Learn more clearly about the concept of real estate development in Turkey

Learn more clearly about the concept of real estate development in Turkey

Learn more clearly about the concept of real estate development in Turkey
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Last update 05-01-2023
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In Turkey, real estate concepts and common terms abound, and the real estate market in Turkey is not limited to specific disciplines, but is vast and has many branches.

One of the most common features in the real estate market in Turkey is the concept of real estate development, whose idea is that it is a successful and profitable business, as it is a partial or complete repair of old or dilapidated properties and then selling them and obtaining abundant profits.

And if you want to know more details about real estate development in Turkey, you will have to follow the following article.


The most prominent component of the real estate development project in Turkey:

He is a real estate developer, as he is a person or company specialized in a particular area and adopts the redevelopment and modernization of a building and its development. The developer must possess many tools that enable him to be a successful developer, most notably the extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate market in Turkey and all its details, in addition To that he must possess the queen of coordination, management and transforming creative ideas into reality on the ground.

And speaking of the real estate developer, we must be well aware that he is not a real estate consultant or contractor, but rather he who determines all of the above and works to select them according to what the project needs. Successful unless selected according to correct principles.


The most important factors that lead to the success of real estate development in Turkey:

1- There should be a department for studies and research in the developing company, where this department searches for the latest developments in the real estate market.

2- There should be a consultancy department capable of developing studies and determining the economic feasibility of the project, and it must have a correct view of the future and what the real estate market might be like in the coming days.


Components of a real estate development project in Turkey:

The owner of the project or the financier, then the company responsible for carrying out the required works, and thirdly and finally, the real estate company responsible for managing, supervising, providing studies, and many other details.


Real estate development departments in Turkey:

Construction within the new areas:
And it is within the emerging and modern areas, such as the keenness to establish luxury residential complexes, and today it is considered one of the most successful and distinguished real estate and investment projects at all, taking into account that such a project requires large capital and therefore the most prominent organizers are the large companies that have the great financial capacity.

What makes this project special and a sure guarantee is that the turnout for it is from the Turks and the foreigners as well.


Demolition and reconstruction of old buildings:
This is one of the common ideas in Turkey today, and it is called the urbanization process, and it is completely different from making modifications and updates only, as here a radical modification is taking place.


Where is the role of real estate companies in real estate development in Turkey?

- Guiding investors towards areas experiencing real estate growth and prosperity, searching for the best property that falls within modern standards.

-Marketing real estate with great experience and long knowledge, and ensuring that the property is a source of the desired profits.


What is the importance of real estate development projects in Turkey today?

It is important to realize that it contributes to transferring Turkey a qualitative leap from its current position to a more developed and prestigious position, the underlying goal of which is to make Turkey at the same pace of sophistication, modernity and luxury.

But if you are wondering about the most Turkish cities that are witnessing real estate development, it is Istanbul, as it takes the lead in all fields and not only real estate development, and this was one of the first reasons that made it the focus of the attention of investors, and finally, we must point out that real estate development will raise Real estate prices have increased significantly, and this is an indication of real estate owners that their profits are certain.

In conclusion, we can conclude that real estate development in Turkey is one of the most important things that Turkey is witnessing today, and in short, it is nothing but modernization and giving a modern touch to real estate, which is positive and a right step was taken in the real estate field.


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