Medical tourism in Turkey

Learn about the importance of Medical tourism in Turkey and the most common medical procedures .

Medical tourism in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The diversification and success of medical tourism in Turkey is increasing day by day. The arrival of tourists from different countries to Turkey for treatment is an important achievement. Millions of people around the world want access to quality health care at a lower cost. In this regard, Turkey has an important place in both medical and natural tourism.
Worldwide, the number of people doing medical tourism is 30 million every year. While spending on global medical tourism is about $ 500 billion.

Turkey and medical tourism

The word tourism refers to a trip outside the country to relax, enjoy the scenery, see other countries, and learn about their culture and civilization. The term medical tourism has appeared in recent years and its usage has increased dramatically.
In general, this new concept refers to treatment in another country in order to restore the health of the individual, and this concept develops continuously over time. Turkey provides health services that are cheaper and more successful by 40-60%, compared to many countries in the world. Therefore, foreign patients coming from different countries prefer Turkey for treatment. Turkey is considered one of the global places in terms of health tourism, and this has been especially evident in the past recent years.

Turkey's role in global medical tourism

Medical tourism is an important economic dimension for Turkey. The concept of medical tourism is closely related to the world of health, economy and tourism. Turkey is a major global tourist destination, with its quality of health services in addition to its cultural and historical richness.
The average tourist's expense in Turkey is 750 dollars, while this figure for medical tourists is 8500 dollars.
Although private health institutions are primarily concerned in this field, medical tourism has been included in the agenda of the ministries of economy, tourism and health.
The most important addresses for medical tourism in Turkey:
1. Medical tourism
2. Thermal Tourism (rehabilitation and recovery)
3. Old-age and disabled tourism

The most popular medical procedure in medical tourism

Turkey has great potential in medical tourism at the global level. Among the most common medical procedures performed within the scope of medical tourism in Turkey are hair transplantation, plastic surgery, cancer, heart surgery, brain tumours treatment, stem cells and laser therapy.

The latest developments in the field of medical tourism in Turkey

Turkey aims to greatly encourage medical tourism and its revenues are expected to reach 20 billion dollars in 2023. For this reason, the important infrastructure work continues intensively to increase the growth of medical tourism in Turkey and make it a brand. Many introductory videos have also been published in foreign countries to promote the treatment services provided in Turkey.

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