Tourism in Alanya

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Tourism in Alanya
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Turkey is considered a tourist country par excellence, as it includes many regions and world tourist cities, to which thousands of tourists and visitors flock every year from different parts of the world. And when talking about the most important tourist cities in Turkey, we cannot ignore mentioning the name of the city of Alanya, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country.


Location of the city of Alanya in Turkey:

The city of Alanya is located in a distinctive geographical location between the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Taurus mountain range on the opposite side and the middle of the heart of a rocky peninsula and on the shores of the vast city of Alanya, the historical city castle dating back to the thirteenth century AD and the city of Alanya is a tourist destination Ideal during the summer.

The sea coast on which the city of Alanya overlooks is called the Turkish Riviera, and it has a wonderful beach called Cleopatra Beach, named after the great Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.


Factors promoting tourism in the city of Alanya, Turkey:

The city of Alanya is a mixture of history, modernity, relaxation, and adventure, which helps to enhance its position as a tourist area in addition to its possession of many charming sea views, starting with Cleopatra Beach, which is a long stretch of golden sands and refreshing blue waters. The ancient myths say that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Mark Anthony had gathered together on this beach.

Also, the dense transportation network covering the city helps very much to attract more tourists to it as the ease of movement enables them to explore the entire parts of the city more so they can take public buses, many of which have been modified to be suitable for people with special needs as well and most of the transport lines that serve Tourism in the city of Alanya is Line No. 101 and Line No. 2, and each of these lines leads to Ataturk Street and 25M Street, while the transportation line No. 4 ends at the Alanya City Castle.

Many tourists are attracted to the city of Alanya because of the low cost of tourism in it, as the cost of a tourist trip for two people for a whole week to the city of Alanya does not exceed six hundred and thirty US dollars, and this number covers the entire requirements of the trip of accommodation, food, transportation, and the cost of sightseeing. In the city, you can also find a room for two people for a full night in one of the many hotels scattered in the city at a cost estimated at only thirty US dollars.


The most important tourist destinations in Alanya, Turkey:

Alanya Castle and the Red Tower:

A visit to the city of Alanya definitely means a visit to the city castle, as it is considered an icon that cannot be missed. The opportunity to look at it is because it offers you a dazzling view from a full angle of the city. It dates back to the thirteenth century AD, and despite that, it is still in excellent condition and steadfast despite all this time and the circumstances it went through.

And after completing the movement in the castle, you can continue your journey towards the seaport, where you will find the hexagonal red tower, which was built in the year thousand two hundred and twenty-six to protect the castle and the shipyard adjacent to it.


Damlatas cave:

This magical cave was discovered by chance in 1948 and is distinguished from other caves in that it has curative properties and is one of the most important medical tourism destinations in the country.


Ataturk House Museum:

This museum was a three-story palace that the royal family donated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and it was converted into a museum, where it was named after the Ataturk House because the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, had visited it in one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five My AD and this museum, after its renovation, constitutes an ideal glimpse of the beauty of architecture in old houses, whether in its interior or exterior decoration.


Sulaymaniyah Mosque:

The Sulaymaniyah Mosque was built by the famous architect Sinan in the Ottoman era and it has a group of important landmarks such as carvings on the windows and wooden doors it can be visited at any time outside prayer times as it opens its doors to the worshipers to perform the prayers of men and women and the city of Alanya includes several Other important mosques, such as the Prince Badr al-Din Mosque, which dates back to the thirteenth century AD, and the Aksipi Sultan Mosque.


Alanya Archeology Museum:

The Alanya Archaeological Museum was opened in 1967 and underwent extensive renewal in the year two thousand and twelve AD and is divided into nine different sections, each of which has a distinctive theme, and the museum opens its doors every day except Mondays and is located near Alanya city castle and all the valuable artifacts in this museum, the most prominent of which is the statue of Hercules, which dates back to the second century AD.



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