The importance of the Basin Express area

Get to know the advantages of living and buying real estate in Basin Express

The importance of the Basin Express area
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Last update 12-09-2023
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Investors are constantly looking for new areas to put in their minds for the purpose of investment, and in the past period Turkey has become the focus of attention of many foreign investors, including them and Arabs, because it includes a generous number of areas very suitable for real estate investment and most major cities in Turkey are considered an ideal place To enter the real estate market, thanks to the advanced infrastructure and the Turkish government's interest in the real estate investment sector in Turkey, and when mentioning the names of the best real estate sites in Turkey, it is almost impossible to bypass the name of Istanbul, as it is considered the economic capital of Turkey and is the most famous city in and Outside the borders of Turkey, the city of Istanbul in turn includes a considerable group of investment areas that constitute a strong starting point as a foothold in thereal estate market in Turkey, and perhaps one of the most famous of these areas is the Basin Express in Istanbul, which is one of the most dynamic and growing areas of the city. It is an important center for high-quality business and services in Istanbul.


The location of the Basin Express area in Istanbul:

The highway extends from the Mall of Istanbul, one of the most massive centers in the city of Istanbul in the north, to the Ataturk International Airport. The exhibition city in the southern part is Basin Express. Therefore, Basin Express is the axis that connects the E80 highway and the E5 highway through which the Metrobus line passes to the south. From the administrative point of view, it belongs to the municipality of Kucukcekmece.


Features of Basin Express in Istanbul:

Basin Express is a preferred investment place by business people and investors looking forreal estate investment opportunities in Istanbul due to the essential components and factors it contains.


1- Location and transportation:

Basin Express is a central hub of the expressways network in Istanbul, as it forms a connection point between two of the most important expressways in the city, in addition to its connection to the O7 axis that reaches Istanbul Airport within a period that does not take more than twenty-five minutes by car. Istanbul Airport, in turn, is one of the world's largest airports in the world, and the Basin Express has connections with neighboring metro lines, as it can be accessed through the M3 metro line and the Marmaray metro line.


2- Home office apartments in Basin Express:

Home office apartments, or the so-called office residential units, are widely spread in Basin Express due to the interest of construction and construction companies in establishing such projects in the region to meet the desires of investors, who may want a large part of them to take the region as a place for work and residence at the same time, to save expenses during the first period of establishing their business and starting with it. These apartments are distinguished by being designed with the best designs, enjoying luxury, and providing a high level of luxury and services to the residents.


3- Availability of service facilities in Basin Express:

Basin Express includes many services and entertainment centers that work to secure the needs of investors, as there are branches of the largest international hotels and well-known names within the region. In addition, it includes some banks that investors benefit from in conducting financial transactions. As for entertainment facilities, we find several commercial malls, the most important of which are Mall of Istanbul and Mall 212, which have shops for various high-end and luxurious international brands, in addition to containing major centers for many Turkish and international companies alike.


Real estate investment in Basin Express:

Basin Express in Istanbul has a set of factors that make it one of the most important real estate investment areas in Turkey, which include:


1- High real estate prices in Basin Express:

The Basin Express area in Istanbul, next to the Gunsli district, has been the most developed in Istanbul during the last three years; according to statistics, real estate prices in these two areas have increased by 35%, and this percentage, in turn, is one of the highest rates of real estate price increase in Istanbul.


2- High rental returns:

It is spread in the Basin Express area, especially on the outskirts of commercial buildings that include office apartments and residences, as well as five-star hotels, and commercial real estate is a golden opportunity to achieve investment returns through leasing because the rents of such properties are higher and more expensive than renting residential real estate. And the commercial properties within the Basin Express area in Istanbul achieve investment returns for their owners through leasing estimated at 6% of the property's value every year.

Also, many construction and reconstruction companies are opening their new projects in Basin Express and guaranteeing investors high rental returns, including the international hotel chain Wanda Vista, which has made the Basin Express area in Istanbul a center for opening its first branch in Turkey. In addition, distinctive offers guarantee investment profits to attract regional investors.


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