Aqua Florya Istanbul

is a wonderful water park located in Istanbul, Turkey. Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall was opened in 2012, on an area of 50,000 square meters

Aqua Florya Istanbul
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Aqua Florya Istanbul is a wonderful water park located in Istanbul, Turkey. Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall was opened in 2012, on an area of 50,000 square meters, in a strategic location that offers stunning views of Florya Beach in Istanbul. This mall is distinguished for being one of the largest and most wonderful commercial centers in Istanbul, as it is located in a privileged area near Ataturk International Airport, and extends along the beach of the charming Florya area.

A trip to visit the Aqua Florya Mall in Istanbul is one of the most wonderful activities that can be done in the city. In addition to the aesthetics of the place, the mall provides an enjoyable and varied shopping experience. You can enjoy the wonderful scenery of Florya Beach while you are shopping, and the place is a distinctive tourist destination in Istanbul, especially in the summer when it is crowded with locals and tourists.

The beauty of Aqua Florya Mall is not limited to shopping only, but also contains an open amphitheater overlooking the sea, with a capacity of about 900 seats, and offers a variety of different activities, events and shows that take place in the city. If you want to know more about Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall

Florya Mall in Istanbul is one of the most amazing shopping centers in the city, and it is an essential destination for Arab visitors who head to Istanbul in search of a unique shopping experience.

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The doors of Aqua Florya are open daily to receive visitors from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. This mall is characterized by its ability to attract various tourists from all over the world while they are spending their vacation in Turkey, as it enjoys a luxurious shopping experience that includes 145 shops for the most prominent international and local brands in the fields of fashion, shoes, accessories, and electronics, in addition to a variety of restaurants, cafes and cinemas. All of this is distributed on the ground floor and three floors above the ground, in addition to two underground floors designated for car parking, which can accommodate about 1,500 cars.

The stores of Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall are very diverse, ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, and more, with an important group of international brands such as (Lacoste- Under Armour- H&M- GAP). The areas are specially designed to provide various entertainment and also include other international brands distributed across the ground, first and second floors, as well as cafes that offer wonderful views of the sea.

On the upper floors, it specializes in Turkish and international restaurants and cuisines, including famous places such as KFC and McDonald's. A visit to the Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall cannot be completed without visiting the famous Istanbul Aquarium, as it is considered one of the best tourist attractions in the city. It is also possible to enjoy the latest international and Turkish films in cinemas equipped with the latest technology on the eleventh floor.

Information about Aqua Florya Istanbul

Water facilities: Aqua Florya Istanbul contains an amazing range of water facilities that include exciting water games and various swimming pools. Whether you're looking to go down the extreme waterslides or just relax in the pool, this park has it all.

Family entertainment: Aqua Florya Istanbul offers many activities and recreational facilities suitable for families. Children can enjoy the water play areas specially designed for them, while adults can relax in the pools or go down the slides.

Sensory experiences: The park also provides exciting sensory experiences such as interactive games, musical performances, and live performances. Visitors can enjoy great times and experience unforgettable moments.

Other facilities: Aqua Florya Istanbul contains a group of restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of food and drinks. Souvenir and gift shops are also available.

Location of Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall

Aqua Florya Istanbul is located in the Florya district, specifically in Yesilkoy, a central area on the Sea of Marmara, close to several famous areas such as Bakirkoy, Atakoy, and also Bahcelievler.

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Tourist areas near Aqua Florya Istanbul

Aqua Florya Istanbul's ideal location makes it an ideal base for exploring nearby attractions. Here are some of the famous tourist areas that visitors can visit :

Hagia Sophia Museum: It is considered one of the most prominent historical and cultural landmarks in Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar: It is a great shopping destination for local products and handicrafts.

Bosphorus Bridge: It offers great views of the Bosphorus Strait and is considered a symbol of Istanbul.

Topkapi Palace: It is one of the most important historical monuments in Istanbul and includes an impressive collection of works of art and antiques.

Gulhane Park: It provides stunning landscapes and a quiet atmosphere to relax and enjoy nature.

With its ideal location and proximity to these wonderful attractions, Aqua Florya Istanbul is an ideal choice for travelers who want to explore the beauty of Istanbul.

Information about the tourist attractions in the Aqua Florya Istanbul Mall

Aqua Florya offers many advantages and attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. This includes :

Fish Garden (Istanbul Aquarium) : A fish garden that is considered the largest in the city of Istanbul. It is diverse and has a large number of diverse marine fish and huge sharks.

Waterfalls and ponds: The park contains wonderful waterfalls and water pools that give an atmosphere of beauty and refreshment.

