Ways to pay bills in Turkey

How to pay bills in Turkey in the easiest way, the comprehensive guide from Deal Real Estate

Ways to pay bills in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Ways to pay bills in Turkey

Many methods can be followed to pay the various types of monthly subscriptions for the home, whether it is water, electricity, gas, or even the Internet bill, and the following are the most important methods of payment:

1. Pay the bills at the headquarters of the concerned company

Perhaps the most traditional way to pay bills in Turkey is to go to the company's center in question and wait for some time to make the payment with a competent employee and then get the receipt.

However, this method is tiring and arduous for some, especially as it requires a few hours of free time and the payment of extra costs such as transportation costs in Turkey, especially if the headquarters of these institutions are far from the place of residence. Hence, it was necessary to find other alternatives that help the citizen to pay quickly.

Ways to pay bills in Turkey


2. Paying bills in Turkey via PTT

PTT Company: It is an official governmental company concerned with postal affairs and has centers distributed in various Turkish regions; and is characterized by its fast and accurate services, working all days of the week from 8:30 until 5:30, except on Saturdays and Sundays.

Various types of bills can be paid through this company, such as electricity, water, and internet subscriptions. Therefore, it is sufficient to take the account and go to the nearest center of this company and then make the payment and obtain a notice of arrest.

This method is less complicated than the first method, mainly since the PTT centers are distributed in most Turkish neighborhoods, and it may require waiting a few minutes before making the payment.


3. Paying bills in Turkey via the Internet via the bank account

It is considered one of the easiest and fastest ways, but its most important conditions are for the subscriber to open a bank account in Turkey with one of the banks.

And then, he can make the payment via mobile phone or computer via the account application at any time.

You can also choose the automatic payment order from the application, so you will pay bills automatically without worrying about them.

Ways to pay bills in Turkey


Advantages of electronic bill payment in Turkey

Banks offer several advantages to the service of bill payment in Turkey through their accounts, and these services include:

For example, I paid bills at one bank's branches, over the phone, or at ATMs.
Pay bills from the bank account or credit card on the deadline specified for payment by placing an automatic payment order.
If your account balance is not enough, the text message service of some banks can inform you of this for free.
Yet the banks charge a small commission when paying the bills.

How to pay the bill through the mobile application

Some people make mistakes in searching for a bill payment site in Turkey, and the fact is that there is no single site specialized in paying bills of all kinds. Still, we explain below the mechanism for paying the electricity bill, for example, through the widely used Kuveyt Türk Bank mobile application:

1. After logging in to the application and clicking on the options, the following screen appears; we click on payments

Ways to pay bills in Turkey

2. When we reach this stage, we click on the Billing option

Ways to pay bills in Turkey

3. Among the options that appear, we click on the option to pay an invoice


Ways to pay bills in Turkey

4. At this stage, the user will have to choose the institution concerned with the essential service, whether it is gas, water, or electricity...

It is noticeable in Turkey that several companies provide the same service, such as electricity. Therefore, after clicking on the electricity option, we will choose one of the electricity companies operating in Turkey.

Ways to pay bills in Turkey

5. After choosing the service provider's name, the electric company CK boğaziçi Elektrik, we fill in the subscriber's number field, usually found on the invoice itself. Then we click on the next to show the amount owed to the subscriber, and when you click on the amount, the payment will be made after pressing Agree.


Ways to pay bills in Turkey

Thus, the process of paying the electricity bill has been done quickly and easily and without any additional costs, and most importantly, the user of the application does not have to repeat the entire previous process when re-paying for the next month, as it is enough for him only to enter the last transactions option immediately after the bills to show him the fifth stage related to each statement directly.

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