Tourism in Turkey in light of the Corona pandemic ... the most important precautions and procedures followed

Tourism in Turkey in light of the Corona pandemic ... the most important precautions and procedures followed

Tourism in Turkey in light of the Corona pandemic ... the most important precautions and procedures followed
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Last update 23-12-2022
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No one can deny the great impact that the Coronavirus has left on all levels and has caused considerable losses to many global economies and damage to the population in terms of lives and material losses.

Turkey has not been able to distance itself from the effects of the Coronavirus, as its results have appeared on many investment sectors in Turkey, but it can be said that the most affected sectors, whether in Turkey or abroad, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, is the tourism sector.



The effects of the Coronavirus on the tourism sector in Turkey:

The biggest impact that the Coronavirus has left is the comprehensive closure that was imposed in an attempt to reduce its spread, as every country tried to isolate itself from external sources to prevent the flow of new infections to it, and the result was the imposition of measures of the embargo, curfew, and closure of countries, as well as preventing air transport And travel and movement between countries, which has affected the core of the tourism sector, as it has become impossible to travel from one country to another for tourism for fear of a greater spread of the Coronavirus, and also various tourist facilities and entertainment centers such as restaurants, cafes, and markets have been closed. And malls to reduce mixing and implement measures to prevent Coronavirus and social distancing, which has contributed to the further damage to the tourism sector.



Tourism in Turkey in light of Corona:

The Turkish government has worked to find appropriate solutions to get the tourism sector out of the difficult reality that it is experiencing in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, especially with the features of normal life beginning to return somewhat and expectations of a receding wave of the virus. Therefore, plans and procedures have begun to work to revitalize sectors Investing, but safely and under conditions that meet the standards announced by the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, and based on that, a safe tourism program in Turkey was announced.



Safe Tourism Program in Turkey:

The safe tourism program in Turkey is the practical step that the Turkish government has taken to revive the tourism sector after the great recession that has afflicted it as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus and its prevention measures. This program includes a set of standards, which number 150 standards. It must be achieved by all the tourist institutions and establishments that wish to resume work in the post-Coronavirus phase and quickly after the safe tourism program was announced in Turkey under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. To meet the conditions and criteria required by the program to be able to obtain a safe tourism certificate, which has become a necessary condition to allow such institutions to continue their activities and work in the post-Coronavirus period and for the awarding of these certificates to be coordinated accurately and Professional and based on the importance of adhering to the procedures and prevention of the virus, the Turkish government has worked to contract with many companies specialized in this field to receive the subject of supervision of granting a tourism certificate. Safe to the facilities by verifying that they meet the necessary standards and conditions, and then following up on their supervision after the start of work to ensure the extent of implementation of these conditions and the extent of compliance with them.

The safe tourism project in Turkey is a huge project that does not allow negligence in fulfilling any condition or standard of standards required to be achieved in the various hotels and tourist establishments spread in Turkey and strictly supervises the application of these facilities to the conditions separately in order to ensure the existence of the maximum degree of commitment With the measures taken in order to prevent the Coronavirus and in order to ensure the achievement of a safe atmosphere that attracts tourists again and eliminates any fear they have from the Coronavirus, and therefore there will be no hesitation in visiting Turkey, which is supposed to work on the return of the tourism sector in Turkey to its previous era.

The safe tourism program in Turkey includes various aspects and aspects that can come to mind, starting with the entrances of tourist facilities, emergency handling centers, isolation, bedrooms, and accommodation, as well as service facilities in the facilities such as restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and entertainment halls. And the swimming pools to all the sections that could be used by inbound tourists and guests in the hotel or any of these tourist establishments.

Care will be taken to make these rules clear and known by everyone, whether visitors or workers in tourist facilities, as work will be made to suspend them in public places that anyone can view, to ensure that they reach all the inmates and read them to carefully consider their details.


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