Fethiye | One of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world

Fethiye hosts the most popular touristic and historical sites of nature in addition to being the center of Turkey.

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Last update 25-09-2023
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Fethiye hosts the most popular touristic and historical sites of nature in addition to being the center of Turkey. 

We guarantee you won't be able to forget Fethiye from the moment you come back. 

Attractive properties, sea view houses, and mountain view residences will fascinate you in Fethiye. You will make plans to visit there back.

You will be enchanted by the most beautiful sea of ​​the country (Fethiye Oludeniz), the longest walking path (Lycian Way), hidden natural beauties, and opportunities that will allow you to create hallmark moments.

There are a lot of sightseeing attractions in Fethiye in Turkey. Fethiye is a hidden paradise that you will not want to return to after your trip. You can do adrenaline sports here and have different experiences at the camping sites.

Not just a vacation, you will want to live here for a lifetime. 

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fethiye Map 2022

Where is Fethiye on the Map

The first thing about Fethiye is its location on the map. 

Turkey's undiscovered bays, idyllic natural beauties, coasts, entertainment, and leisure centers are increasing the value of the county.

Fethiye’s value gets increased due to being a tourism and wellness center. 

Discover Fethiye which is in the Mediterranean Region. 

Fethiye might be one of the most fascinating counties of Mugla province which has 13 counties in total. Fethiye is neighboring to;

• Antalya

• Denizli

• Burdur

Between Mugla City Center and Fethiye is 130 km. 


How to get Fethiye?

If what you have heard and seen about Fethiye has fascinated you, then make a travel plan to set off right away!

You can choose to get Fethiye by air or road. You can travel by yacht or boat.

Fethiye to Antalya: 2 hours 40 minutes

If you want to reach by air, you can take advantage of Dalaman Airport.

Dalaman Airport - Fethiye Marina: 40 minutes

You can reach there by road.

Fethiye to Istanbul: 8 hours 45 minutes (road transport by private vehicle)

Places to Visit in Fethiye

Put aside what you have heard about Fethiye and plan your travel route. 

Does the city chaos make you tired? Make an itinerary to Fethiye. Get ready for a quiet and peaceful holiday in the heart of nature.

Do not get confused due to natural beauties, sea, and historical settlements while making your travel plan to Fethiye.

Oludeniz, One of the Most Glamorous Coasts in the World: Oludeniz is the most popular resort in Fethiye. 

It is known as the "land of light and sun". 

It will fascinate you not only for swimming in a glassy sea but also with its unique view! 

Also, watching paragliders will create an unforgettable atmosphere for your vacation.

Butterfly Valley If you want to Camp: Fethiye also has a hidden paradise for nature lovers!

There is a special place for camping lovers and those seeking peace in Faralya village which is located on the foothills of Babadag. 

Butterfly Valley is a hidden treasure with its rich flora and natural wonders. 

It will amaze those who want to camp and be in touch with nature...

There are many places in Fethiye that you need to go and see, even stay. 

There are luxury resorts and places in Fethiye ...

• Gocek,

• Kabak Bay,

• Saklikent

Places you need to see and things to do in Fethiye are like an endless sea ...

The History of Fethiye

The History of Fethiye

Fethiye amazes those who see its cultural heritage as from ancient times. 

The story of this secret paradise, which is established on the mountain slopes and has every shade of blue, will impress you.

There are hundreds of legends about Fethiye. According to a legend, it belongs to Apollo who is the founder of the city. 

It is known that the founder of this distinguished city was Apollo the Sun God. 

Of course, there is love taking place. Apollo falls in love with the daughter of the king of Phenicia. 

He conquers the heart of the king's daughter by posing as a shark. After that, they get married...

They have a son, Telmessos… They name the city after their son. 

The city, which came under Byzantine rule, later took the name Anastasiapolis. 

During the period when he was in Ottoman lands, it took the name "Megri". In 1934, the region got its latest name 1934.

As a result of archaeological studies, it is known that the oldest name of the city is Makri. 

It is known that this name comes from the Greeks, meaning "Distant Land".

Fethiye finds meaning in many stories as well as its historical and cultural heritage. 

Fethiye will prove to you that it deserves all these as soon as you see it.

Fethiye Weather Throughout the Whole Year 

One of the things you must know about Fethiye is the weather. 

You can almost feel the summer every season. The average temperature is constantly high. 

You can feel summer in the city almost every season.

The hottest month: August - Average Temperature: 27 degrees

The coldest month: February - Average Temperature: 16 degrees

Living Conditions in Fethiye

Living Conditions in Fethiye

Another known information about Fethiye is that the general population is composed of people coming from Istanbul.

Fethiye Population: 167.200 people

Living conditions are rapidly developing in Fethiye, which is generally formed by people coming from Istanbul and other big cities. Most of the foreign nationals in Fethiye, which is in a great transformation, are British. 

Fethiye, Turkey hotels will also welcome you!

The city is established by the sea. There are ample social opportunities for those living in a non-crowded city. 

There are bicycle trails and walking tracks along the coastline. 

There are many stores in Fethiye for shopping lovers. 

Restaurants, cafes, and shops lined up by the beach always provide pleasant living spaces for the residents.

Social areas with sea and islands views, parks, and restaurants where you can eat tasteful food are rapidly being developed to add value to your life. 

If you want to live in a tranquil city, be sure to visit Fethiye.

If you want to get more information about Fethiye 2021, you can request an appointment with our expert sales consultants.

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