Fethiye | One of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world

Fethiye hosts the most popular touristic and historical sites of nature in addition to being the center of Turkey.

Fethiye | One of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world
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Last update 23-12-2023
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Fethiye hosts the most popular touristic and historical sites of nature in addition to being the center of Turkey. 

We guarantee you won't be able to forget Fethiye from the moment you come back. 

Attractive properties, sea-view houses, and mountain-view residences will fascinate you in Fethiye. You will make plans to visit there back.

You will be enchanted by the most beautiful sea of ​​the country (Fethiye Oludeniz), the longest walking path (Lycian Way), hidden natural beauties, and opportunities that will allow you to create hallmark moments.

There are a lot of sightseeing attractions in Fethiye Turkey. Fethiye is a hidden paradise that you will not want to return to after your trip. You can do adrenaline sports here and have different experiences at the camping sites.

Not just a vacation, you will want to live here for a lifetime. 

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fethiye Map 2022

Where is Fethiye on the Map

The first thing about Fethiye is its location on the map. 

Turkey's undiscovered bays, idyllic natural beauties, coasts, entertainment, and leisure centers are increasing the value of the county.

Fethiye’s value has increased due to being a tourism and wellness center. 

Discover Fethiye which is in the Mediterranean Region. 

Fethiye might be one of the most fascinating counties of Mugla province which has 13 counties in total. Fethiye is neighboring to;

• Antalya

• Denizli

• Burdur

Between Mugla City Center and Fethiye is 130 km. 


How to get Fethiye?

If what you have heard and seen about Fethiye has fascinated you, then make a travel plan to set off right away!

You can choose to get to Fethiye by air or road. You can travel by yacht or boat.

Fethiye to Antalya: 2 hours 40 minutes

If you want to reach by air, you can take advantage of Dalaman Airport.

Dalaman Airport - Fethiye Marina: 40 minutes

You can reach there by road.

Fethiye to Istanbul: 8 hours 45 minutes (road transport by private vehicle)

Places to Visit in Fethiye

Put aside what you have heard about Fethiye and plan your travel route. 

Does the city chaos make you tired? Make an itinerary to Fethiye. Get ready for a quiet and peaceful holiday in the heart of nature.

Do not get confused due to natural beauties, sea, and historical settlements while making your travel plan to Fethiye.

Oludeniz, One of the Most Glamorous Coasts in the World: Oludeniz is the most popular resort in Fethiye. 

It is known as the "land of light and sun". 

It will fascinate you not only for swimming in a glassy sea but also with its unique view! 

Also, watching paragliders will create an unforgettable atmosphere for your vacation.

There is a special place for camping lovers and those seeking peace in Faralya village which is located on the foothills of Babadag. 

Butterfly Valley is a hidden treasure with its rich flora and natural wonders. 

It will amaze those who want to camp and be in touch with nature... There are many places in Fethiye that you need to go and see, even stay. There are luxury resorts and places in Fethiye ...

  • Fethiye Castle: Fethiye Castle is considered one of the prominent historical landmarks in the city, visitors can explore its medieval walls and towers, and it provides wonderful views of the city.
  • Murad IV Mosque: This mosque is one of the most important religious landmarks in Fethiye, and is distinguished by its beautiful and archaeological design. Visitors are encouraged to visit the mosque to enjoy the tranquility and architectural beauty.
  • Fethiye Park: Gardens and parks are great places to relax and allow visitors the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and nature. Fethiye Park may have areas for walking, sitting and enjoying the beautiful views.
  • Fethiye Museum of Arts and History: The museum displays a collection of artifacts and art that reflect the history and culture of the region. This museum is an exciting space to understand the development of the city through the ages.
  • Fethiye Traditional Market: Visitors can explore the city's markets to learn about traditional life and purchase local products and handicrafts. Visiting the markets is a unique experience to enjoy the local atmosphere.
  • Fethiye National Park: The park provides an opportunity to walk and enjoy the charming nature, with paths designated for sports and walking.
  • Fethiye Theater: For arts and culture lovers, the theater is a great place to attend theatrical performances and local cultural events.
  • St. Peter's Church: This beautiful church reflects the influences of the city's religious history and is considered one of the prominent religious landmarks.
  • Vitoria Shopping Center: For those who want to shop and explore the city's shopping culture, this center is an ideal destination.
  • The Old Quarter area: It is characterized by its narrow streets and traditional buildings, allowing visitors to explore the historical and heritage aspects of the city.
  • Butterfly Valley If you want to Camp: Fethiye also has a hidden paradise for nature lovers!

