Things you did not know about Turkey

Do you want to travel to Turkey? Learn the secrets and things you do not know about Turkey

Things you did not know about Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The great interest that has become directed towards Turkey and everything related to it in the recent period has come as a result of the presence of many impressive advantages in Turkey alone, as the boom in the tourism sector in the country has attracted attention strongly and many people have a desire to learn about this distinctive country and have more information about it.


Things you did not know about Turkey:

Tourism in Turkey :

The strength of the tourism sector in Turkey is not really underestimated, as it is not just a thriving sector, but rather one of the strongest sectors of tourism around the world thanks to the cultural and historical richness of Turkey and the presence of many tourist and historical attractions scattered across the country and available to visit. In front of tourists from all parts of the earth, in addition to the country's strategic geographic location, which is located at the crossroads of trade routes and serves as a link between the continents of the ancient world and as evidence of the prosperity of tourism in Turkey, the city of Istanbul was ranked eighth in the list of the best tourist destinations for the year two thousand and nineteen AD.

Many and many mosques in Turkey:

It is known that Turkey is a country with an Islamic character and it is considered one of the largest strongholds of Islam outside the Arab countries at present, but what many do not know is that there are large numbers of mosques spread throughout Turkey and their number is estimated at 82.639 mosques, and with this number of mosques, Turkey is at the top of the list of the largest number of mosques in one country. The largest part of these mosques is located in Istanbul, which is known as the economic and tourist capital of the country and the most famous mosque in Turkey and the largest is a mosque Sultan Ahmed or the Blue Mosque, which is considered a national pride for Turks.


Turkey the land of nuts:

Here is another area in which Turkey tops the list, as Turkey is the largest producer and exporter of hazelnuts in the world, in addition to that Turkish hazelnuts are one of the finest and most sought-after types in the world and Turkey produces up to 70% of the global output of hazelnuts and exports 80% of this production.


From Turkish Adana to Sydney, Australia:

Although each of these two cities is located on the opposite side of the earth, they have something in common as they celebrate the Battle of Çanakkale which took place in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifteen AD, which is considered one of the largest battles during the period of the First World War and The last victories achieved by the Ottoman Empire in its wars against the Allied countries, including Australia, so many Turkish citizens, as well as Australians, suggest this occasion by celebrating it every year.

Turkey is the real home:

Many people may think that the origin of the famous tulip flower or lily flower is the Netherlands, but this belief is false, as the original home of the tulip is Turkey, so the Turks were the first to discover this flower during the tenth century AD, and also Turkey is the first country to cultivate a flower The tulip and from it was launched and this flower spread to the continent of Europe during the period of the seventeenth century AD.

Turkey is a land of wonders of the world:

The list of wonders of the world has indeed been renewed and we have old and new world wonders, but both lists are impressive and small at the same time. Therefore, the presence of one of these wonders in a country is considered a source of pride for it, but Turkey is distinguished, as usual, it does not include only one but rather includes two of the wonders of the ancient world which are the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Turkey is a land of heritage:

UNESCO is preparing a special list of World Heritage Sites, which includes the most important ancient and historical sites that are recommended to be visited by history-loving tourists. Turkey includes in its territory fifteen tourist attractions according to the World Heritage List prepared by UNESCO, as well as the matter. These sites are the largest of all countries in the world.

These archaeological sites include the walls of Diyarbakir, the Hostal Gardens, Ephesus, the Great Mosque, as well as the Sultan Suleiman II mosque, the city of Catal Hoyuk, the Trojan model, the springs of Pamukkale, and the historical city of Leyton. And the famous tourist.

Flowers and plants everywhere:

Turkey is considered the original home of nearly ten thousand species of plants out of thirteen thousand species in the continent of Europe in addition to the presence of nine thousand species of flowers in the country, while the entire continent of Europe possesses only eleven thousand and five hundred types of flowers, and it can be said almost Turkey discovers a new type of plant every ten days.



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