Botanical Park in Basaksehir

Basaksehir Botanical Garden, or Millet bahçesi

Botanical Park in Basaksehir
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The touristic areas in Istanbul have great importance in attracting tourists and faithful. Still, they also have a peculiarity in attracting investment, as the owners of capital try to search for a safe country. Turkey was one of the most critical and embracing countries for foreign investment. The fair city is searched for, and of course, Istanbul economically is the first investment capital in Turkey, but what about the areas in Istanbul itself, are they remote? Tourism? In the city center? What does each area contain? Etc. When reaching the most appropriate place, the investment outlook looks for investment strengths; for example, the Basaksehir area Is a vital investment destination in Istanbul now. It contains multiple attractions, such as Water Valley, Hoşdere Park, Atatürk Olympic Stadium, the most recently opened, and the topic of today's Deal Real Estate article, Basaksehir Botanical Garden or People's Garden.


Botanical garden's Location

Basaksehir Botanical Garden, later called the People's Garden, is considered one of the most extensive gardens in Turkey in particular, and Europe in general, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated it on November 17, 2018, and was named the Basaksehir Botanical Garden.


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The park is located in a critical location on the real estate map in Istanbul, Basaksehir area, which is one of the most critical investments and residential areas in Istanbul, for it embraces contemporary housing projects and houses at very reasonable prices, where Basaksehir can be considered as one of the real estate destinations for Turkish construction companies. And foreign investors who want stability. Basaksehir, the neighborhood with an area of ​​105 square kilometers, is not only one of the ordinary neighborhoods in Istanbul, but it is the dream of many Arabs for a profitable investment and a luxurious living due to its many characteristics that we review together.


The area of ​​the botanical garden in Basaksehir

Spaces, in general, in the real estate world, always occupy an important place. Turkish companies have paid particular attention to building projects with large areas and conveyed this interest in the design of the Botanical Garden in Başakşehir, where the garden is characterized by vast green spaces and artificial lakes that give a unique charm not only to gardeners but for the residents and residents of the nearby Basaksehir projects.

The People's Park in Basaksehir is considered one of the largest parks in Europe. Its area is estimated at 360 thousand square meters, near the famous Basaksehir Square. It contains walking and bicycle paths, private playgrounds, seating areas, and a reading hall, with bodies of water that simulate The spirit of nature and the essence of human recreation and comfort.

The Botanical Garden in Basaksehir is vibrant with the fantastic consistency of the available flower forms, as there are no less than 25 different types of flowers, making Basaksehir Garden the first garden of its kind to draw spring even during other seasons. It is worth noting that Istanbul's gardens are diverse and different. Still, the Botanical Garden in Basaksehir has proven its violation of all the aesthetics of gardens in Istanbul by achieving a record number of visits in a short period. Among the gardens that the Botanical Garden in Basaksehir was able to match in Istanbul Yildiz Park in Besiktas, Emirgan Park in Sarıyer, and Fethi Pasha Park in Uskudar.



Features of the Botanical Garden in Basaksehir

The Botanical Garden in Basaksehir is divided into several parts, containing a zoo, cafes, mosques, and sub-gardens that include the Botanical Garden. If we start with the zoo, it is a miniature garden as a natural gesture that enriches the idea of ​​the garden as an incubator for all forms of nature. An area of ​​300 square meters has been allocated for family sessions with cafes surrounding the lakes to raise the attraction factor for visitors from Basaksehir or other areas of Istanbul. The observance of prayer times and the spacing of distances between areas of Istanbul inspired the organizers of the Botanical Garden in Basaksehir to build a mosque called Salah al-Din Mosque, with a capacity of approximately 4000 people. And in the desire of the Turkish government to expand the natural green spaces and search for the excellence of the Botanical Garden in Basaksehir, the most beautiful sub-gardens were attached to the People's Garden, including the Butterfly Garden that inhabits the flowers and roses planted in the garden.

Istanbul is an ancient city combining civilization and modernity. It is a significant investment destination, so the tourist and regional aspect in its folds determine the value of the investment, whether it is real estate or tourism. Istanbul is known for its richness in tourist areas such as the Bosphorus Strait, Hagia Sophia Mosque and Square Taksim and the Princess Islands, and the Botanical Garden in Basaksehir, which, as we mentioned, is the most extensive botanical garden in Europe and one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul today.