Places you need to see and things to do in Fethiye are like an endless sea ...

The History of Fethiye

The History of Fethiye

Fethiye amazes those who see its cultural heritage as from ancient times. 

The story of this secret paradise, which is established on the mountain slopes and has every shade of blue, will impress you.

There are hundreds of legends about Fethiye. According to a legend, it belongs to Apollo who is the founder of the city. 

It is known that the founder of this distinguished city was Apollo the Sun God. 

Of course, there is love taking place. Apollo falls in love with the daughter of the king of Phenicia. 

He conquers the heart of the king's daughter by posing as a shark. After that, they get married...

They have a son, Telmessos… They name the city after their son. 

The city, which came under Byzantine rule, later took the name Anastasiapolis. 

During the period when he was in Ottoman lands, it took the name "Megri". In 1934, the region got its latest name 1934.

As a result of archaeological studies, it is known that the oldest name of the city is Makri. 

It is known that this name comes from the Greeks, meaning "Distant Land".

Fethiye finds meaning in many stories as well as its historical and cultural heritage. 

Fethiye will prove to you that it deserves all these as soon as you see it.

Fethiye Weather Throughout the Whole Year 

One of the things you must know about Fethiye is the weather. 

You can almost feel the summer every season. The average temperature is constantly high. 

You can feel summer in the city almost every season.

The hottest month: is August - The average Temperature: is 27 degrees

The coldest month: is February - The average Temperature: is 16 degrees

Living Conditions in Fethiye

Health care and hospitals

Fethiye City has a healthy infrastructure that meets the needs of its residents and visitors. The city includes several hospitals and health centers that provide various medical services. Here is some information about healthcare in Fethiye:

  • Fethiye General Hospital: Fethiye General Hospital is a major medical facility in the city, offering comprehensive medical services including emergency care, surgery, and diagnostics.
  • Children's Hospital: There is a special children's hospital to provide special care for children, with a specialized medical team working to meet the needs of sick children.
  • Basic Health Care Centers: There are several basic health care centers in different areas of the city, where citizens can obtain routine health care services and consultations.
  • Dental centers: In addition to hospitals, dental services are also available in specialized oral health care centers.
  • Pharmacies: There are a large number of pharmacies in the city, providing medicines and basic medical supplies.


Fethiye has a developed transportation system that meets the needs of residents and visitors. Here is some information about transportation in the city:

  • Public buses: There is an integrated network of public buses linking various areas of the city. Buses are a convenient and convenient way to travel in daily life.
  • Taxi: Citizens and visitors can rely on taxi services to reach their destinations quickly and comfortably.
  • Metro and tramway: Other public means of transportation such as the metro and tramway may be available in some areas, providing efficient means of transportation to facilitate movement within the city.
  • Tourist transportation: Fethiye also provides tourist transportation such as tourist buses and bicycle rental services, which contributes to exploring the tourist attractions enjoyably.
  • Public bicycles: In some cities, public bicycle rental systems may be available, which contributes to promoting environmental transportation.

Distances between Fethiye and other Turkish cities

CityDistance (Km)
Fethiye To Istanbul788
Fethiye To Ankara615
Fethiye To Izmir415
Fethiye To Bursa600

Please note that these numbers are approximate distance estimates and may change depending on the available roads and road networks.

Population in Fethiye city

Socially, the population of Fethiye is distinguished by its cultural and social diversity. The city brings together residents from different backgrounds, and this diversity reflects the influences of history and cultural exchange in the region.

Fethiye is a lively urban center, where residents live an active life characterized by economic and cultural activities. The city has a range of entertainment and cultural facilities, such as theatres, museums, and commercial areas, which contribute to enhancing the lives of residents.