Water games: Aqua Florya contains a variety of exciting water games, such as water slides, dark tunnels, and large swimming pools.

Swimming pools: There are multiple pools in Aqua Florya, including children's pools and adult pools, which makes it an ideal destination for families.

The most important tourist attractions in Aqua Florya Istanbul

Some of the main attractions of Aqua Florya Istanbul are :

Treaddrop sled: The trader slide is one of the most famous attractions in Aqua Florya. This toboggan offers a great experience as visitors can slide along slopes of different heights.

Sky Tower: The Sky tour offers stunning views of the park and the surrounding city. Visitors can climb to the tower and enjoy the stunning views from the top.

Adventure park: The adventure park in Aqua Floria includes a variety of games and challenges that suit all ages and provides an exciting experience for visitors.

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Entertainment activities at Aqua Florya Istanbul

Water slides: Aqua Florya Istanbul has an amazing collection of exciting water slides that are suitable for all levels. You can slide down the huge water slides and experience the thrill and adventure.

Swimming pools: Aqua Florya Istanbul has wonderful swimming pools where you can relax and enjoy the fresh water and the sun.

Restaurants and shopping at Aqua Florya Istanbul

Restaurants: The resort has a variety of restaurants that serve delicious food from different international cuisines. You can go to a restaurant and have a delicious meal after spending a day full of entertainment.

Shopping: Aqua Florya Istanbul also has a group of shops where you can buy gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones. There you will find a variety of products ranging from clothing and accessories to souvenirs.

1 - Shazli Restaurant

Chazli Istanbul Restaurant shines as one of the most prominent traditional restaurants in the city, as it overlooks the charming Florya Istanbul Beach. The restaurant's decor is lively and graceful. It is characterized by a variety of halal dishes, in addition to its proximity to the tourist attractions in Istanbul.

2- Floria Istanbul Restaurant

Florya Restaurant in Istanbul is one of the distinguished dining places by the sea, ideal for families looking for a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It serves a wide selection of traditional Turkish dishes and seafood, as well as options from European and international cuisine. The restaurant is surrounded by distinctive facilities such as swimming pools, children's playgrounds, and flowering pedestrian paths.

Shazly's menu includes a variety of popular dishes, such as grilled meat dishes, cheese kofta, and bacon ribs. In addition to delicious salads, warm soups, Turkish and Arabic sweets, and various drinks such as Turkish tea and Ottoman coffee.

On the other hand, Florya Istanbul Restaurant offers a unique dining experience with wonderful sea views. Its menu offers a variety of traditional Turkish dishes and seafood, along with European and international dishes. The restaurant provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and various facilities are available such as swimming pools, children's play areas, and flowered paths. The restaurant operates daily from 9 am to 10 pm.

Entrance prices to Aquarium Floria

Prices for entry tickets to Florya Aquarium vary as follows :

  • The cost of a single entry ticket for adults to Aquarium Florya is about 300 TL.
  • The cost of an entry ticket per person from 2 years to 12 students is about 250 TL.
  • The cost of an entry ticket for individuals over the age of 65 is about 250 Turkish liras.
  • Entrance ticket for children under the age of 2 is free. 
    Prices updated on 08-23-2023

The experience of staying at Aqua Florya Istanbul

You will enjoy an unforgettable stay experience at Aqua Florya Istanbul. The resort offers a range of luxurious facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a spa where you can relax and enjoy luxurious treatments. In addition, the resort offers a wonderful restaurant that serves a wide variety of delicious food.

Thanks to its ideal location in the heart of Istanbul, you will be close to popular tourist attractions such as Taksim Square, the Bosphorus Bridge, and the International Museum of Modern Art. You will have a comfortable and exciting stay at Aqua Florya Istanbul, which will make your trip to Istanbul an unforgettable experience.

Transportation in Aqua Florya Istanbul

Metro: The metro is one of the best and fastest means of transportation in Istanbul.

Buses: Buses are a common mode of transportation in Aqua Florya Istanbul. It is easy to reach the Aqua Florya Istanbul complex from the Eminonu area by using one of the buses, such as BN1 or BN2, and you can get off at the Istanbul Aquarium station, which is located next to the complex.

Taxi: If you prefer the convenience and flexibility of transportation, you can use a taxi. There are many taxis in the city and you can pick them up in front of hotels or order them through transportation applications.

Regardless of the means of transportation you choose, you will find that Aqua Florya Istanbul provides multiple options to meet your needs and provide comfortable and enjoyable trips.


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