Property Price in Istanbul 2022

Deal real estate will try its best to provide the important information about real estate sector in 2022

Property Price in Istanbul 2022
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Last update 25-12-2022
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The future of living in Turkey is always dependent on economic and political factors. In the new year, Turkey faces a new financial challenge after the crisis of the depreciation of the currency, which began to recover with the package of the Turkish plan to restore the lira, but what is the impact of these factors on the idea of ​​living in Turkey, Or investing in its cities, and how will the map of Istanbul's houses and properties be shaped, and on what basis will the challenge be invested in creating new real estate opportunities?
After lengthy research on living conditions and a unique exploration of investment projects, Deal Real Estate will try in this article to provide some information about the state of the Turkish economy and its connection to the real estate sector.

It is worth noting that, during the past year, Istanbul has been at the forefront of the most property-selling cities in Turkey, specifically apartments, as this city was, and still is for investors, the ideal city to search for homes and homes for sale.

Indeed the future controls the decisions of anyone interested in investing in real estate and is always looking for real estate consultants and specialists to obtain a study of the property in all respects, so real estate investors look to the future in a safe environment and incubator for their future investment. So far, Turkey is still one of the most critical countries in the world. It is attractive to real estate investment because of its location, infrastructure, and well-established economic components.

Overview of the Turkish real estate market for the last 5 years - İstanbul Real Estate | Apartments for Sale in Istanbul


To what extent will house prices rise in particular? 

According to many real estate specialists and consultants, house prices in Turkey are on date with a continuous increase in the coming period for several reasons, including:

  1. Between buying and selling homes in Turkey, the real estate market in Turkey is witnessing apparent growth. The reason is the diversity of options available to foreign investors, which adds variety and dynamism to the buying and selling process.
  2. The competitiveness of Turkish construction companies, whether governmental or private, produces projects with luxurious specifications that meet international standards. As a natural result, the demand for investment in Turkey has increased.
  3. Tourist delegations are essential n attracting foreign investments, as Turkey is expected to receive nearly 45 million tourists next year.
  4. The continuation of the Turkish government's incentive laws to grant Turkish citizenship by buying houses in Turkey is essential,l provided that the property price is a minimum of 250 thousand dollars and a commitment not to sell it before three years.

To know more details about the granting and advantages of Turkish citizenship, you can read the following article.


Istanbul homes as a typical way to obtain Turkish citizenship, but where?

Investing in Istanbul real estate is an opportunity that paves the way for essential investment profits, especially in the tourist season, where tourism may be the cornerstone for any investor willing to live in Turkey to buy a house in Istanbul after learning about Turkey's tourist places and investment opportunities. But where?

Deal Real Estate offers you the most critical areas or neighborhoods of Istanbul that are home to homes for purchase:


Beylikduzu Area

Beylikduzu is the new urban destination for construction companies in Istanbul, where many residential projects overlook large green spaces and abundant gardens.

Real estate prices in Beylikduzu have increased by 63.5% in the past five years due to the high demand for Beylikdüzü houses and its various apartments. Around it, as a result, they are attracting the most significant projects and high-end residential complexes.

You can view the most critical projects of Deal Real Estate in Beylikduzu.


Basaksehir area:

Basaksehir is considered the most modern area in Istanbul because it has a transportation network linking it to the rest of Istanbul and its proximity to Istanbul's new airport. Basaksehir also contains the most luxurious residential projects and homes for those who intend to settle their family in Istanbul. House prices in Başakşehir have changed by about 86% in the past five years, as an indicator of the urban development that Başakşehir is witnessing.

To learn more about Basaksehir, you can read the following article.

Can we consider the current period the optimal time to buy a house in Turkey?

According to the experience of Deal Real Estate in the field of real estate consultancy over the past five years, we can say that the current time is an irreplaceable opportunity to buy real estate in Turkey in general or Istanbul real estate in particular, with the aim of investment, as some Turkish construction companies recently claimed that house prices in Turkey would rise soon, by 40 to 60%, after the rise in the prices of raw materials, or the decline and rise of the lira.



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