Title deed in Turkey (Tapu)

One of the most common questions we receive at Deal Real Estate is how to obtain a title deed in Turkey

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Last update 25-12-2022
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One of the most common questions at Deal Real Estate is how to obtain a title deed or title deed in Turkey. After buying a property, are there legal secrets that may stand in the way between the property ownership document and the real estate investor

Therefore, in this article, we will try to determine the title deed, the types of title deeds in Turkey, and the deedswithprovingpaper. This property owner. HerecomHerecommonperson'swithdressunsuitable. Thereforetapekish law, what is the difference between the notary’notary'snt and the title deed from the title deed administration and Turkish lands, and what is the difference between the agricultural title deed and the real estate registry and real estate documents?

In this study, Deal Real Estate provides advice that guarantees anyone wishing to buy a property in Turkey or invest in real estate in Turkey to obtain adequate answers that guarantee his real estate rights in Turkish lands.

Turkish Tapu


What is Tapu in Turkey?

The title deed in Turkey is the most critical official documprovingoves that the owner is the only person who has the right to dispose of the property from investment, sale, and rental. 

The title deed in Turkey is the deed that draws the property rights of the owner and documents the ownership of the property for the person mentioned in the paper; the title deed in Turkey contains all of the property information, the location of the property, and the real estate survey numbers. This document falls under the Real Estate Registry Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Turkish Cities, known in some countries as the real estate registry.

Turkish law does not allow giving the title deed or title deed except to the property owner.

In some cases, the property may be invested in joint ownership and divided by more than one person. Here, only one person typically receives the title deed mentioning the proportion of the joint ownership shares.

If the percentage of ownership (2/1 or 4/1 ... etc.) is not mentioned and the person's name is mentioned in the box in the title deed, the person mentioned is considered the sole owner of the property. As for documenting a certain percentage, this means that the real estate owner has partners.

The information included in the Tapu document in Turkey or the title deed

  • Property Address: The state, region, and street are specified
  • A personal photo of the property owner.
  • The registration number for the land on which the building is built in Turkey
  • Land type is valid or unsuitable for construction in Turkey, as the Turkish municipality adopts certain conditions.

In Turkey, the sale and purchase contracts documented by the Turkish notary are not considered title deeds. Therefore the title deed or the peremptory title deed is granted only by the administration of the title deed and the Turkish lands.

Types of Tapu in Turkey

What are the types of real estate title deeds in Turkey? What are the most important documents attached to the title deed?