetizers, and desserts, in addition to seafood restaurants and those that serve European, Asian, and Middle Eastern dishes, with fast food restaurants and luxury cafes.

These restaurants and cafes are spread on the main facade of Nisantasi Istanbul Street and in its side alleys, in addition to shopping centers, gardens, and parks.


Hotels in Nisantasi

Nisantasi Street in Istanbul and the nearby streets include a large number of high-end Turkey hotels of different hotel grades that suit their prices, accommodation options, level of services, and facilities for guests' varying budgets. 

The link provides a comprehensive guide to the best Nisantasi hotels in Istanbul, as assessed by previous visitors.


Landmarks near Nisantasi Street

Many beautiful attractions are located next to the famous street, which you can pass by during your visit to Nisantasi Street, including:

Brands Street in Istanbul, through which you can do shopping, the famous Osmanbey, which will enable you to take an unforgettable tour, especially Sisli Street and finally Besiktas Bazar 

This option is the best for those looking for excellence and exclusivity, especially in the field of real estate investment in Turkey, as everything related to the Nisantasi region calls for making this investment closer to success. An investment platform is a golden opportunity that days may not repeat .... What are its most important advantages? What confirms that it is a golden opportunity? This can be discovered after you finish reading the following article .... You can continue.

Many reasons and important details made real estate investment in Nisantasi an option for the distinguished:

1- Its historical origins... Since it is not born today but instead belongs in its existence to the Ottoman period, Sultan Abdul Majeed I was the one who ordered its construction to be stable for him, and it was here the people lived.

2- This region is an integral part of the Sisli region, and its geographical location within the European section of Istanbul made investors look at it.

3- This area is surrounded by many important places and sites, as it is only ten minutes from Taksim Square, and the new Istanbul Airport can be reached within only forty minutes.

4- Many people prefer it because its properties are characterized by the classic European character that many people like.

5- It also includes many distinctive shopping centers and famous shops with the most important manufacturers and clothes of international brands.

6- There is a Tawfeqiyya Mosque in Nishan Tashi... As this mosque and other tourist sites are essential in the success of the investment... This significant mosque is distinguished by its unique design and the inscriptions that adorn its face... Many tourists visit it every year.

7- Ihlamour Palace .... Also, this palace is one of the famous tourist attractions and is considered significantly distinguished by its design, which belongs to the art of Baroque architecture and is adorned with luxurious European decorations; there are many elegant and distinctive furniture cats in it... His visit will not be an entertainment trip only. Still, It is also a cultural expression that expresses the history and culture of a different era and time, characterized by the green gardens surrounding it... And the importance of this palace is no less than that of other landmarks in the region of its influence.

8- Real estate in this area is characterized by very high prices, which makes it unsuitable for many people .... and this is precisely what made its residents almost belong to one class, the rich, business people and famous... But this matter for real estate investors was an opportunity that could not be compensated as the returns would be very high.

9- The best investment in this area is through tourist real estates such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues... Indeed, its profits will be somewhat guaranteed.

10- It is also important to mention that it is suitable for those who prefer to be in a lively/noisy/crowded atmosphere.

11- As for the character that dominates them, it is the residential complexes, which are preferred by many individuals, and offer many advantages and great details for those who live in them.

12- There are the most important medical centers in all of Turkey... It is the American Hospital... In addition, there are some distinguished private clinics.

After the twelve points we reviewed through the last lines, many vague aspects of Nisantasi will have been illuminated, and we will have fully realized the importance of real estate investment. Moreover, we will have a clear overview of the profits and returns that will be obtained... So the investment environment fantastic is The closest to exemplary and ideal... Will your destination also be the same as it was for others?

Nisantasi neighborhood is one of the most important European neighborhoods in Istanbul, and Nisantasi is 15 minutes away from Taksim.

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