Types of transportation in Istanbul

Get to know the types of transportation in Istanbul and their features

Types of transportation in Istanbul
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Types of transportation in Istanbul, The city of Istanbul is distinguished as the largest city in Turkey by area as it extends over two continents and consists of two parts separated by the Bosphorus, the first is the Asian section and the other is called the European section of Istanbul and due to the presence of multiple areas in the city and the need to secure a land connection What is between them, the Turkish government has worked to pay special attention to the transportation network in Istanbul and to ensure the availability of various forms of transportation in the city.


Types of transportation in Istanbul, Turkey:

metrobus istanbul

The Metrobus in Istanbul

Metrobus is the most common type of transportation in Istanbul, and this service is provided by the city’s municipality, and this Metrobus network covers several areas from the entrance to the European part of the city in the Buyukcekmece region up to the Asian section in the Sogutlucesme area, and there are large numbers. 

From Metrobus buses are able to cover all these areas and their numbers are estimated to be up to five and thirty-five buses, and work is being done to increase their numbers to be able to keep pace with the continuous increase in the population of Istanbul, as well as in the number of tourists and visitors every year.

Transportation through the metropolis is distinguished from other transportation by having its own strip or lane in the city streets, which contributes to reducing traffic congestion and thus shortening the time during the ride because its roads do not interfere with any other means of transport. There is a little delay, despite the absence of an official list of its dates and times.

metro istanbul

Metro Istanbul

This system includes several lines and roads, the most important of which are:

* M1-A + B route:

This road is considered the most active metro road in Istanbul and it branches into two roads, the mainline of which goes towards Ataturk International Airport from the Yenikapi area, and the second branch goes towards Yenikapi or Ataturk Airport from the Karazli Baji Lar area, and work is underway to extend this Branching to Hulk-Ali area and Winnie Dogan University.

* M2:

This line connects the Yenikapı district in the city center with the Haji Osman area, as it works to connect several neighborhoods, such as Levent, Taksim, Sisli, Istanbul Technical University, and the Golden Horn area.

tramway istanbul

Tramway Istanbul

This type of transportation represents a modern electric train system that works to connect historical and tourist areas such as Sultanahmet, Beyazit, Gulhane, and Amin Ono, which makes it a vital route for the tourism sector in the city.

The most important lines in this system include:

* T1: It is the first of the lines to be established and connects Bagcilar with the kabatas area, passing all the areas on the road between them.

It is possible to reach via this line Sultanahmet and the Aya Sofya Mosque, in addition to it linking Istanbul University with Beyazit Campus.

Finally, it reaches Aksaray, Topkapi and Zeytinburnu area with the district of Pakpatas, Mimar Sinan University and Karakoy.

Marmaray istanbul

Metro Marmaray in Istanbul

This project was launched to work in the year two thousand AD after it was a goal that many rulers of the Ottoman Empire aspired to achieve thanks to the serious interest of the Turkish government and to secure an actual work plan and continuous funding that came to light after several unsuccessful attempts, and this road reaches Kazli Jeshema station in Zeitoun Borno, arriving at Sirkeci station near the coast of Emin Ono, to end its line at Aireyak Çeşme Sea station, which is located in the Kadikoy area, the last stop of the Marmaray stations in Istanbul.

ferry istanbul

Transportation by ferry in Istanbul

This transportation service is provided through joint work between the Turkish government and the private sector, and maritime transport is characterized by low cost and provides the opportunity to enjoy a distinguished trip at the same time as you can pass through the Bosphorus in a trip between the two parts of Istanbul or you can take a cruise From Istanbul to Welowa or from Istanbul to Bursa.


Buses in Istanbul

Buses represent the most traditional means of transportation and are spread throughout the city, and there are bus stations on most streets, but many people prefer to use other means of transportation available in the city to avoid the traffic congestion that occurs in this type of transportation, especially at peak time.

taxi istanbul

Taxi in Istanbul

Taxis are the ideal means of transportation for those who wish to rent a car of their own and avoid any traffic congestion, but the negative of this method is that it is considered expensive if it is compared with the cost of other means of transport available in the city, so you must pay attention to the taxi meter to make sure That you paid a reasonable amount and were not a victim of frauds on tourists, as some try to obtain additional amounts from them due to their lack of experience with transportation prices in Istanbul.


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