Advantages of real estate investment in Uskudar

Advantages of real estate investment in Uskudar

Advantages of real estate investment in Uskudar
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Last update 23-12-2022
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With its many diversities, it has been able to attract the attention of real estate investors worldwide... It sits on the throne of two of the world's continents and possesses the elements of real estate investors that make it closer to success... Among the areas of Istanbul that are targeted for investment is Uskudar, which can be found On the Asian side of Istanbul. Based on its many advantages, it has become a real estate investment front today... But what are its advantages? Do you make it a suitable option for everyone?

This is what we will see through the following lines.

These are the most critical general lines related to the Istanbul Escudar region... Get to know them:

1- This area in Istanbul has a distinctive temperate climate and a splendid view of the sea / Uskudar is surrounded by many important areas / one of the first areas to be established in Istanbul.

2- Uskudar includes the most important and largest mosque in Turkey, Çamlica / It is also distinguished by its wonderful beach, a tourist destination.

3- The Uskudar region consists of 33 neighborhoods....each of them has advantages and characteristics that distinguish it from other neighborhoods.

4- On the educational level, Escudar has achieved remarkable distinction, as it contains a package of educational institutions, as it contains 86 public primary schools and 22 private schools, as well as 26 public and 23 private secondary schools, in addition to two universities, one private and the other public.

5- It also contains several health centers, hospitals, and medical clinics... It is at this level of self-sufficiency.

6- Its unique location is what contributed to it being a safe area for real estate investment .... as it is located opposite the European side and has become an essential central area today.

7- Uskudar owns several archaeological and historical monuments, including some Ottoman palaces that were a haven for its sultans... It also includes some mosques/baths/markets.

8- Uskudar is considered one of the central stations for land and sea public transportation, which facilitates transportation to and from it... This area is located adjacent to the July 15 Martyrs' Bridge, which gave its real estate side much importance.

9- The main reason that made it a distinguished real estate investment destination is that its prices suit most of those looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul. This feature will emerge if compared with other Istanbul areas.

*It is essential to realize that their low prices do not mean that they are lacking in quality in the design or the building materials used.

10- This region is witnessing tremendous urban growth. The Turkish government pays great attention and special care to it, providing a comprehensive service package.

The most important landmarks in the Uskudar region:

1- Kiz Kulesi:

The way to reach this tower is a pleasure in itself, as it is located in the middle of the water...Visiting this tower is a cultural one as many stories revolve around it... The last floor is a charming restaurant that provides visitors with a panoramic view.

2- KidZania:

This is one of the places designated for children... It allows them to do all the activities they prefer... The purpose of its construction is educational and instructive, as well as entertaining... It consists of several sections such as the hospital / the playground, the police station... In addition, it has halls for holding birthday parties.

3- Sultan Mahramah Mosque:

Every year witnesses the presence of many tourists... This mosque was named after the daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent... It is possible to glimpse the art and architectural creativity that existed at that time... Its white marble pulpit distinguishes it. carved;

Based on all the details mentioned in the previous lines, we can see that the Uskudar region is one of the most suitable places to take as a real estate investment platform... According to the data, the probability of success and excellence is excellent...

Uskudar was an option for many investors around the world... Will it be your destination too? Or do you prefer another one?


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