Demir Marina

Explore exquisite apartments, upscale amenities, and a strategic location. Demir Marina offers a distinctive haven of contemporary living in Istanbul's sought-after Buyukcekmece area.

Demir MarinaDemir MarinaDemir MarinaDemir MarinaDemir Marina
Demir Marina
Demir Marina
Demir Marina
Demir Marina
Demir Marina
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Istanbul European, Büyükçekmece


300,354 usd



Area Details - Büyükçekmece

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Married : 55%

Unmarried : 45%

161 Km2

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Demir Marina  Details

Demir Marina – A Distinctive Haven of Luxury and Contemporary Living

Location: Nestled in the esteemed Buyukcekmece area on the European side of Istanbul.

Design and Lifestyle: Crafted for discerning investors, Demir Marina offers exquisite apartments for families of all sizes.

Architectural Marvel: Sprawling across 23,000 square meters with four residential blocks, each rising to 9 floors.

Variety of Residences: A total of 500 apartments, ranging from cozy 1 + 1 to expansive 4 + 1 layouts.

Size Options: Units vary from a comfortable 60 square meters to a lavish 450 square meters, catering to diverse preferences.

Luxurious Living Spaces: Beyond residences, Demir Marina offers thoughtfully designed apartments ensuring privacy and breathtaking views.

Comprehensive Amenities Demir Marina:

  • Meticulously landscaped walking trails
  • High-quality hotel services
  • Open and closed swimming pools
  • Expansive green spaces

Exclusive Marina Access: The unique feature of being directly within the marina, adds an extra layer of exclusivity.

Wellness Facilities:

  • Sauna and Turkish bath facilities
  • Ample parking lots

Security Measures:

  • 24/7 guarding
  • Advanced security measures
  • Continuous camera monitoring

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800 m

Tem Highway

1 m

Payment Method & Prices

Number of roomsMin SpaceMin Price
1 + 1 roi
60 m² 300,354 usd
2 + 1 roi
114 m² 478,690 usd
3 + 1 roi
174 m² 741,500 usd
4 + 1 roi
383 m² 1,689,493 usd
Last update 23-01-2024
50% Down Payment

Monthly Payment For 18 Month .

Why  Demir Marina

Strategic Location:

  • 45 minutes from New Istanbul Airport
  • 3 minutes from the E5 motorway
  • The nearest public bus stop is just 2 minutes away

Proximity to Marina: Immediate access to the marina, enhancing the coastal ambiance within 1 minute.

In essence, Demir Marina is the epitome of modern luxury living, offering a variety of residences, an array of amenities, and a strategic location, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an elevated lifestyle in the heart of Istanbul.

Prime Location: This exceptional project is situated in the highly sought-after Buyukcekmece area in Istanbul, renowned for its scenic beauty.

Urban Expansion: The Buyukcekmece area has undergone substantial urban development, transforming it into a key destination for investors, tourists, and affluent individuals. Its strategic positioning on the main E5 road adds to its allure.

Investor Magnet: Recognized as a hotspot for major merchants and the elite, both Turkish and foreign, the area has become a hub for lucrative investments and a preferred location for those seeking opulent living.

Real Estate Sector Growth:

Continuous Expansion: The real estate sector in the Buyukcekmece area experiences consistent growth, marked by the establishment of new and dynamic real estate projects. This ongoing development presents attractive opportunities for investors in Istanbul's real estate sector.

Charming Residences: Notably, the Buyukcekmece area is distinguished by real estate projects offering beautiful residences with captivating views of lush green landscapes and the serene sea. The emphasis on aesthetics and nature contributes to the area's popularity.

Impact on Property Prices:

  • Significant Contribution: The continuous urbanization and expansion of the Buyukcekmece area play a pivotal role in elevating real estate prices. This upswing extends beyond residences, affecting the value of land, making it an area of substantial growth in property values.

In summary, the Buyukcekmece area, with its strategic location, ongoing urban development, and focus on aesthetic real estate projects, stands as a thriving center for real estate investments in Istanbul. The confluence of natural beauty, strategic positioning, and dynamic growth positions this locale as a lucrative destination for both investors and those seeking an elevated living experience.

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