The most famous tourist places in Istanbul

The most famous tourist places in Istanbul

The most famous tourist places in Istanbul
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It is no secret to anyone that Turkey is considered one of the most important tourist countries in the world and has been able to rank seventh in the world as the most visited destination for tourists from around the world, and perhaps its fame comes from the great diversity that it possesses in terms of the natural terrain of mountains, seas, and lakes in addition to The distinctive climate that you have and the rich history that you have.

There is no doubt that Istanbul has the largest share of tourists' interest, how not when it is the city in which the past, the present, tradition, and modernity converge to form a distinct mixture that cannot be seen in any other city?

And in case you want to travel to Istanbul in the coming period, we have prepared for you a list of the most famous tourist places in it that you must visit:


The magnificent Bosphorus strait:
As it is known, the city of Istanbul is divided into two parts: European Istanbul, and Asian Istanbul, and this is done through the Bosphorus, which is not only a link but is an important destination for tourists to enjoy its charming views and take picnics on the boat across the strait and Watch the sunset so don't miss it.


Hagia Sophia Mosque:
This mosque is considered one of the most important historical sites throughout the ages, in which many developments took place in it, moving from being a mosque to a cathedral and then transforming into a museum to return afterward as a mosque and thus it is a witness to many historical transformations, and this mosque is distinguished by the presence of striking golden domes in addition To the beautiful mosaics covering the ceilings that leave you astonished in front of the greatness of creativity in architecture.


Sultanahmet District:
The Sultanahmet area in Istanbul has a great reputation, due to its richness in tourist and historical sites, where large numbers of ancient mosques, historical museums, and luxurious palaces are spread in it, in addition to the area's richness in various popular and high-end markets, which tourists visit to buy various goods and souvenirs.

Perhaps the most important archaeological site in the Sultanahmet area is the famous Topkapi Palace, which displays the most important artifacts dating back to the Byzantine era in addition to being a witness to Ottoman history where some sultans resided in it and left behind them large numbers of distinctive precious jewelry as well as ancient weapons. And many unique and beautiful antiques and pieces, this palace constitutes a beautiful trip for those who want to learn about Turkish civilization.


Taksim Square :
Taksim Square is the most famous vital center in Istanbul, in addition to being an important transportation node, and it was previously a center for the transfer and distribution of water supplies to various neighborhoods. Today, it is considered one of the most important tourist places where the square is filled with the most famous shops belonging to the finest Turkish and international brands. The square also contains the monument, which is visited by a large number of tourists to watch it and take pictures near it.


Grand Bazaar:
If you love shopping, you must visit this bazaar, which is the largest and most popular market in Istanbul. The bazaar opens its doors early in the morning to all visitors and tourists and includes a large number of stores that meet both sides and offer various types of goods such as clothes, antiques, jewelry, spices, and everything that may occur to your mind, in addition to the shops dedicated to selling traditional Turkish sweets and Turkish coffee, as cafes are spread in the bazaar and you can rest in them and enjoy a cup of coffee or a cup of tea before continuing on a trip the shopping.


Ortakoy Mosque:
This mosque was established in 1853 AD to be a witness to the Ottoman civilization and architecture at that time. Ortakoy Mosque has an attractive view of the Bosphorus and is visited by a large number of worshipers and tourists.

The mosque was built in the parkour method and it is made up of two parts, the first is dedicated to prayer and the second is dedicated to the tomb of the Sultan.

Ortakoy Bazaar is located directly near the mosque, which offers various types of goods, including clothes for men, women, and children, as well as souvenirs, perfumes, and shoes, and is very popular with visitors and tourists in Istanbul.


Virgo :
The Maiden's Tower is located 200 meters from the shore of the sküdar area of ​​Istanbul and is considered one of the most important tourist areas in the city and has undergone many restorations and improvement processes over the ages and was used for many purposes such as tax collection or defense against enemies. Today, a large number rises. Tourists visit it to enjoy eating with a charming view of the city, so do not forget to try it.


Istanbul Aquarium is the largest water park in Europe and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions and one of the best places for family outings with children to enjoy watching different types of aquatic animals and fish, in addition to many activities that can be done together to form an unforgettable experience.


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