Kayasehir the investment paradise for Arabs

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Kayasehir the investment paradise for Arabs
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Away from the congestion of Istanbul and from its traffic jams, the noise of pollution, the residents of Kayaşehir Istanbul live a peaceful and quiet life in the heart of the serenity of the modern region, and the destination of Arab investors.
In this article, Deal Real Estate will try to get acquainted with the details of the Kayaşehir district of Istanbul geographically, tourism, investment, and real estate.


Geography of Kayaşehir Istanbul

On a flat palm of green land and low hills, Kayaşehir district in Istanbul extends on the European side of the city, and it is a modern area in terms of construction in Istanbul, so for almost 4 years now, investors and those wishing to own a property in Istanbul are trying to own it, This is despite its relative distance from the city center of Istanbul.

Kayaksehir district belongs to the newest municipality of Istanbul, the municipality of Basaksehir, which is considered one of the most developed municipalities in terms of infrastructure in the city.


Kayaşehir also known with its proximity to the new government square, its proximity to the Istanbul Third Bridge, and its close proximity to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium.

And do not forget its proximity to the TEM highway, which is considered one of the longest highways in Turkey, as it serves as a link between Europe and the Turkish states passing through it.

Construction work is taking place in the region that holds a promising investment future, and in parallel with it, pioneering projects have been launched at the level of the region as a whole, we review some of them below.

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Important Landmarks in Kayaşehir Istanbul

This beautiful area has many scenic landmarks, some of them are still under construction due to their largeness and prestige and the modernity of Kayaşehir era itself, and some of them you can see are modern.

Although Istanbul’s regions share a main square for each of them, Kayaşehir Square had a share of distinction in terms of its hugeness, as it is twice the size of Taksim Square, whose fame is not hidden and most of Istanbul’s other squares.

Without forgetting to mention the scattered health and educational facilities, not to mention the many markets and restaurants.

At the present time, efforts are concerted to raise the level of development and distinction of Kayaşehir in Istanbul by opening a major medical city in it, which occupies a prominent position in the field of medical landmarks not only in Turkey but in Europe as a whole.

In addition to this, the adoption of the highest standards of earthquake resistance in buildings and the latest equipment and high-quality standards

The largest botanical garden in Europe - Kayaşehir Garden

This garden gives Istanbul a new unique feature, as it is the largest botanical garden in Turkey and all of Europe.

Near Kayaşehir Istanbul, the park was established on an area of ​​368,000 square meters in the new center of the Basaksehir district. The park includes squares and units for various activities and events, such as sports arenas, walking and bicycle paths, special facilities for rest and picnics for families and other means of entertainment.

All this in addition to the large biological pond, which is characterized as self-purifying and covers an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters.


Yenikent Square or Kayaşehir Central is the largest in Istanbul

It is the central square in Basaksehir, located near the Botanical Garden. It was officially opened with the participation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the garden.

It is worth noting that Yeni Kent Square is considered the largest square, not only at the level of Istanbul, but at the level of Turkey in general, as it is equivalent in terms of area to twice the area of ​​the famous Taksim Square, and it will be distinguished from the rest of the city and country squares in terms of area, infrastructure and efficiency of the means of transportation that meet in and through it.

This square was built on an area of ​​more than 60,000 square meters, and the project also includes parking lots for thousands of cars, luxury restaurants and cafes, and entertainment centers, and the central Basaksehir Mosque, which can accommodate five thousand people, was opened.

Do you want an apartment for sale in Turkey?

Deal Real Estate recommends one of the best deals to suit your ambitions in Istanbul, Kayasehir district in Istanbul, where Kayaşehir is distinguished by its proximity to the Sazidere Dam and its surrounding forests, and its vicinity to the Turkey Vision 2023 project, which is currently the peak project of the Republic of Turkey.


Apartments in Kayaşehir Istanbul

What distinguishes Kayaşehir in Istanbul and attracts people to it is its distance from the hustle and bustle of the European city of Istanbul and at the same time its proximity to the historical and new city centers.

Of course, its most prominent feature is the real estate prices in it, as you can find real opportunities to buy what suits you at a price and expectation in terms of selling, buying and renting. In addition to the attractions in choosing the Kayaşehir district in Istanbul, the large area, the modernity of the constructed buildings and the sophistication of residential complexes.

Deal Real Estate offers special offers and apartments for sale in Basaksehir, Istanbul, including special discounts in the finest residential complexes, and special offers for Turkish citizenship

What are the advantages of living in Kayasehir?

You may not be intending to invest in real estate in Istanbul, but the situation is definitely different for Kayasehir, as a result of its strategic location within the lands designated for the construction of government projects such as the new metro line that we mentioned.

In addition, most of the residential complexes in Kayişehir in Istanbul are located close to the most important hospitals and health centers such as Suleiman the Magnificent Hospital and Arnavutkoy Governmental Hospital.

Do not worry, we have thought about your children as well, as Kayaşehir is not devoid of major educational institutions, including public and private schools, except that it is close to a number of important universities such as Basaksehir University and Ibn Khaldun University.

The residential complexes include a variety of shops that provide everything you and your family may need, so there is no need to move large distances to secure the stability and comfort you need.

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