How to register a mobile phone in Turkey

Learn about the stages and required documents to register a mobile phone in Turkey

How to register a mobile phone in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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How to register a mobile phone in Turkey; in this article, we will explain how to register it or leave it. Registering a mobile phone (mobile) in Turkey is very easy. After purchasing a Turkish SIM card and inserting it into the phone, the phone will be turned off within 120 days, less or more, after entering Turkey. Things required to register a phone in Turkey.

  • Buy a SIM card (SIM card)
  • Get residency in Turkey
  • Get the E-Devlet code
  • Pay the required tax

When they come to Turkey, many foreigners bring their phones with them. Unfortunately, these phones are not registered in the Turkish information systems; for this reason, they are turned off within 120 days, less or more, after they enter Turkey.

How to register a mobile phone in Turkey


Mobile registration via E-Devlet

Registering the phone (mobile) with E-Devlet just got very easy. Before this method, mobile phone registration was carried out by reviewing the Turkish Information Department and the Tax Department, which was a bit complicated. The owner of the phone had to visit his telecommunications company, take a tax paper, and then go to the tax department to pay the tax due at the end of the matter; he went with the receipts to the Turkish Information Department to confirm the registration.

Now you can register your phone wherever you are in Turkey without consulting the Turkish Information Department, where you must pay attention to this matter that many foreigners overlook. Many of them are surprised that their phones do not work. Where after 120 days, foreigners are more or less surprised that their phones do not receive a connection and the Internet has also stopped. They must officially register the phone, as there are two methods of first registration through E-Devlet; we will explain the registration in straightforward steps; follow us:


Turkish national number T.C

  • Logging in to E-Devlet is done using the Turkish national number with the password. You can obtain the password through PTT for 3 Turkish Liras.
  • Enter the e-hizmetler where a screen appears on the left from which we choose (Teknolojileri ve iletişim kurumu), we choose IMEI kaydet.
  • The IMEI is the phone sequence number that can be obtained by calling # 60 # if it consists of 15 digits.
  • Then we click to continue Devam et.
  • Then a screen appears that contains three sections
  • The first section contains personal information, Kişisel Bilgiler, where we enter the personal information in the passport, choosing the type of application where we choose the first type.
  • Write down the phone number.
  • The second section is called Cihaz Bilgileri. In this section, we write the device information.
  • The IMEI number consists of 15 numbers.
  • Now we have reached the third and last section, Giriş Yapılan BELGE (PASSPORT KIMLIK vb.) Detayları
  • Where we write passport information from the number and country of issue and the date we entered Turkey.
  • Then we press the Continue button. With this image, we completed the mobile phone registration process.
  • The second method of registering a mobile phone is somewhat tiring. Therefore, we take the first step, which is to go to a bank branch and present a copy of the passport of the device's owner. Then, indicate the date of entry of the person to Turkey. After that, the specified tax is paid, and a receipt for the amount paid is taken.

Then we go to one of the Turkish telecommunications companies represented by Turkcell, Vodafone, and Avia. Finally, we must have the tax receipt we paid to a bank. In addition, we need our passports. The registration fee varies from period to period and according to the type of device.


Private banks to collect mobile phone registration fees

  • T. Halk Bankası - Halk Bank of Turkey
  • Vakıflar Bankası, Bank stop
  • Asya Bankası - Bank of Asia
  • Anadolu Bankası - Anadolu Bank
  • Aktif Bankası - Aktif Bank
  • T.Finansbank Bankası - Finans Bank
  • Albaraka Türk Bankası - Al Baraka Bank
  • Tekstil bank - Textil Bank
  • Denizbank - Deniz Bank
  • İNG Bank - any bank
  • HSBC Bank - HSBC Bank
  • Şekerbank - a bank of thanks
  • T.Garanti Bankası - Karenty Bank
  • TC Ziraat Bankası - Bank of Ziraat
  • T.İş Bankası - Ish Bank

Every person has the right to register a mobile device in their name only once every two years.




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