The most popular real estate buying areas in Asian Istanbul

The most popular areas to buy property in the Asian side

The most popular real estate buying areas in Asian Istanbul
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Those who think of buying real estate in Asian Istanbul are those who hold Arab citizenship, as it has an oriental character that suits them, and it is also a target for many tourists, based on the ingredients it possesses.

Therefore, some are looking for property for sale in Istanbul until they see the most important areas of this part of Istanbul so that they can choose among them.

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The most popular areas to buy property in the Asian side

Kadikoy area:

It is one of the rising areas in real estate and investment as well, many investors take it as a destination for them as well as tourists to the extent that some called it (the land of tourism).

Kadikoy contains many markets and shops, and it combines historical and modernity, which formed a distinctive homogeneous mixture. It is important to note that it includes many restaurants and cafes that tourists usually prefer to try.

Its location is strategic and beautiful, as it is located near the Bosphorus Bridge, the Maiden's Tower and Sabiha, and this area contains a distinguished port.

It is also characterized by vitality and activity and is responsible for nationalizing the luxury and comfort of all its residents, and many real estate experts believe that its future will be of great importance, in which many new real estate projects are established, which are distinguished by their exquisite designs.

It is important to note that its service package is wide, containing the most important streets in Turkey at all (Baghdad Street), which is parallel in importance to Istiklal Street, which is located on the European side.

Umraniye area:

Umraniye is known for experiencing rapid urban growth, and this is one of the details that drew the attention of investors to it. Umraniye is an integrated area as it contains everything that an individual might need in terms of services and entertainment as well.

It is culturally rich, as it contains theatres and cinemas, as well as vast green spaces. As for transportation, it is provided with what makes transportation to and from it very easy.

According to many real estate experts, it is the right investment option and housing an opportunity to have a life of luxury and be surrounded by sophistication.

Uskudar area:

Whoever is looking for huge profits should choose Uskudar, as it contains all the ingredients that characterize it, first it overlooks the Bosphorus and it is also close to the most important other Asian regions, its climate is mild.

One of the things that made it a successful investment destination is that it is a tourist destination that attracts many tourists. It includes many distinctive tourist attractions such as the Maiden’s Tower, Beylerbeyi Palace and Sultana Mehramah Mosque.

Its service package is varied / its infrastructure is well developed... It is also suitable for housing and stability, as it has a quiet nature.

Kartal region:

It has a splendid view of the Marmara Sea, and it is one of the areas rich in health and educational services. It has a strong transportation network that connects it with the rest of Istanbul, its strategic location as it is only 15 km away from Sabiha Airport.

There are many investment companies in it, which made it active and lively, and it witnesses the presence of many urban transformation projects. The volume of foreign investments in it is increasing day by day, and this leads us to the fact that it is a right and distinguished choice.

Beykoz region:

It is one of the most luxurious and high-end areas in Istanbul in general, not only in its Asian side. It contains many distinctive and modern residential complexes.

Its importance lies in the fact that the Bosphorus Bridge passes through it, many of those looking for property for sale in Turkey choose it because it is characterized by calm and integration, and some choose it for real estate investment, as its returns will be distinguished.

Despite all the advantages it carries in its pocket, the prices of its properties are suitable for many.

This is not all, but there are more important and distinctive areas that are found in Asian Istanbul, but what has been mentioned are the most prominent and important.

We can discover that it is one of the best areas to buy property, so do you support those who chose it? Or do you prefer other areas?


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