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Mall of Istanbul
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A large mall is one of the most important malls in Istanbul. It has become one of the prominent tourist attractions in the city as it is preferred by tourists in general and Arabs and Gulf people in particular because it simply meets all their requirements under one roof; In it, the family will find everything they need from housing, clothes, gifts, electronics, and food. And Deal Real Estate Company tells you that the Mall of Istanbul needs more than one day to discover all its secrets.

The mall consisted of Istanbul opened in Turkey in 2014 and consisted of 7 towers whose design was inspired by the city of Istanbul itself. The complex consists of 4 residential towers, an office tower, a large building dedicated to the hotel and hotel units, and a vast shopping mall.


Mall of Istanbul is one of the essential modern Istanbul malls and is characterized by its extension over a large area, and it may take more than a day to enjoy roaming in it.

The shopping mall area is approximately 156,000 square meters and was wonderfully designed and distributed over four large floors. The architectural details of Mall of Istanbul were inspired by the precise geometric style of Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the historical Taksim Square, and the Ottoman Yildiz Palace; Where the complex provides its visitors with a pleasant atmosphere through its spacious halls and its glass ceilings that pass the sun's rays to invest in comfortable natural lighting as much as possible, so viewing all the shops on each floor while roaming becomes very easy and beautiful.

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With more than 350 stores and thousands of luxury brands locally and internationally, the Mall of Istanbul combines shopping, culture, and art alongside entertainment under one umbrella. As a result, it adds value to the concept of shopping at the Turkish national level and the European one in general.

The stores' offerings range from fashion, electronics, traditional foods, home furniture and furnishings, and children's toys, in addition to a fast periodic hypermarket that provides all your needs; It is worth noting that the Grand Mall of Istanbul contains many international brands that display the latest fashion and women's and men's clothing, as well as distinctive fashion for children.

The mall also hosts periodically many international exhibitions and festivals periodically that display jewelry, paintings, antiques, original artifacts, and seasonal decorations coming to Istanbul from all parts of the world.

Mall of Istanbul

Where is the Mall of Istanbul located?

Mall of Istanbul, the largest comprehensive center for shopping, entertainment, and modern life in Istanbul, is located within the Basaksehir district, one of the most critical areas witnessing tremendous urban growth and development on the European side of Istanbul.

Given the location of the Mall of Istanbul in the heart of the Basaksehir district, on the TEM highway that connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, The Mall of Istanbul is easily accessible by public transport buses, as well as metro lines, and the free shuttle service to and from the mall, for visitors staying in the most famous hotels in Istanbul.


The mall of Istanbul consists of four major sections:

Residential complex: It includes Mall of Istanbul apartments.
Mall of Istanbul Hotel: It includes hotel apartments.
Building commercial offices: It includes the offices of the Mall of Istanbul.
Shopping Mall: Mall of Istanbul stores.

Mall of Istanbul

Residential complex: Mall of Istanbul Residence complex

A new fairytale legend in Istanbul, with exquisite architecture and a distinctive lifestyle, luxury blends with the spirit of historical Istanbul with meticulously woven details.

Choosing "men's the best of the best" in Mall of F Istanbul, the most significant "mixed-use" project in Turkey and a major attraction of the city, redefines what an ideal life should be in Residence Apartments, where a rich and distinct environment awaits you, embracing the cultural diversity of neighbors who came from more than one From 35 countries, come together to enjoy a harmonious and high-quality life, immersing in intimacy, in the Mall of Istanbul The Residence complex, which includes 1,081 apartments, distributed over four adjacent residential towers.


Mall of Istanbul amusement park: Mall of Istanbul games

Giant swings, high-speed space shuttles, fun tunnels, and a unique fantasy hotel in Turkey that spews terror and explodes with games of fear and ghosts!!

As well as points for buying and giving gifts, and moments full of enthusiasm and fun you spend with the whole family in MOIPARK, the largest indoor entertainment city in Europe and one of the essential entertainment cities in Turkey and the Middle East, it extends over an area of ​​12 thousand square meters inside the Mall of Istanbul.

Between the fun house, the roller coaster, the kids' cars, the bumper vehicles, the plastic fishing, the flying ship, and the horse carts, your children will laugh as they glide quickly on the twisty train tracks between two floors filled with all kinds of beautiful games with great happiness, in addition to dozens of other fun games For young and old, within the most beautiful and largest indoor theme park in Europe MOiPARK is located in the Mall of Istanbul where there are no limits to the excitement and play.

The best mall in Istanbul: the largest mall in Istanbul

With a record full of achievements, and a history full of awards, Mall of Istanbul has won several international awards during its series of development operations; It was chosen as "Best Integrated Mixed-Use Project" and "Best Shopping Center Development Project"""" at the 2011 Europe Real Estate Awards.

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