How to obtain a common title deed in Turkey

How to obtain a common title deed in Turkey

How to obtain a common title deed in Turkey
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Buying real estate in Turkey has become an ambition for many people and that is due to the many advantages that owning real estate carries, in addition, that Turkey today is an important economic power that has been able to attract capital and establish many projects and this is what prompted foreigners to choose their headquarters To reside, study and work to implement their projects and enjoy a life of luxury.

As a result of this great demand for real estate ownership in Turkey, many laws and amendments were issued that allow those wishing to buy real estate many options and facilities, as well as to regulate the purchase process and guarantee rights, and the term joint tabu is often discussed, what does it mean and what are the conditions for obtaining on him? This is what we will learn about in the next article.


First: What is the definition of the common doctor in Turkey?
The real estate registry or joint title deed is a modern method of real estate ownership in Turkey through which ownership of the property can be granted to several people together, whether in equal shares or different proportions of shares, and as a result, the property becomes subordinate to a group of people, but the method and laws differ Control of the order if the purchase is made directly or using a loan.

This type of title deed has represented a great opportunity for a large segment of middle-income individuals who are unable to own real estate on their own, as it gives them the ability to buy a property and share it with other people, and when registering the joint title deed, one of the individuals cannot sell his share without referring to The rest of the partners and their approval, and this is what constitutes one of the important challenges for this type of tabu.


Second: How can one obtain the joint title deed in Turkey?
It has become possible to own real estate in Turkey by some people, either by direct payment or using a mortgage, and each of these two methods has different methods of calculating shares.

If the property is purchased and the money is paid directly in cash, then the shares are calculated according to the amount that each person has paid, by determining the percentage of ownership of the property for each partner separately in advance.

As for when buying a property through a real estate loan by many people, the process becomes more complicated, as the bank responsible for this process must request a statement and inquire about the loans of each of these partners before it issues the real estate registry document and through this The statement The person will be able to purchase a share within the property he wants to own by using the mortgage loan, whether the shares are equal or different.

And here it must be noted that the completion of the procedures and documents depends mainly on the documents submitted by the bank only.

Attention should be paid to cases in which one of the parties purchases through a real estate bank loan while the rest of the partners pay in cash and directly, as this case will come out of the joint real estate registry and result in many complex calculations.

Certainly, it is preferable to consult real estate experts and consultants specializing in such matters and to cooperate with lawyers specialized in real estate affairs to facilitate the process and follow up all the necessary procedures for registering the property within common ownership and to ensure that everyone receives their rights.



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