Buy a property in Turkey in 3 steps

Buy a property in Turkey in 3 steps

Buy a property in Turkey in 3 steps
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Of course, being a foreigner, you will need someone to guide you on any step you take in a foreign country, especially if the step is to buy and own real estate because the regulations and laws vary from country to country. Still, if the destination country is Turkey, you must pay attention to it carefully and know everything related to this matter. And today, we will be with you step by step to buy a property in Turkey through only three steps... You can continue.


The first step is to search for a property through:

Dealing with a real estate agency:

It is worthwhile to rely on a real estate agency in buying real estate in Turkey, either a real estate company or a real estate agent. The feasibility of dealing with it is that it has long experience in the real estate field. It knows the details of this market and its course of movements accurately. It also has a close relationship with essential traction companies. To provide the client with the most important real estate investment opportunities with the specifications he sets and the price that suits his budget.

Also, the real estate company today is a tool to shorten today's real estate company time and save effort. Instead of the real estate researcher taking two months to find what he wants, the real estate company will find it within a few days, perhaps not exceeding a week, and it is also on behalf of the buyer conducting the necessary transactions and papers through the legal team The one who works with her and who is very careful not to be exposed to attempted deception or real estate fraud.

But it is recommended to search for a real estate company with a good reputation and deep experience in the Turkish real estate sector, which can be discovered by clients who have previously dealt with this company.


The property can be found online:

Today, this idea has become common and has proven the feasibility of relying on it during the epidemic crisis. Because of the ban and restrictions imposed, many people have become dependent on it, so it is possible to choose the famous sites and look at the real estate offers they offer... But also it should be noted that the site is The e-mail that is being dealt with is well-known and has a long history... toit should also avoid getting into trouble.


The second step is to go on field trips:

Relying on real estate companies is not the first and last step, but there is an important step as well, which is that the buyer must be involved in every detail that occurs; he should look at the models of real estate in the market, get an idea of ​​the prices, take an idea of ​​the existing specifications.

He must also obtain a tax number and abide by all the required papers, which are summarized in the following:

A copy of the passport / 2 personal photos / a copy of the building permit, and another of the title deed .... All papers should be certified and translated by the notary public.

Also, an account must be opened in the bank to transfer the property's price, as this is a prerequisite if the property is to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The tax value of the property, which is borne by both the seller and buyer, which is about four percent, must be paid by both parties, and each party pays only two percent.

Also, earthquake insurance documents, property title deeds, water and electricity meters, and other details must be extracted.


The third step The buyer should ask himself several questions:

Following this plan makes buying a property very easy. First, it is necessary to specify the city where the property is preferred to be located / What specifications should the apartment have? Do I prefer the property within the residential complexes or outside it? / What is my financial budget? / What is the level of the area I would like to buy a property? / Why do I want to buy a property? Is it for housing or investment? Because for every goal, there are foundations that must be followed in the purchase... After all these questions, the buyer can start searching for it.

Whoever thinks that buying a property in Turkey or elsewhere is an easy matter s is a big mistake; this matter is subject to specific laws and regulations; whoever can know them will take the correct steps, and whoever violates them may face problems.



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