Learn about the suspension bridges in Turkey

Learn about the suspension bridges in Turkey

Learn about the suspension bridges in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Turkey is known as the haven for many strange things and distinctive details that you can find in it and cannot be found in other places, and among these things we have the suspended bridges that Turkey is characterized by, with its details and quality of design, so what are these bridges? What are its features and what are they characterized by? We can find a satisfactory answer to these questions by reading the following article.


There are many suspension bridges in Turkey that you can see and learn about:

1- Bosphorus Bridge:

This bridge is located in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and everyone who comes to visit Turkey comes to visit it. It gives Istanbul a special elegance and character. This is in terms of its external structure, but in terms of its importance and function, it is of a high position as it facilitates the crossing between the two banks of the city and makes the transition from the Asian part to the part. The European is very easy, and this idea emerged since the Ottoman era, and its realization in our time was of great importance. This bridge is considered to have many advantages, including that its length is about one thousand five hundred and sixty meters. It is also considered the holder of the number four on the European continent and the number seven on the European continent. The level of the world, and it is also equipped with a distinct lighting system, which gives the city of Istanbul a wonderful view, especially when the sun goes down, and we must mention that the bridge is located between two high towers, which increases its splendor and its charming body.


2- Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge:

This bridge is not old. It has been in existence for only about eight years. It was built by order of the current Turkish president, due to the city’s need for it. Today, it is of a modern style, superior in this aspect to many other bridges. This bridge is no less important than the Bosphorus Bridge, where Its length exceeded four thousand four hundred eight meters, and it is also internationally privileged as the widest suspension bridge in the world.

In the middle are two towers that are considered one of the tallest towers around the world, as each of them has a length of three hundred and twenty meters, and the reason for being with this distinction and unique engineering design is that it was designed by creative engineers, the first holding French citizenship and the other holding Swiss citizenship and sponsored by a Korean company, and with the testimony of his French designer, He is the most distinguished in the world.

One of his most important jobs is that he bears the burden of passing more than one hundred and eighty million cars annually.


3- Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh Bridge:

This bridge is located parallel to the Bosphorus Bridge and has the same importance and function. The Mehmet Al-Fateh Bridge is distinguished by its length of more than a thousand meters and it is about one hundred and five meters high from the ground. In its engineering design, it is very similar to the Bosphorus Bridge. Some even called it the Bridge The second Bosphorus, and globally, it ranked fourteenth, as the materials used in its manufacture were wonderful and adopted, in addition to that it links the Asian section with the European section.


4- Galata Bridge:

Galata Bridge is a tourist attraction. Everyone who comes to Turkey comes to see this bridge. It is also a popular place for fishermen, so they can be seen scattered on both ends, but it is not as long as the previous three bridges. Its length is only about five hundred meters, and it is daily witnessing the visit of one hundred thousand people. A place loved by locals and foreigners alike.


5- Golden Horn Bridge:

Also, this bridge is one of the newly built bridges, and it is the fourth suspension bridge that is located over the Golden Horn. As for its location, it is located between Ataturk Bridge and Galata Bridge. Also, its importance is no less than the bridges that we mentioned above.

We were on a tour to talk about the most important suspension bridges that exist within the Turkish state, and after completing the reading, we can see that they are of great importance and give a lot to the real estate investment situation in Turkey and the tourism sector as well. Therefore, we find that the Turkish government pays special attention and unique attention.

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