Best website for selling property in Turkey

The most important real estate selling sites in Turkey who want to sell their properties

Best website for selling property in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Real estate markets in Turkey are distinguished by their keeping pace with all surrounding developments and their adaptation to global economic changes, modernity, and their effects, as it has been able to employ new technology in its service and has even made its way to revitalize it and make it go beyond Turkey's borders to reach various parts of the world. From these adaptations, we mention websites Whose function is to provide an overview of the specifications of Turkey's real estate and the features it enjoys in terms of location, view, area, and other details related to the property. On a glimpse of her, despite their distance from her.

It also made it easier for them to obtain Turkish citizenshipby buying a property in Turkey and showing them the opportunities available to them to achieve this goal.

Also, buying real estate in Turkey is a significant investment opportunity for Arab investors thanks to the continuous increase in real estate prices in Turkey, which makes it an ideal option for long-term investment.

Best real estate sale websites in Turkey


Turkish Gold Well Banker website:

This website was launched in the year thousand nine hundred and six and is based in San Francisco in the form of a company and a trademark specialized in providing real estate consultancy. Now the company is providing its real estate services in ninety-four countries worldwide by opening more than three thousand real estate offices. In addition, the company employs more than two hundred and twenty thousand real estate consultants.

This company has succeeded in securing its position as one of the most successful real estate websites in Turkey, as it ranks first in the list of the best real estate sales sites in Turkey.

RE-MAX real estate website in Turkey:

This site is no less important than its predecessor, as it is, in turn, classified as one of the best websites for selling real estate in Turkey and has branches spread in ninety-seven countries worldwide. This site appeared to the public in the year thousand nine hundred and seventy-three as a company specializing in providing services for Real estate.

This site ranked second in the list of the best real estate sales sites in Turkey, and the site owns a group of its real estate projects in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Delta Group website:

This site is considered the most famous among the various websites that provide real estate services in Turkey, and this site has real estate projects in many major cities in Turkey. However, perhaps the most important of them are those located in Istanbul.

This site has many features, the most important of which is to provide the beneficiary with the option to choose the language in which he provides services. Furthermore, it allows the use of the Arabic language as one of these options, so we find that this site is the most popular among Arab investors wishing to buy a property in Turkey.

Turkish sahibinden website:

This site provides services for buying, selling, and renting movables and real estate in Turkey. In addition, it addition, it addition, it offers the advantage of browsing a platform to view and request professions and jobs.

The services provided by the site are not limited to buying real estate in Turkey but rather offer opportunities to buy and sell cars, mobile cell phones, and laptops, as well as all types of movables that can be bought, sold, and rented. As a result, many people prefer this site over others, as it is trendy not only among Turkish users but from different parts of the world.

The role of websites in the boom in the real estate market in Turkey:

It was noted that the work that the electronic real estate marketing campaigns have provided on social media has been very fruitful in raising the percentage of real estate sales in Turkey to foreign investors.

It was also noted that the most significant effort directed by websites in marketing real estate in Turkey is towards Arab countries to attract Arab investors, as the most significant percentage of foreign investors who buy property in Turkey come from Arab countries, so the real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a remarkable increase in sales Real estate in major Turkish cities to Arab citizens, especially those coming from countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, which form the top of the list of the most Arab countries investing in Turkey.

Istanbul heads the list of preferred cities by foreign investors, witnessing a tremendous real estate boom, followed by Antalya and Ankara, the Turkish capital. The list includes Bursa, Yalova, Sakarya, Trabzon, Mersin, and Mugla. In Samsun.

Real estate sales sites in Turkey offer the most active buying and selling operations, especially in vital modern areas such as Basaksehir, Beylikduzu, Zeytinburnu, and other most important real estate neighborhoods in Istanbul.


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