Important questions about owning real estate in installments in Turkey

Important questions about owning real estate in installments in Turkey

Important questions about owning real estate in installments in Turkey
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Last update 16-08-2023
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Many people are coming to own real estate in Turkey who do not have enough financial capacity for this matter, and Turkey has provided them with an opportunity to own property commensurate with their financial situation.

There is a possibility to buy a property in instalments, but what are the most important steps that lead to this matter? What options are available? What are the documents required for that? Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in instalments? .... All these questions are in the minds of some.

Therefore, we decided to accompany you in the following article to clarify everything related to this matter.

Steps to buying a property in instalments in Turkey:

There are no specific conditions for this matter, as it is subject to the same conditions for buying real estate in general, as the appropriate property must be selected and then obtaining the title deed, and the tax number is also a prerequisite and can be obtained simply.

Also, the passport must be brought after it is certified and translated by the notary public/personal photos.

How can I buy a property in instalments in Turkey?

There are two ways to complete this matter. The first way is by communicating directly with the construction company, as all the details of this matter are formally agreed upon and all agreed clauses are included in a contract, but the buyer must be keen to commit to making the payments on time as A clause should be included that specifies when the construction company will hand over the property.

The second method is through the bank, where the construction company has previously purchased real estate.

* It is important to realize that the down payment is often 35% of the property price, but if the buyer pays 50% of the property price as a down payment, he will get big discounts.

* We should also point out that the first method does not grant long periods for paying the instalments, while the other method grants longer periods of 5 to 10 years.

What is the benefit of buying a property in instalments in Turkey?

1- The beginning is a good opportunity to own real estate in a place like the Turkish state, where stability, security, and ideal life elements.

2- This property can be used to achieve more than one purpose, as it can be resided in and can be used as a means to raise the real estate investment platform and obtain abundant profits, especially if it is selected according to correct foundations and studied rules.

3- An application can be submitted for obtaining Turkish citizenship if it complies with the conditions for obtaining it, that is if its price is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.

4- It is a secure wallet that can be retrieved at any time.

5- It is not a condition that everyone who chooses to buy a property in instalments does not have the financial ability. Rather, he may need to use this money in other projects. He does not want to stop his capital from turning around.

Does buying a property in instalments have negative aspects?

Certainly, as it will entail benefits and this means that its price becomes higher than the property whose price is paid in full, so many people offer it.

What are the most important notes that should be taken into account when buying a property in instalments in Turkey?

1- Care must be taken to deal with trusted parties, especially if the first method of purchasing is relied upon, to avoid becoming a victim of real estate fraud.

2- The purpose of buying the property should be well defined, and based on this, the rest of the other specifications are selected.

3- The buyer needs to be confident that he can pay the instalments on time, in order not to face problems.

At the end of this article, we can conclude that buying a property subject to the instalment system is very easy, and it is available to everyone.

It will also become clear to us that it is a golden opportunity and the beginning of a new life, and many people take it as a way to acquire real estate.

Will this also be your way of buying a property? Or do you prefer full payment?

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