The highest mountain in Turkey - Mount Ararat

The highest mountain in Turkey, "Ararat", is located in northern Turkey in the eastern Anatolia region in the Turkish province of Agri.

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The highest mountain in Turkey, "Ararat," is located in northern Turkey in the eastern Anatolia region in the Turkish province of Agri. The hill is about 16km from the Iranian border and 32 meters from the Armenian border. 

It is located along the lines of Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Iran. It is one of the most essential and beautiful mountains in Turkey, and it is the highest mountain in Turkey, with a height of about 5200M.

Mount Ararat is a dormant volcano that is covered mainly by snow. 

Mount Ararat

The diameter of Mount Ararat is estimated to be about 40 km, with two peaks: Marsis the Great and the Little Marsis.

The origin of this mountain is the product of two volcanic eruptions in this region, and the last volcanic activity of this mountain was recorded in the year 1840 AD. 

This is why Mount Ararat was closely associated with religions. 

It was mentioned in the Book of Genesis that Noah's Ark settled there during the great flood.

As for the name of the two peaks, Marsis, it is a name that dates back to the Armenian culture, as it is the name of one of the Armenian kings Amasya.

Mount Ararat is an excellent habitat for various wild birds that live in the area despite the high temperatures.

The highest mountain in Turkey

The area includes a park named Mount Ararat. It is considered one of the most important national parks. It ranks first among the dry regions due to the high temperature of more than 40 degrees during the summer, as the snow and ice melt on the top of the mountain and the water flows to give the area a different kind of life.

The region is famous for its richness in flora and fauna, so it contains different types of reptiles, predators, and mammals, in addition to stunning landscapes that deserve a visit and watch.

The highest mountain in Turkey, Ararat, is considered a safe area and a national park protected by the government since 2004, and it has become safe for tourism; tourists can do many activities, such as climbing the top of this mountain, and the preferred time to visit is during December until April.

The highest mountain in Turkey is Mount Ararat, which is located in the eastern part of the country, near the border with Armenia. The peak of the mountain reaches an elevation of 5,137 meters (16,854 feet) above sea level. It's considered as a dormant volcano and its last known eruption took place in 1840. It's also the highest point in Turkey and a major pilgrimage site for Christians, Jews, and Armenians.



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