Economically, Fethiye's population includes diverse social groups, with some working in local industries and businesses, while others work in the service and trade sectors. This diversity contributes to the formation of a diverse and dynamic society.

Residents work to preserve their cultural and traditional heritage, and these values appear in cultural events and local celebrations. Social interaction and community spirit form an essential part of the lives of Fethiye residents.

The city's residents enjoy healthcare and education services, which enhances the quality of life on a social level. Overall, Fethiye is a place that combines cultural diversity and economic activity, making it a distinctive living destination in Turkey.

Foods and restaurants in Fethiye

Fethiye has a rich diversity of foods and offers many traditional and international cuisines. Here are some of the famous foods and restaurants in Fethiye:

  • Turkish kebab: Kebab is considered one of the traditional foods in Turkey, and you can find it in many types, such as shish kebab, kofta kebab, and others.
  • Eggs and Tomatoes (Menemen): A delicious meal that contains scrambled eggs, sweet peppers, and tomatoes, and is cooked over a fire.
  • Pastry (Börek): A Turkish pie usually consisting of thin layers of dough filled with cheese, meat, or spinach.
  1. Muhammara: A sauce made from chili peppers, walnuts, oil, and bread, used as a dip on bread.
  2. Fethiye Gözleme Restaurant: It is a popular destination to taste gozleme, which is a thin dough filled with cheese, meat, or spinach.
  3. Müstakil Ev Restaurant: This restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional Turkish cuisine in a traditional and cozy atmosphere.
  4. Cave Café: Provides a unique experience where visitors can have coffee and sweets in natural caves.
  5. Sarı Koç Restaurant: This restaurant specializes in grilled Turkish meat and offers a traditional atmosphere.

Fethiye is one of Turkey's unique and distinctive destinations, combining its rich historical heritage with vibrant modern life. The city shines with its cultural and social diversity, as its residents live lives full of activities and social interactions.

With its fascinating historical monuments, rich variety of traditional cuisine, and exciting nightlife, Fethiye offers a unique experience for visitors from around the world. The picturesque nature surrounding the city and diverse tourism resources make it one of the favorite destinations for tourists.

In short, Fethiye embodies the meeting of the present and the past in an attractive way and offers a distinctive life experience. The city is worth discovering and enjoying its unique and exciting details.

Fethiye, Turkey, offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors. Here are some things you can do in Fethiye:

  • Ölüdeniz Beach and Blue Lagoon: Relax on the beautiful Ölüdeniz Beach and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon. This iconic location is known for its stunning views and is a popular spot for paragliding.
  • Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi): Take a boat trip to Butterfly Valley, a picturesque canyon with a beach that is home to diverse butterfly species. The valley is surrounded by cliffs and offers a tranquil escape.
  • Fethiye Marina: Enjoy a stroll along Fethiye's charming marina. You can find numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops along the waterfront. It's a great place to relax and enjoy the view of the boats.
  • Saklıkent Gorge: Take a day trip to Saklıkent Gorge, a stunning natural wonder with high cliffs and a flowing river. You can walk through the gorge and cool off in its refreshing waters.
  • Lycian Way Hiking Trail: Explore the Lycian Way, one of Turkey's long-distance hiking trails. It offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and takes you through ancient ruins and picturesque landscapes.
  • Fethiye Museum: Discover the history and culture of the region at the Fethiye Museum. It houses a collection of artifacts from the Lycian, Hellenistic, and Roman periods.
  • Kayaköy (Ghost Town): Visit the abandoned village of Kayaköy, known as the Ghost Town. Wander through its empty stone houses and learn about its history.
  • Gocek Islands: Take a boat tour to explore the nearby Gocek Islands. Each island has its charm, with secluded coves and crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Ancient City of Tlos: Visit the ancient city of Tlos, located near Fethiye, and explore its archaeological ruins, including a fortress, theater, and Lycian rock tombs.
  • Paragliding: For thrill-seekers, Fethiye is a renowned destination for paragliding. Enjoy breathtaking aerial views as you soar over Ölüdeniz and land on the beach.

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