The snow season in Istanbul

Learn more about Istanbul's activities in the snow season

The snow season in Istanbul
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Istanbul in the winter varies with its atmosphere and changing weather, where temperatures change, rain falls, and excellent snow falls, which cover the city and make it excellent white, especially in December, January, and February, which are the distinctive months in Turkey in general.

Tourism in Istanbul depends on the winter when snow and rain are present. Therefore, winter activities are activated in the city and the nearby foreign cities of Istanbul. As a result, tourists who yearn to participate in its activities increased. They go to foreign cities such as Bursa, Sapanca, Yalova, Agua, and Sheila, in addition to Abant in winter.

Deal Real Estate decided to share this article with you, an idea about the snow season in Istanbul, to know the complete details about what we briefly mentioned at the beginning of the topic.

Istanbul in winter

Istanbul is characterized by its volatile and unpredictable climate; in addition to the rainy weather, the city knows solid winds and snowfalls from time to time.
Snow in Istanbul is known continuously for less than a week, which is long enough to make the city white. This enhances the increasing number of tourists to its cities, especially Istanbul, which has the largest share of tourists.

Arab travelers like to visit Turkey in winter because of the beautiful and cold weather they miss due to the hot weather in the Arabian Gulf.

The weather in December becomes cold, and there are heavy rains. By the end of the month, the weather in Istanbul becomes colder in preparation for the snowfall, which begins early in the neighboring cities located on the Asian side of Istanbul. After a period of stability in the atmosphere of the European side, the snow finally begins to fall.


Istanbul's weather in January is characterized by snowfall. It is a fun and famous atmosphere for children and adults who visit Istanbul for the first time or visitare accustomed to the city's atmosphere each year. During this period, Istanbul was known for excellent tourist activity and great movement between it and the cities on its Asian side that was covered entirely with snow.

Tourism in Istanbul in the winter

Winter is special in Istanbul, with natural gas heating in every house, in every hotel, in every cafe, you or anywhere, you will feel a wonderful atmosphere while you are inside and feel warm, and outside, it is freezing.

Istanbul in the snow:

During the snowfall in Istanbul, the movement does not stop, but the shops continue to trade, and life continues everywhere. You see children and adults playing and throwing snow, and at night you will see a calm atmosphere, and the falling snow paints its paintings.

Istanbul snow area:

Snow falls heavily in the Asian section, especially in the neighboring cities of Istanbul, such as Sapanca, Bursa, and others.

Honeymoon in Turkey in Winter:

Yes, one of the most beautiful times to organize a honeymoon in Turkey is the winter season

Because the four seasons may gather in one day and thus it is an opportunity to draw creative paintings of romance on them

Istanbul is the best honeymoon place that can be visited in the winter due to the ingredients that it abounds and which we mentioned, and we still mention more in the following paragraphs.


Tourist places in Istanbul in winter


Istanbul Winter Tourism: Winter tourism in Turkey is not as bad as some think. On the contrary, if you have previously booked and rented a car with a driver in Istanbul, you will not feel bored due to the rain that sometimes does not stop for long hours.

We always advise adopting a comfortable means of transportation in Turkey.

Istanbul amusement parks in winter: We do not mean nightclubs, but family amusement parks, such as games, parks, squares, and others

Also, the best option to enjoy the beautiful weather in the winter of Istanbul is to take a walking tour of Taksim Square.

Taksim Square in winter is one of the most famous places for tours of Istanbul. It has everything you want, from shops, international brands, and musical performances spread all over it.