Asian Istanbul under the microscope .. its features and other details

The most important information about the Asian section, its features and other details

Asian Istanbul under the microscope .. its features and other details
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Last update 23-12-2022
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The city of Istanbul has great importance not only in Turkey but around the world as well. It is known for being the cradle of civilizations and beauty. It was able to keep pace with various historical events and persist throughout those years to become today a beacon in all economic and cultural fields.

Therefore, many people want to invest in Istanbul and search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, but before starting this step, it is necessary to learn more about the city’s neighbourhoods and sections, as the city of Istanbul is divided into European and Asian parts by the Bosphorus Strait, and each section has its advantages and in This article will focus on Istanbul, Asia, and talk about all its important details.


Istanbul Asian site and its borders:

Asian Istanbul has a distinctive location within the green terrain and wide areas, as it is bordered to the south by the Sea of ​​Marmara, and to the north by the Black Sea, and the Bosphorus Strait is located on the western side, which separates it from European Istanbul.

Looking at Asian Istanbul, we find that it is characterized by calm when compared with European Istanbul, as well as it is known for its many tourist areas, especially with the beautiful nature that surrounds it, and therefore it is considered the main destination for tourists from all over the world.


The most important areas in Istanbul, Asia:


Uskudar area:

The area of ​​üsküdar overlooks the Bosphorus from the eastern side, and its area reaches 58km. It has old mosques, luxurious palaces, and high towers, which date back to ancient historical times.

The area is also rich in natural parks, which are characterized by their height, which allows its visitors to see the whole city from above.

Therefore, the Uskudar area is very suitable for buying property in Istanbul and investing in real estate in Turkey.


Kadikoy area:

Kadikoy is one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey, due to its many features and various facilities, as the area contains a large number of restaurants, shops, and entertainment centers, and the area is also distinguished by its rich transportation network, as it includes metro lines, buses and various other forms of buses.

And do not forget the importance of Kadikoy port, which is the main point linking Asian Istanbul with European Istanbul.