How to obtain an entry visa to Turkey

How to obtain an entry visa to Turkey

How to obtain an entry visa to Turkey
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Turkey is considered one of the most important global destinations at present and in various fields, whether for investment and entry into the real estate market in Turkey or for tourism and enjoying the striking beauty of this country and also, many would like to visit Turkey for various other reasons, such as pursuing education in Turkey. Or in order to find an opportunity to work or even buy a property in Turkey to settle in and reside in Turkey.

Whatever the reason for which you want to visit Turkey, as a foreign person, you must obtain an entry visa to Turkey, whether it is through papers in the traditional way or an electronic visa, and to obtain such a visa that entitles its owner the right to enter Turkish territory, the foreign person must fulfill a set of conditions and requirements, which are all considered a necessary condition to grant an entry visa to Turkey.


Entry visa to Turkey:

The bulk of foreign nationalities need to obtain a visa to enter Turkey, but it has become possible to apply for an entry visa to Turkey through two methods, the first of which is the regular traditional method through papers and review of embassies and the second modern through The Internet means obtaining an electronic entry visa to Turkey, and the possibility of following this method is due to the nationality that you hold, as it is not yet available for all foreign nationalities, but holders of foreign nationalities who return to more than ninety countries around the world can obtain an electronic visa from To enter Turkey easily, as it does not require more than filling out the application form for obtaining an entry visa to Turkey via the Internet.

With the need to pay attention to the fact that the validity of your electronic entry visa from being valid for one time or entry visa for several times depends on the country of the original nationality that you hold, and this matter also affects the length of stay that you can obtain, depending on the nationality The possible period of stay that you have carried will vary according to the entry visa that you have obtained, between thirty days and up to ninety days within Turkish territory, legally and legally.

Conditions for obtaining an electronic visa to enter Turkey:

Although there are some restrictions on the issue of obtaining an electronic entry visa to Turkish territory for some foreign nationalities, it is available to many foreign citizens who are considered eligible to obtain it through an easy and simple process that allows travelers of many foreign nationalities The possibility of obtaining an official travel permit that entitles its holder to enter Turkish territory and the number of these countries whose nationality holders are allowed to obtain an electronic visa to enter Turkey exceeds ninety countries, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Australia, China, Congo, Egypt and Guinea India, the Sultanate of Oman and many other Arab and foreign countries.


How to obtain an electronic entry visa to Turkey:

All that is required to obtain an electronic visa to enter Turkey is to complete the direct and explicit application form via the Internet, but of course, for this application to be accepted and to be able to obtain an entry visa to Turkey, it must be attached The request includes a set of official papers and documents that the Turkish government requests to verify foreign people who visit Turkey and the official papers that one needs to successfully obtain an electronic entry visa to Turkey can be summarized without delay, both of a valid passport And for a period of at least a hundred and fifty days from the date of your entry into Turkish territory and an email address for use in communication between the two parties to send notices and a visa when issued, as well as a debit card or credit card to pay the fees for obtaining an entry visa through it.

It must be noted the great importance related to the issue of the passport being valid and for a sufficient period when applying for an electronic entry visa to Turkish territory to avoid rejection of your application after submitting it. The passport must also be able to meet all the conditions and requirements. Which had already been set by the Turkish government and immigration laws in front of foreign arrivals to the country.

As soon as you verify your papers and all the conditions and ensure that they meet all the requirements, the electronic visa will be sent to Turkey on the email that you previously entered as a contact address.

People who do not obtain an entry visa to Turkey:

It is forbidden to grant entry visas to Turkish territory to several categories of foreign persons, namely those whose passport has a validity period of fewer than sixty days, as well as people who may be a threat to security, safety, and law in Turkey, and also those with a health disease that may disturb or threaten Public health in the country, as well as preventing entry to foreigners accused or who have a court ruling and who the Turkish government has pledged to return to their countries of origin, and also the ban includes people who do not have health insurance during the period of residence in Turkey and who cannot provide convincing reasons about their desire to enter To Turkey, those who do not have a stable source of income sufficient to support their livelihood in Turkey, foreigners who have a legal debt and refuse to pay it, as well as those who refuse to pay fines.


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