Cost of living in Istanbul - Turkey

The cost of living in Istanbul is an essential factor for foreigners who want to settle in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul

Cost of living in Istanbul - Turkey
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Last update 28-10-2023
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What is the cost of living in Istanbul? 

The cost of living in Istanbul is essential for foreigners who want to settle in Turkey, specifically Istanbul. Hence, many people want to know the costs of living in Istanbul in terms of many aspects, such as the prices of apartments in Istanbul, the prices of apartments for rent in Istanbul, education, health, accommodation, and Official matters related to residence in Turkey.

cost of living in Istanbul

Prices of apartments in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey and the first destination in terms of tourism and investment, especially in the field of apartments for sale in Istanbul, so the average price of apartments is different according to each region and according to the number of rooms and apartment's view, if it has a sea view or a city view. 

But we have collected an approximate average price of apartments according to different areas in Istanbul and different details.

The average price of apartments in Istanbul



Average Prices

















cost of living in Istanbul

Health services in Istanbul

Istanbul has a vast number of government and private hospitals, as well as private clinics, in a way that supports all health sectors

Health services in Istanbul are available through two options:

General Insurance: Free health services for those who have SGK insurance for all family members in all government hospitals with reduced prices in several private hospitals

Private insurance: Covers all essential matters and provides discounts of up to 80% depending on the type of insurance and the insurance company. Its cost reaches 700 Turkish liras, equivalent to 69 euros per month.

As for the issue of births in Turkey, they are considered free in Turkish government hospitals, and the cost of giving birth in private hospitals reaches 7000 Turkish liras and starts from 1000 Turkish liras. The average prices for medical examinations range from 50 to 150 Turkish liras.

Istanbul also provides free services to all refugees without exception, and pharmacies are widely available and operate according to an integrated system that allows the purchase of medicines and medical supplies multiple times, even during vacation—slightly compared to the prices of medicines in Arab countries.

cost of living in Istanbul

Transportation costs in Istanbul

The municipality provides a large number of types of transportation in Turkey's largest cities, where the Metrobus express line connects the European and Asian sides, as well as a large number of metro lines, as well as tramways, buses, and minibus (dolmush)

A large number of lines depend on a single cost of up to (4.50) Turkish liras when using any means of transportation, except for the Marmaray subway line, which connects the two sides of Istanbul, as well as the express Metrobus line, whose ride cost reaches (7.50) Turkish liras.

Transportation is used using the Istanbul Card, which is sold in many card-filling machines available in most metro stations and in small kiosks that sell different items. If you are looking to buy an Istanbul card, you will see that whoever has the cards will have a list that writes She has an Istanbul card.

Tourists can also purchase a single-use plastic key through the ride exchange machine, usually found in tram and metro stations.

cost of living in Istanbul

The cost of food and meals in Istanbul

Istanbul has a wide range in terms of food quality and large and famous restaurants in Turkey and the world. It has a great diversity of Turkish and Western food, with many Arab and foreign restaurants.

And many shopping centers meet the needs of the family or the individual in terms of foodstuffs you use at home. The most famous shopping centers (BIM-A101-MIGROS-METRO-SOK-HAPPY CENTER) and many other centers have many materials and prices. There are also different days in Istanbul for the bazaar, which is available in many areas. Every week.

The average meal purchase in Istanbul starts from 25 TL up to 60 TL, depending on the type of food and restaurant.

In Istanbul, home delivery is also available, whether at the level of purchasing food or meals.

And one of the most popular apps on the phone (GETIR-Trendyol-Hepsiburada), you can use it anytime. Moreover, they have an excellent reputation in terms of delivery quality.

Prices of clothes and shoes in Istanbul

Istanbul has many shops and international brands that have new goods always available on a weekly or monthly basis and according to the seasons, and vary between regular, sports clothes and even formal, and prices are competitive and suitable for all segments of Turkish society.

A complete set for a child can be purchased for 150 Turkish liras, and a set of clothes for a man can be purchased at a value of up to 500 TL, compared to international brands, as the cost may reach 1300 Turkish liras.

While the price of ordinary or sports shoes reaches 300 Turkish liras, the international brand may reach 1500 Turkish liras, as they are imported from outside Turkey.

The cost of entertainment services in Istanbul

Two cinema tickets: 100 Turkish liras

Two tickets to enter the theater: 300 Turkish lira

Dinner for two: 150 Turkish lira

Dinner for two in a luxury restaurant: 500 Turkish lira

A cup of Turkish coffee: 15 lira

Turkish teacup: 5 Turkish liras

Gym membership: 130 Turkish lira

Cigarette pack: 24 Turkish lira

The cost of public services in Istanbul

The cost varies according to each region in Istanbul. Still, the average monthly water bill in Istanbul reaches 100 Turkish liras for three people, the electricity bill costs 300 TL per month, and the gas bill is rated at 100 TL and 500 TL in winter if heating is through hot water pipes.

Many parks and children's games are available without entry fees. Several cruises are also available to different places in Istanbul and abroad via ships specialized in moving within Istanbul or to Bursa, for example. However, the cost of transportation may reach 50 Turkish Lira per person.

In the end, we tried to mention some important details for those looking for the cost of living in Istanbul. Things are mostly speculative, which depends on the cost change according to economic matters. Sometimes there are many discounts and free things provided by the government or municipality, shopping centers, and phone applications, so please share this article with your friends who are interested in living in Istanbul and would like to know the approximate costs.


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