Factors for the success of real estate investment in Turkey

Factors for the success of real estate investment in Turkey

Factors for the success of real estate investment in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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When real estate investors chose to enter the real estate investment project in Turkey, they were completely confident that their project would be distinguished and brilliant, and they were fully confident that there are factors that will contribute to this project being among the successful, but what are these factors and how was their role in the success of this investment? The following words will reveal all the components of this matter and all its dimensions.


What are the most important factors that contributed to the success of real estate investment in Turkey?

1- Government support for this sector:

One of the most prominent signs of the highness and success of the real estate investment sector in Turkey is that it has enjoyed the support of the Turkish government, which has stood by the investors from the first step until the last step, and its support for them is that it looked forward to their desires that the tax value imposed on their property be simple and easy to The property owner pays it, and it eases the procedures imposed on them that lead to owning the property, and one of the things in which the real estate sector in Turkey is famous is that it enables the property owner to obtain Turkish citizenship if he desires it and if his property conforms to the conditional specifications.


2- High economy:

Turkey is also witnessing a unique economic power that has been able to astonish the entire world, and as a result of this distinguished and high economy, real estate investment was remarkably successful and distinguished, and today we see that many real estate investors choose Turkey to meet their investment purpose, as they are confident that their investment is impossible to lose its value. On the contrary, its value will rise with the passage of days, especially since Turkey is on a date with a real estate investment revolution in the coming days.


3- Turkey has an amazing infrastructure:

The infrastructure that Turkey enjoys indeed is one of the amazing things in it, as it is enormous and every day that passes is getting stronger, we start from an integrated and rich transportation network that does not lack any element, and it also has a huge medical network where the integrated health centers in terms of their technical equipment and Where its medical cadres with deep experience and unique specialties, and also owns huge edifices, here is Istanbul International Airport today is one of the largest airports that exist around the world and also today Turkey is on a big date with the new Istanbul Canal, which will start working in it within days and it is expected that work will be completed in During the next two or three years, real estate investment is on a date with excellence, success, and prosperity.


4- Its tourist fame:

Also, this field in Turkey has a significant impact on the investment success that Turkey has reached. Its possession of this large number of tourist places, natural sites, archaeological and historical aspects contributed to the revitalization of thereal estate investment movement. A lot of excellence, prosperity, and distinction, and we must mention that real estate located close to these places has a greater value and the opportunity to reap profits through them is also greater.


5- There are many real estate options:

Turkey includes many different types of real estate, which many investors prefer around the world, and perhaps this is also one of the good reasons that attracted them. They are sure that their choice will exist and that they will like it in all its details. Also, Turkish real estate is characterized by its wonderful designs on the internal level of the property and The external level, and all the decorations are modern and keep up with the latest international trends, and there can be found modern real estate projects and beside the old real estate, all of these options are available to the foreigner.


6- Suitable real estate prices:

Also,the price of real estate in Turkey is cheap if it is compared with real estate located in European countries or American countries, and not only that, but that at this low price it is possible to get a property with superior and imaginative specifications and excellent quality, so it is suitable for many people Even those who have a small budget, and onboard this country, apartments can be obtained in comfortable installments in the long term, which is also what several investors prefer.

So there is a coherent mass of factors that met with each other and made real estate investment successful and distinct in the way we see it today.



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