The most famous restaurants in Turkey

Get to know the most famous restaurants in Turkey and what do they serve

The most famous restaurants in Turkey
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Last update 15-05-2023
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Turkey is famous for being a first-class tourist country and it is ranked seventh in the world as the most visited country for tourists, and this was certainly the result of the meeting of several factors together, the most important of which is the distinctive strategic location between the continents of Europe and Asia in addition to the Mediterranean climate that it enjoys and the diverse terrain it enjoys So we can see the mountains, seas, and plains and do not forget the great effort made by the Turkish government to add services and make improvements to attract more numbers. And one of the most distinctive things in Turkey is restaurants. If you want to travel to Turkey, we have prepared for you a list of the most important restaurants and The most famous of them is to visit them


Nusrat restaurant in Istanbul:

Certainly, you have heard about this restaurant before and watched the distinctive videos about it, as it is considered one of the most famous restaurants in Turkey and the whole world, the main branch of this restaurant is located in Istanbul, but it has other branches in other cities and even outside Turkey.

One of the most important features of this restaurant is that the food is cooked in front of the customers and it offers the most delicious types of meat as well as appetizers and salads, down to delicious desserts, and people visit this restaurant to meet celebrities as a large number of world-famous people visit it to enjoy its delicious meals.

The restaurant is also distinguished by its high-end atmosphere, with quiet music and a hospitable staff that works around the clock to meet the customers' desires and ensure their comfort.

And the restaurant won the Diamond Star award, and of course, its prices are considered high, with prices ranging from 50 to 80 dollars.


Mimi Dove restaurant in Bodrum:

If you like seafood, you have come to the right place!

Mimi Dove restaurant is considered one of the most famous restaurants that offer fish meals and other seafood, and the restaurant is located in the coastal city of Bodrum and it is frequented by a large number of people and visitors to the city who come especially to it to taste the most delicious food, and fish are caught daily to enjoy their fresh taste and The restaurant often witnesses a great crowd in the summer due to the start of the tourism season in Turkey, and the restaurant opens its doors daily from 11 am to 2 pm, so do not miss its experience.


City Restaurant in Istanbul:

Who among us has not seen and liked Chef Burak Ozdemir's videos?

This restaurant is gaining great fame in Turkey and around the world and has recently opened many external branches in addition to the branches within Turkey, as the restaurant in Istanbul alone has 4 branches, and the city restaurant is headed by Chef Burak Ozdemir, who is rich in definition and the restaurant serves delicious food The authentic Turkish of pies, meat, and vegetables, in addition to traditional drinks and sweets, and the methods of cooking and presentation vary greatly, with the restaurant distinguished by its friendly family atmosphere and respectable staff, and each branch of the branches has special meals that are distinguished by them while maintaining the same quality.


Jumba Restaurant in Izmir:

This restaurant is considered one of the most famous restaurants in the Turkish city of Izmir, and this restaurant offers rich and varied meals, and what distinguishes this restaurant is the surrounding nature of trees and forests, as you feel that you are in the embrace of nature away from the noise and pollution while enjoying delicious food and Turkish drinks.


Lokma Istanbul Restaurant:

This restaurant is located on the Bosphorus in Istanbul and has a unique and charming view, do not forget to take the camera with you, and the restaurant is famous for its variety of meals between eastern and western in addition to the most delicious varieties of sweets and what distinguishes it most is the delicious Turkish breakfast with a cup of Turkish tea in the early morning hours.

The restaurant also offers special varieties for vegetarians and gluten-sensitive people, all at reasonable prices, and Lokma Istanbul Restaurant is one of the most suitable places for a family party and a special occasion.


Hamdi Istanbul Restaurant:

Hamdi Restaurant is located in the Sisli area within the city of Istanbul, and it is one of the ancient restaurants that opened in the sixties of the last century and was famous for serving grills and meat cooked in the Turkish way in addition to ancient and authentic sweets and business flourished greatly to open a chain of restaurants frequented by a large number People daily to enjoy delicious traditional meals.



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