Everything related to education in Turkey

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Everything related to education in Turkey
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The Turkish government is working to take care of all the infrastructure in the country and to strengthen any sector that raises the level of Turkey at the global level. We find that the education sector in Turkey ranks internationally with its government and private universities.


All about education in Turkey:


Getting a scholarship to complete education in Turkey:

Turkey is one of the preferred options by international students who want to complete their university education outside the country, and that is because the chance of obtaining a scholarship to complete education in Turkey is very high compared to other countries, as it offers more than four thousand scholarships every year and anyone, regardless of their nationality, can Obtaining it. By obtaining a scholarship in Turkey, you will be the university you want from among a hundred universities in Turkey, depending on the type of specialization the student wants.


Features of education in Turkey:

Many international students prefer Turkey over others as a place to pursue education because the study there has a unique and distinctive style and character and differs from those followed in many other countries. Besides that, Turkey itself has a set of features that contribute To attracting students to it additionally, such as having a distinctive geographical location as a link between the two most essential continents in the ancient world, Europe and Asia, and being an important commercial center as a result of that. Moreover, he worked in many fields and disciplines; besides that, education in Turkey provides the learner with the opportunity for practical application and experience gain experience even before entering the labor market, and the experiences it provides are not limited to the theoretical side only. Perhaps the most crucial factor that contributes to the prosperity of education in Turkey is the stability that the country is experiencing and ensuring security and safety at various times and parts of the country, and the costs and expenses necessary for residency in Turkey to complete education are relatively low compared to other countries. Other foreign.


The papers necessary to complete education in Turkey:

Applying for the sake of completing education in Turkey means obtaining a visa or study residency in Turkey. As with any residency, you need a set of official papers that the owner must present and fulfill the conditions for obtaining them. The necessary papers to complete education In Turkey, public universities are the same that are required as private universities without differences between them. An international student wishing to come to Turkey to complete his university education must present both a high school diploma and a personal photo and apply for a set of examinations for Turkish universities such as people and Tamer or TOEFL and success in it.

If you want to register in one of the Turkish universities to complete a master's or doctoral thesis, a valid passport and a personal photo with a certificate proving your level in English or Turkish language and a bachelor's or master's degree must be submitted for applicants to Doctorate in addition to training courses and certificates of study or experience certificates previously obtained by the student.


Stages of the educational system in Turkey:

The stages of education in Turkey are carefully divided according to a well-thought-out plan, and this system includes six primary stages that include:

* Kindergarten stage: Kindergarten represents the pre-school stage, meaning that the child is educated when he is still under the age of six years. This stage is optional, and the decision is up to the parents' wish.

* Elementary stage: When the child reaches the age of six, he will enter primary school to begin his education there for eight years.

* Secondary stage: following the primary stage, and by reaching it, the child has reached the age of fifteen and remains there for four years until eighteen.

* The higher education stage: The study duration at this stage is four years for general education students and two years for vocational education students.

* Master's level: The completion of this stage requires a two-year follow-up of education.

* The doctoral stage: follows the previous one and requires a more extended period for completion, as its duration ranges between three to five years.

And the academic year in Turkey begins in the ninth month of September or at the beginning of October of each year. It ends in May or early June so that students have a two-week vacation, and of course, holidays and official holidays in the country are added to them.


Types of educational institutions in Turkey:

Turkey includes various forms of educational institutions in its desire to keep pace with scientific and cultural development and raise the level of its classification globally, so schools spread it, including governmental or private, in addition to public universities and private universities as well, and institutes with various specializations such as professional and others.



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