The most important hospitals in Turkey

The most important hospitals in Turkey

The most important hospitals in Turkey
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Hospitals in Turkey, Turkey has been able to become a pioneer in many fields and its reputation spread all over the world not only as an important tourist destination, but it was able to dig a name for itself in industry, trade, education, and health, and it moved from being a consumer country to becoming a producer country of energy and Premium resources.

The health sector in Turkey has developed greatly thanks to the efforts made by the Turkish government to improve the situation of hospitals and provide ready health centers to meet the needs of patients and provide the necessary care for them, and people began to go to Turkey from all over the world for treatment, and here emerged The role of medical tourism in Turkey is largely in Turkish hospitals or even as a benefit from the natural terrain that has therapeutic benefits such as hot springs in Turkey.

In the following, we will mention the most important hospitals in Turkey, so follow up with us.


Basaksehir Medical City:


Basaksehir Hospital aims to be the largest hospital in Europe despite its greatness and the extension of its area, as it will serve 23 thousand and 600 patients, with several beds of 2,700 beds,

The largest number is the number of people who will use the hospital annually, which will reach 23 million people, a huge number equivalent to the population of several countries combined.

Which will be on it, it is more than a million square meters, so that this hospital will be one of the largest hospitals in the world, with its seven continents, and 195 countries.
Within this giant medical gathering, there will be several hospitals, one general, a second for children, a third for childbirth, a fourth for neurology and orthopedics, and a fifth for oncology,

The sixth is for cardiac disease, the seventh is for psychiatric diseases, and the eighth is for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Basaksehir City Hospital will be the largest physiotherapy center in Turkey, a country that extends over an area of ​​783,562 km².

Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul:

This hospital is located in the Taksim area in Istanbul and is known all over Turkey and the world, as it is one of the hospitals that have been accredited by the Joint International Committee.

The area of ​​this hospital is about 24 thousand square meters and contains 6 rooms equipped for operations in addition to more than 90 beds for the stay of patients.

As for the services it provides, the hospital contains many departments covering all specialties, all of which are equipped with the best and most modern types of medical devices, and the hospital includes an important number of the best and most famous doctors in addition to the best technical and nursing staff who ensure the comfort of patients and provide them with the best forms of care.

The hospital has a special restaurant through which healthy meals are provided to patients and their families, and it is equipped with various types of rooms and suites to ensure a comfortable stay. The hospital provides a lot of facilities for patients coming from abroad concerning papers and documents.

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Koç University Hospital:

Originally, this hospital was established to be a headquarters for clinical training and research in 2014, but later and specifically in 2016, this hospital was expanded to start receiving patients and providing them with appropriate treatment.

Koç University Hospital has an area of ​​about 220 thousand square meters and contains 404 rooms dedicated to receiving patients and about 73 rooms for intensive care, in addition to 13 rooms dedicated to conducting operations, capable of accommodating 6000 operations during one year.

The hospital includes large names of the brightest and best doctors, and it is definitely equipped with the best devices that help the doctor in diagnosing the disease and suggesting appropriate treatment, and given that the hospital is prepared for research and development, it is constantly aware of the latest technologies, scientific experiments and experimental treatments The most famous hospitals in Turkey.


Dentaglobal Dental Hospital in Izmir:

This hospital is considered one of the leading hospitals in dentistry and is located in the Turkish city of Izmir, and it is equipped with the latest tools and devices for dental implants, treatment of oral and periodontal diseases, the installation of fixed and movable bridges, in addition to medical treatments for teeth, whitening and other cosmetic procedures.

What distinguishes this hospital is the existence of a guarantee period for some types of treatments, it guarantees dental implants for life, and veneers and crown installation, it provides a full 3-year guarantee.

And the matter is not limited to treatments in the clinic, there are rooms in the hospital equipped for surgeries on the face and jaws, including treatment of the root canal of the tooth, lifting the sinuses, and others.

This hospital includes a distinguished cadre of the most qualified dentists in various specialties, in addition to the presence of a trained technical and nursing staff, prepared to provide the best types of care to patients and reviewers.


Eurofertil IVF Center in Istanbul:

This center is considered one of the most famous medical centers in Turkey and the world, and it is the first center specialized in treating infertility and delayed pregnancy in Turkey, as it has been inaugurated in 2001 by Dr. Hakan Oropek.

This center has gained great importance over the years and now receives large numbers of couples annually from all parts of Turkey and the world to help them conceive.

This center contains modern and advanced equipment to diagnose types of infertility and help in choosing appropriate treatments. The center deals with each patient as an individual case that should be studied and its history detailed. Therefore, several treatment plans are followed to suit each case separately.

The center takes care of the psychological aspect as well, as it provides psychological therapy sessions and marital counseling sessions.

The center has brilliant names in obstetrics and the success rates of its treatments are extremely high, and this is what attracted patients from all over the world.


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