Antalya | All features and information

Regarded as the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is also known as a tourism paradise by both Turkish and foreign tourists.

Antalya | All features and information
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Last update 20-12-2022
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The first thing that comes to mind about Antalya provinceis being an important tourist destination. However, this charming city offers valuable living spaces to sustain your life, feed on tourism, and feel historical values.


Regarded as the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is also known as a tourism paradise for both Turkish and foreign tourists. This lovely city is established on two plains that extend along the Mediterranean coast.


Do not estimate the city as having streets full of small boutiques or local shops where souvenirs are exclusively sold to tourists—no need to be afraid of the winding roads while driving from Antalya to Kas.


Orange trees, which you will come across on the city streets, and witnessing the local people who cook their delicious homemade jams are worth getting to know in Antalya. 

The districts of Antalya and the atmosphere in the city center will not only be tourism but also for making your dreams come true for a lifetime!


Antalya has attracted global attention due to its natural beauty, coasts, lovely villages, hospitable local people, and boulevards reflecting Turkish culture. In addition, it will drag you into your dreams because of its historical heritage.

Antalya is one of the most visited and explored cities in Turkey. 

Its climate, historical heritage, newly developed buildings, hotels, housing projects, and shopping malls… This unique city deserves to be a famous settlement for everyone.

This fantastic city fascinates its visitors due to its historical value, glamorous view, coasts, elegant restaurants that must be visited in all seasons, and hotels above and beyond world standards. 

If you ask what is happening in this enchanting land besides tourism, our Antalya guide we have prepared for you will be your guide...


Is Antalya a Populous City? 

Antalya constantly receives immigration due to its values. As one of the most populated cities in Turkey, Antalya also attracts global attention and its population growth.


Antalya's population total: is 2.548.308

It is the fifth most populous and the largest city in Turkey. 

The most crowded county of Antalya is Kepez.


About the Location of Antalya

Each district of this magnificent city located on the plains along the Mediterranean coast is a natural wonder! 

The city has 630 km of coastline and is truly a paradise in turkey.


Where is Antalya on the map exactly? 


The Mediterranean in the South,

Mersin, Konya, Karaman in the East,

Mugla in the West,

Adjacent to the Taurus Mountains in the North.

The climate and land structure of Antalya, 77 percent of which is mountainous, create different living conditions and settlement environments.

What Are the Weather Conditions in Antalya During the Year?

The most distinctive feature of Antalya is that the weather is generally warm. There are high temperatures in the summer and a mild climate in the winter. 

Yes, especially in summer, the temperature and humidity values extraordinarily increase, yet the city's magic will prevent you from being disturbed by the heat.


Antalya is sunny for approximately 300 days a year. We can see that locals are swimming on the days when the tourists return as the summer months end. Hot winds blow even in winter in Antalya. 

It is a dream city for those who do not like cold weather. 


The average temperature in summer: is 28-36 degrees

The average temperature in winter: is 10-20 degrees


Living Conditions in Antalya


Another subject of curiosity about the city which fascinates those who dream of living from all over the world and want to visit for tourism stands out is the living conditions!

Who constitutes most of the local people, and what is the immigrant population? 

How is transportation provided in the city, or what are the social living areas?

If you search for living conditions in Antalya, you should know that the effect of the climate and commercial activities are apparent.

Do not neglect that the economy generally depends on agriculture, trade, and tourism. 

Both economic conditions and living conditions arising from the climate have contributed to the development of the unique characteristic of Antalya.

Antalya is crowded and energetic in the summer. However, it is also tranquil and peaceful. There are also high-quality universities in Antalya that provide excellent education systems.

The student population also has a significant share in the city due to critical educational institutions such as Akdeniz University and Antalya International University!


Why Do They Want to Live in Antalya?

The most distinctive feature of Antalya might be its warm and hospitable population! 

Each city has unique characteristics and traditions in Turkey. 

Differentiating from its cuisine to its accent, the local people of Antalya seem to make you smile!

You will question why you do not live in this fascinating, warm city with sparkling beaches, the sea, and lush green forests!

Fresh fish from the Mediterranean in your dish, appetizers with olive oil, countless historical places, fun places, and many other reasons will make you sad when you leave the city! 

You might choose to stay in Antalya to live here.

Antalya things to do | Do not Return Unless You Experience it!

The things to do in Antalya are essential for your travel to Antalya. 

Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Turkey and the whole world. 

It is an extraordinary city where you can choose to have fun and a holiday. 

We will provide some tips for traveling to Antalya as a local.

Let's forget the sea vacation in Antalya for a second and take an imaginary trip! 

You walk on the streets between April and October when Antalya's weather gets the most favorable and mean temperature. 

The streets are full of orange trees, and citrus's scent adds a charming intimacy. 

Warm winds blow from the green mountains, and river waters flow on the other side. 

You are in the streets of Kaleici Antalya, whose gates open to yesterdays. 

Now, you can stop by a local shop and do whatever you need to while sipping your coffee. 


- Stop by the lovely white sand beaches of Olympos and Cirali

- You should go to Kas, the most beautiful Antalya town. Cafes, bars, pubs… Enjoy the fun and calm ambiance.

- Visit Kalkan, which is only 25 km from Kas. Stay in one of the boutique hotels and villas in this fishing village established by Greek sailors.

- You can visit St. Nicholas Church and Sunken City daily, which are some of the most valuable places in Demre and Kalekoy.

- You can rent canoes from Kalekoy.

- You might get involved in the popular holiday trend. Stay in popular resort hotels such as Belek, Kemer, and Alanya.

- Play golf in Belek.

- Stay in a resort hotel or rental vacation home in Kemer.

- Visit significant places such as Manavgat Waterfalls, Sandland, Kursunlu Waterfalls, Alanya, and Koprulu Canyon.