Pay attention to these points when moving to stay in Turkey

Things you need to know before moving to live in Turkey

Pay attention to these points when moving to stay in Turkey
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Turkey has become a destination for everyone looking for a life with amenities and luxury, and the choice of many for it was not an absurd choice, but rather based on all its components, advantages and positives.

But Turkey for foreigners is a complex puzzle of codes, and there are many mysterious details for them, and because Turkey today is the focus of the event, we will accompany you through the following lines in which we will address the most important points and information that must be taken into account when choosing Turkey for residence and living, you can continue.


Points that you should pay attention to when choosing Turkey for residency:

1- To begin with, it is necessary to delve into the Turkish language and its details and take a broad idea of ​​it to facilitate dealing with the Turkish society and quickly integrate with it, and one of the most important things to take into account is that the Turks understand a lot of the Arabic language, and the English language is sufficient for communication.

2- Taxi owners should not be trusted, because they greatly exaggerate the amount they ask for, and take advantage of the lack of experience and knowledge of foreigners.

3- When choosing to reside in Turkey, attention should be paid to the external appearance and personal hygiene as well, and to public morals, as well as to speak in a low voice, especially in mosques.

4- When in public places, personal belongings should not be left within reach, and those holdings are meant to be a phone and a laptop.

5- Those looking for a conservative eastern life should go to small towns and stay away from the main cities, and the Turkish countryside should be chosen.

6- When residing in Turkey, you will have to mix with many cultures and religions, as Turkey welcomes foreigners from all parts of the world.

7- The costs of housing and living in Turkey vary according to the city and the region, and differ according to the type of apartment. The costs incurred by the owner of an apartment located within residential complexes differ from the costs of living in an independent 


8- It is possible to find a distinguished job opportunity with high salaries, as there are many establishments and institutions, in addition to job opportunities in private companies.

9- You should not always give up carrying cash, although Turkey prefers dealing with a credit card, some states only accept cash.

10 Turkey is a wide and crowded country as well, so it is recommended to live near schools, universities, service centers and shopping centers, to save time and fatigue.


Advantages of choosing life in Turkey:

1- Life in Turkey is flexible and easy, and this aspect will emerge clearly if it is compared with life in other countries, such as the countries of the European continent, for example.

2- Residency in Turkey can be done through legal methods, the most prominent of which is the choice of obtaining one of the residences in Turkey, the most prominent of which is the tourist residence, the work residence or the real estate residence, and the last is when buying a residential property in Turkey.

It is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is one of the most prominent ways to obtain real estate, provided that the price is not less than 250.000 US dollars with a pledge after selling it before three years have passed from the date of its purchase.

3- Life in Turkey is simple and uncomplicated, so whoever chooses to live in Turkey will not feel class differences, in addition to that it is smooth and the resident in Turkey can complete many of his papers and extract them electronically.

4- The climate in Turkey is distinguished and temperate throughout the world. It also has a wide range of recreational options and beautiful green parks.

5- Turkey is characterized by being an emerging country in the field of education, providing its residents with the best educational services and granting them internationally recognized certificates.

6- It has also achieved distinguished results at the medical level, and the population of Turkey today enjoys the best medical services, and Turkey has rare specialities, and it is continuing to develop itself in this regard.


The grant of residence in Turkey may be refused for the following reasons:

  • Failure to pay the required costs or failure to do so on time, or perhaps discovering that there are forged papers or manipulations.
  • There is a lawsuit against the applicant for residence, and none of the required papers should be violated.
  • If a technical error occurred while booking an appointment for an interview, such as writing the name incorrectly, or not adhering to the accuracy of the personal photo measurements.
  • If the passport is expired, or if the application was submitted from outside Turkey, or if the papers were not certified and translated by the notary public.

So, whoever is about to reside and settle in Turkey should be attentive to many matters and details, as he will have to research about this society and everything related to it, and we can conclude that Turkey is one of the smooth societies that can be easily adapted to, and therefore it was an option for many people. around the world.



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