Why Kocaeli An Investment City

The most important thing that made the Kocaeli city a distinctive investment destination

Why Kocaeli An Investment City
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Last update 25-12-2022
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The Turkish state is a haven for all types of investment, and each of its cities has certain importance and specific characteristics, and one of the most prominent of these cities is Kocaeli, which ranked fourth among the Turkish states in terms of urban and investment development that it is witnessing.

Many advantages and many advantages will be obtained when choosing the city of Kocaeli to start an investment project, and in order to identify all its details, advantages, and importance, you must follow the next article that will talk about it.

The most important thing that made the city of Kocaeli a distinguished investment destination:

- This city occupies a distinguished geographical location, as it is in the middle of the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, as well as the land route between Istanbul and the state of Sakarya.

- Kocaeli also enjoys the presence of many tourist attractions within it, and this factor has combined with the rest of its components to take the lead among the most important investment cities in Turkey.


Types of investment in Kocaeli:

1- Tourism investment:

This city is the favorite destination for many tourism lovers, as it has many diverse and beautiful nature aspects, and accordingly, it is the most suitable for lovers of relaxation and enjoyment of the amazing beauty of nature.

- It is also suitable for lovers of winter tourism and skiing, in the Kartepe region, and there are many other places that we will mention later.


2- Agricultural investment:

The city of Kocaeli has all the ingredients for successful agricultural investment, as it has fertile land, a mild climate and multiple water resources.

- Agricultural investment in it is known to have guaranteed results and few risks, and this is due to the natural factors that we have referred to, and the Turkish government pays special attention to the agricultural sector.

- Despite all the advantages of agricultural investment in it, Kocaeli imports many crops and agricultural products from other cities, to direct investors and capital to the tourism sector and turn them away from the agricultural field.

- The agricultural investment arena in Kocaeli is devoid of investors, and this makes the field wide for some to go towards it, as it is a unique opportunity.


3- Industrial investment:

-Kocaeli is an important industrial center in Turkey and ranks after Istanbul in this regard. The numbers that Kocaeli is achieving in the industrial sector are staggering.

It contains many factories and huge factories, and it also contains the largest shipyard in Turkey, and for the manufacture of auto parts and mechanical machinery a large share in it.


4- Real estate investment:

One of the most prominent types of real estate investment in Kocaeli is the investment of apartments, as it contains many luxury residential complexes that enjoy a distinctive geographical location and great specifications.

Villas are also one of the real estate options that many searchers for real estate for sale do not hesitate to choose, as they are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.


5 - Investment of land and farms:

Many investors prefer to buy land to build their investments and real estate on it.

- Also, farms are one of the real estate options that many investors prefer to choose. They can be invested, as their returns are high.


Why is Turkey a suitable environment for investment?

1 - The Turkish economy is one of the most important pillars of investment success that Turkey is witnessing today, especially as it holds an advanced rank globally and continues to achieve successive successes.

2 - The advanced infrastructure is one of the main reasons that confirmed the success of real estate investment in Turkey, and there is a clear increase in the number of development projects, the development of public transportation lines, the expansion of highways, the construction of tunnels, and so on, among many other projects.


The benefit of investing in tourist states:

It will be a continuous tourist destination and based on this, investing in hotels, restaurants, cafes and commercial real estate is the most feasible.

- For the investment to achieve the highest profits, the property must have distinctive specifications and exquisite designs, and it must be located strategically and close to public transportation in order to facilitate access to it.

- Real estate prices in those states are constantly rising, and this is what we have witnessed this year, as apartments in Yalova, Sakarya and Mugla recorded an increase in their prices.

Kocaeli is one of the investment destinations in Turkey, with all its advantages and components, and it is the option that many investors are looking for around the world.


The most important tourist attractions in Kocaeli, which reflected positively on the investment side:

-Clock Tower: It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city and is an archaeological symbol belonging to the Ottoman era.

-Kocaeli Forest: It is located in the northeast of the city. It is characterized by its fresh air and is the perfect place for hiking.

- Sika Park: It is one of the most famous recreational sites in the city. It overlooks the city's coast and includes an artificial lake and recreational games for children.

- Museum of siege ships: the museum displays the most important ships that were used in the past over forty years.




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