Travel expenses to Turkey

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Travel expenses to Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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One of the common questions that Deal Real Estate gets is the costs of living before buying an apartment in Istanbul or investing in a property in Turkey, so in this article, we will try to explain some of the costs in your travels to Turkey.

Visa to Turkey

The cost of travel to Turkey has become much lower than in previous years, especially since Turkey granted free visas to some Arab countries, namely, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan, and its citizens have the possibility to stay in Turkey for three months, without paying any expenses, but the rest of the countries must obtain On the electronic visa, such as: Egypt, UAE, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, prices start from 20 to 60 dollars, according to the country to which the tourist belongs, and he is allowed to stay in Turkey for a period not exceeding 90 days.

Best prices for airline tickets

The cost of traveling to Turkey, some may see it as high, but it is worth it. Traveling to Turkey guarantees you to spend the happiest times in its beautiful cities and charming nature. We advise you to book a flight ticket early, and in the months away from the tourist season, you can get the cheapest flight in the winter, during the months The following: October, November, December and January, and prices start from $170 and vary according to the country from which you depart. The internal one to move between different tourist cities, it will be the best and cheapest for you due to the vastness of Turkey and the high cost of private cars, and a flight ticket will not cost you more than 11 dollars.

Cheap hotels to stay in Turkey

Turkey includes a wide range of hotels that suit different budgets, and you have to choose the hotel that matches the size of your savings. Accommodation in the average hotels costs you about $100 per night for a double room, and prices increase dramatically in the tourist seasons during the spring, so the double room reaches the four-star hotel To 450 dollars, and at other times it drops to 80 dollars, so be sure to travel to Turkey in the winter to get the best discounts, and stay away from hotels located in the city center near the high-cost tourist attractions, and we offer you a group of the most famous budget hotels, including The Hotel Bey, a four-star category, with medium prices, located in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, the same is true for Raymond Hotel and Golden Horn Hotel. The Sisli district of Istanbul includes a group of the cheapest five-star hotels, including the Radisson Blu Hotel Sisli, very suitable for families and located near From the center of Cevahir, you can reach the nearest metro station on foot.


Transportation in Turkey

Turkey has a large transportation network, and it is characterized by efficiency and low cost, and we advise you to rely on domestic flight when traveling from one city to another, as its cost is less than private cars and will not cost you more than 11 dollars, and if you have to rent a car, be sure to acquire a magnetic card from the category of 20 to 30 liras, i.e. The equivalent of 5 to 7 dollars, and buses are considered the best in moving between tourist attractions. The Turkish government provides tourists with a transportation card, and you have to acquire the so-called “akpel”, which is a stainless key that you rely on when using public transportation such as metro, tram and buses to provide more from money.

Turkey also includes ferries, which are considered one of the most important means of maritime transport there, and are able to reach more than 45 cities overlooking the sea, and there are the so-called Istanbul Deniz ferries, which are characterized by their speed and the best way to connect the various ferries between the Bosphorus Strait and the Sea of ​​Marmara.

In your commute in the city centres, you can rely on the tram and save you in times of crowding, and use buses as the fastest and cheapest means of transportation in large cities in Turkey, and provide all amenities, entertainment and free Wi-Fi services, and the same is true for the metro, which opens its doors from six in the morning until midnight.

And if you want to travel to different cities from Istanbul, rely on the train as a fast and convenient way, to feel that you are on a picnic, and its cost is very low, and stay away from expensive taxis, and if you have to ride, agree with the driver on the fare in advance and make sure that the counter is present, and beware of reckless drivers and their students slow down speed.

Turkey Restaurants

In your tour in Turkey, be sure to choose medium-cost restaurants, so that the cost of your food does not exceed $70, and stay away from high-end restaurants that cost you more than $150 a day, and rely mainly on popular restaurants, to get most of your meals, offering the most delicious traditional Turkish dishes. At the lowest prices, on top of which are dishes rich in grilled meat and fresh vegetables, and the three meals there will cost you only 20 dollars, and do not miss the experience of cheap and popular dishes, the most famous of which are kebabs and Turkish shawarma, meat with dough and Ci kofta.