Land investment Turkey .. Important points that must be highlighted

The most important points that you need to know when investing in land in Turkey

Land investment Turkey .. Important points that must be highlighted
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Last update 24-12-2022
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After the great economic renaissance that Turkey achieved, foreign investors began to head to it from all over the world and set up various and diverse projects, especially in the real estate investment sector in Turkey, which has achieved great prosperity in recent times, and investments in it varied from buying a property to establishing residential complexes. Up to land investment in Turkey, the following will mention the most important points related to 



foreign investment of lands in Turkey


Are there certain conditions for the ownership of land in Turkey by foreigners?

Certainly, some conditions must be paid attention to before buying land in Turkey, which is to pay attention to the location of this land to make sure that it is not close to any military installations and barracks, and the area of ​​the land purchased by the foreigner should not exceed 10% of the total area, and If the land is agricultural, its area should not exceed 300,000 square meters, and the agricultural project should be started within a period of 2 years at most from the purchase of the land.


What is the difference between agricultural land and land allocated for construction

Before buying the land, it is necessary to make sure of the title deed that it carries, especially in the case of the desire to establish real estate investment projects such as building a residential complex or a commercial centre because:

- Agricultural land: It is intended for agriculture only, and no real estate project can be established on it, otherwise you will be violated by the Turkish government and this land is called in the title deed (bahce tarla).
- Land suitable for construction: This type of land can be used for investment by building and establishing any kind of residential, commercial, or tourist projects or even service institutions such as schools and hospitals, and it is called in the title deed arsa.

Investing in agricultural lands in Turkey:

In the event of a desire to purchase agricultural land in Turkey, it can be used to raise animals such as poultry, cows, and sheep to benefit from their products and sell them to the consumer, or it can also be used to grow crops of various shapes and types using modern methods. Of course, there must be experts in soil and agriculture to take care of this matter and ensuring its success, as it cannot be left without close follow-up.

And here it must be noted that in the event of a desire to build a small house on agricultural land, its area must be large and be present in certain areas and under conditions determined by the Turkish government, and therefore this is often not possible.


Investing in land suitable for construction in Turkey:

When buying land suitable for construction in Turkey by a foreign investor, he can set up any type of projects he desires, such as residential complexes, villas, malls, and many others.

It must be noted that if the land is registered in the name of a company and not in the name of the direct owner, this will exempt you from some taxes according to Turkish laws.

And certainly, before choosing a project, the site must be studied well to determine the need, and this is done through consulting a specialized real estate consultant.


The best places to buy land in Turkey:

When wanting to buy land, it is necessary to analyze the Turkish real estate market well and study the best investments that can be made. Therefore, the current best places to buy land are the places near Istanbul, which are currently developing and prospering, such as Edirne and Tekirdag.

In addition to the Asian regions of Istanbul, which are known for their abundance of land and green spaces, as well as in cities such as Izmit and Sakarya, where modern industrial plans are being worked on.


Land prices in Turkey:

Land prices vary greatly in Turkey, due to many considerations such as being suitable for agriculture or construction, in addition to its area and location. Therefore, it is not possible to determine a specific price category for land, but for example, when buying land in a region such as Arnavutkoy, its price will definitely be higher than The price of land in an area like Catalca.


Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying land in Turkey?

Certainly, this can be done if the price of the land or group of lands that were purchased reached a minimum of 250 thousand dollars, and here it must be ensured that the price is written on the title deed as it is, as some landowners register lower numbers to evade some taxes such as tax Title deed or profit tax, so it is necessary to pay attention to these details in order not to fall victim to ignorance and real estate fraud.


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