Mersin in brief

The most important landmarks of Mersin, in addition to the city's location and climate

Mersin in brief
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Mersin has become a tourist destination among the Turkish states in recent years, due to a large number of picturesque natural places, historical archaeological areas, and the sea coast, which with its vital facilities attracted many tourists.

Mersin in brief

Mersin is the eleventh most populous city in the country, with a population of 1,868,757, according to the statistics of the General Directorate of Souls in Mersin at the end of the year 2020.

The annual population growth rate in the state has reached 1.54%, and accordingly, the areas with the highest population growth are Meztelli (3.57%), and the region with the lowest growth rate is Gamlila, (1.11%).

Mersin extends over a total land area of ​​1.585,300 km2 and consists of 14 municipalities, comprising 13 districts, and a total of 805 neighborhoods in these municipalities. Akdeniz, Miztili, Yenisehir, and Toros are the central regions of the state.

The multiplicity of shopping centers that are indispensable for daily life increases the forms of tourism investments in Mersin on the one hand and secures the arrival of huge numbers of tourists for the purpose of shopping there on the other, and the most famous of these centers is the Forum, which was chosen as the best shopping center in Europe in 2009.

In addition, Mersin is the third-largest city in Turkey, on the shores of the Mediterranean after Antalya and Adana, and at the same time, it is Turkey's eighth-largest city.


Tourism in Mersin

Mersin has turned into one of the most important tourist centers in Turkey, especially with the presence of new hotels that have been built on the beach in recent years, accompanied by the establishment of many vital facilities, and the development of some facilities that support the tourism sector in this city.

In order to develop yachting tourism in the state, the main yachting port of Mersin with a capacity of 800 berths, in accordance with international standards, was completed, and tenders were submitted for this.

Culturally, with the aim of encouraging tourists to the city, the Mersin International Music Festival (Mersin International Music Festival) is held every year.

In order to support tourism in the city, other cultural activities such as the Mersin Turkish Art Music Festival and the Mersin International Festival of Polyphonic Choirs are organized at certain times annually in the city, in addition to the Akdeniz and Yenisehir municipalities offering free theatre performances to spectators of tourists and citizens at different times. 


Mersin city location

The city of Mersin is located in the southern part of Turkey, and it has a very large port on the Mediterranean coast. It is distinguished from other Turkish cities by its strategic location and the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Mersin is adjacent to the east of the state of Adana, overlooked in the west by the state of Antalya, and meets in the north with the states of Konya and Nida.

There is no doubt that its proximity to Antalya and Konya, which are rich in many tourist attractions and are among the first states in terms of attracting tourists, plays a major role in revitalizing the tourism movement in Mersin.

Mersin climate

The weather in Mersin is influenced by the climate within the Mediterranean Sea. It is characterized by its temperature in summer and mild winters, and rainfall is at its highest in winter, mainly in December and January, which gives it a healthy climate.

The temperature in Mersin in the summer ranges between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius, and in July and August, the temperature may reach 40 degrees Celsius, while in the winter it rains heavily, where temperatures reach 10 degrees Celsius. 

المناطق السياحية في مرسين

The most important areas in the Turkish city of Mersin

Mersin is an important coastal city in Turkey, with a coastline of about 321 km, and because it has prominent tourist beaches, it has started to make a name for itself in the field of tourism in recent years.

There is no doubt that the city of Mersin, like other Turkish states, has much tourist potential, such as archaeological and historical sites, natural places, and religious monuments. We can highlight the most famous tourist areas in Mersin, Turkey, as follows:

Adam Kailar District

An area that embodies many rock carvings, representing human and animal figures, and some places of worship in ancient times, occupies a strategic place on the southern slopes of the Taurus Mountains.

الاماكن السياحية في مرسين

Mamore Kaleici Castle

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Mersin, it has a wonderfully beautiful geographical location on the Mediterranean coast and has great historical value, which is reflected in its being an impenetrable dam against pirate attacks at the time of the Armenians.

This castle has witnessed some construction works, to expand its area as a result of the time of the Seljuks, and to become a prominent landmark of tourism in Mersin.

المعالم السياحية في مرسين تركيا

Kanbazli Ruins

This area includes many historical monuments, whose roots go back thousands of years through history, which are carved rock statues, in the form of tombs, cisterns, and places of worship, such as the remains of the mysterious church, which dates back to the early Byzantine era in the fifth century AD, and these ruins form A tourist station, the tourist coming to visit Mersin can only visit it.

الاثار في مدينة مرسين

Kayage Valley

One of the most beautiful natural areas in Mersin, it enjoys a calm and pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by green trees from everywhere, and in the middle of it is a strong flowing fresh river, and over this river a wooden bridge, allowing pedestrians to move between its sides, this valley attracts attention with tea served on the taste of lemon.

Kayage Valley is 130 km long and ends at the Mediterranean Sea, and you can do many recreational activities in this valley, such as camping and barbecuing.

Tourist areas in the city of Mersin

المناطق السياحية في مدينة مرسين

Olba region

Olba district is one of the most prominent historical monuments in the state of Mersin, it contains a group of archaeological columns that are still immortal to this day. One of the most important things for which this region is famous is the Temple of Zeus, which was and still is a tourist destination, especially for those coming from Eastern European countries.

مدن تركيا

Kochkbuku Cave

Köşekbükü Cave is concentrated in the Anmur district of Mersin state among the forests, its history dates back to 20,000 years, and this cave is known to be beneficial for people suffering from asthma.

كهف كوشكبوكو

Kanlidivan District

This region bears historical and religious overtones and is a religious center that attracts Christians from all over the world, with a time extension until the time of the Roman Empire.

منطقة كانليديفان

Kizkalesi Beach

Kizkalesi Beach, which is the most famous tourist point in Mersin, is the pearl of the Mediterranean. This tourist attraction was able to obtain the blue flag in the cleanliness of its beach, and it is one of the ideal places for swimming in Mersin.

In addition to swimming, this beach provides some recreational activities for visitors, such as going on an enjoyable cruise by renting boats and boats.

شاطئ كيزكاليسي

History of the city of Mersin

Excavations discovered by John Garstang from Yumuktepe Hill in Mersin, which revealed the presence of 23 levels of slopes and collapses, which were in that area in ancient times, proved that Mersin was a city inhabited since the ninth millennium BC.

In the period following these excavations, Mersin was inhabited by many peoples belonging to different races, and thus the city of Mersin knew many civilizations that passed through history, such as the civilizations of the Hittites, Urartians, Persians, Greeks, and Armenians.

The city of Mersin underwent Persian, Roman, and Byzantine control respectively throughout history, followed by the entry of the Seljuks to the city of Mersin in the fourteenth century AD, then it submitted to the Ottoman conquest by Sultan Selim I in the year 1517, whose conquests included the east and west, to be a Turkish land since that time.

During the First World War, the city of Mersin was occupied by the Entente countries, which consisted of Britain, France, and Russia over a few years, until it was liberated in the Turkish War of Independence, on January 3, 1922, and to be an independent city under the name Mersin, by law No. 4764, published in the Official Gazette on June 28, 2002.

It is worth mentioning that the name Mersin dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century, in reference to the Mersinian clan that lived in one of the villages scattered within the geographical boundaries assigned to this city.


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