The most beautiful areas of Asian Istanbul 2021

The most beautiful areas of Asian Istanbul 2021

The most beautiful areas of Asian Istanbul 2021
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Last update 25-12-2022
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The Asian side of Istanbul is just as beautiful and picturesque as the European side, with many great things and activities to enjoy.


Discover the beauty of Uskudar and Kadikoy

Both neighborhoods are great and full of activities, we'll start with them because they are trendy, and these great neighborhoods are a must-visit. It's an excellent way to escape from the touristy areas of Istanbul, so if you want to feel like a local, don't hesitate.

In Uskudar, you will notice a palace on the shore of the Bosphorus; many tourists come to visit Topkapi Palace, but also, there is a palace on the Asian side of Uskudar called Kukuksu Palace, and the Ottoman sultans built it to get rid their pressure when ruling the empire, and also for vacation purposes because this palace enjoys With a great view of the Bosphorus, you will notice this palace during your Bosphorus cruise. There is also a tower on the Bosphorus near the Asian side of the European side, named the Maiden's Tower. This great little tower that you see in every photo of the city. Legend has it that this tower was built for the daughter of an emperor because his divination told him that she would die from a snake bite, so he built it for her safety. Later, she gets a fruit basket, and inside there is a snake hidden in the basket, and she dies because of it.

You can go to the tower by boat from Uskudar and enjoy the restaurant's incredible experience, with a handful of dishes and a great view.



On the other hand, Kadikoy provides a great experience; it is one of the best places for locals, and any tourist who goes there will also live a life like the; then excellent locals. The main thing in Kadikoy is the Muda district, which is an excellent place on the shore of the Bosphorus. You have many options to do there, from taking a walk in the park and experiencing the beautiful coastlines, there is also an excellent famous bazaar selling fresh fish, you can buy or eat fish directly from the fishermen. Bagdad Street in Kadikoy is also famous for its Moda district; it is famous for its shops and offers a lot of surprises; you can shop there on the street or even take a magical walk to enjoy the nightlife there.

Bahariye Street is also famous in Kadikoy; the nickname of this street is Istiklal Street. On the Asian side, there is a tram running on the street.

Most of the activities on the Asian side are located in Uskudar and Kadikoy because they are the favorite parts of this side of the city, and all the other areas on the Asian side are primarily residential. But these two areas are as cool as the European side and will do their job to keep you away from the touristy areas.

When talking about Istanbul, most websites and guidebooks deal with the former metropolitan area, with all the traditional Byzantine and Ottoman landmarks. Therefore, treat it as a daytime environment only. But for a lively nightlife scene, a suggestion is to go to the Taksim / Beyoglu district and live on Istiklal Street, the busiest street in the country.

In 1973, the completion of the Bosphorus Bridge, now officially known as the 15th of July Martyrs' Bridge, strengthened the connection between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. Many travelers also enter via the city's second airport, Sabiha Gökçen, or the preferred alternative of boats and buses.


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Most of the attractions and points of interest are concentrated on the shores of the Bosphorus, and there is no doubt that by traveling tours, whether by bus or ferry, you will discover noble houses lined up on each side. Although it does not appear open to the general public, it has a prominent position in the Istanbul real estate market as Yall Homes. This definition was given to the waterside palaces within the Ottoman Empire that all belonged to members of the royal family or very prestigious and revered families. Therefore, these are the most expensive homes not only in Istanbul but additionally in Turkey.


In case you have extra time.

Go to Buyukada, which is the most critical Prince Island in Istanbul. Ferry provider Turyol operates direct flights from Kadikoy to this beautiful vacation spot once inhabited by exiled kings of the Ottoman dynasty. Gorgeous old mansions line tree-lined streets and protect nearly 2 square miles, and since vehicles are prohibited on the island, one of the simplest ways to get around is by horseback and traditional carriage. End your day eating at one of the many waterside dining venues before heading back to the Asian side of Istanbul, ending your different trip to Turkey's largest city.




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