All the information and questions you need to live in Turkey 2021

All the information and questions you need to live in Turkey 2021

All the information and questions you need to live in Turkey 2021
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Turkey has become one of the most important countries in its region thanks to what it has in terms of assets and factors that make it a pioneer in various fields of investment, both in terms of real estate investment thanks to the advantages and benefits offered by Turkey real estate that make it the first choice for a large number of foreign investors. Of various nationalities, in addition to being one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, it includes thousands of historical and tourist attractions that do not exist in others and that attract thousands of tourists, but rather millions of them each year, and the features that Turkey offers cannot be summarized in One hadith, but it is imperative to have more information about residency and living in Turkey and to answer essential questions



What does it take to obtain residency in Turkey:

Some people may fear that the costs of obtaining residency in Turkey will divert between him and his dream of living in it, but fortunately, the cost of obtaining it is not very high and is considered very normal compared to other foreign countries and despite the diversity of forms of residence in Turkey, you will You need to pay the cost of health insurance, whatever the nature of your stay, whether it is a job, real estate, family residence and other types of various stays in Turkey, and the residency can be obtained in Turkey without the need to pay the cost of health insurance for foreign expatriates who did not exceed Their eighteen years of age or those who are over the age of sixty-five.



The cost of housing in Turkey:

In the event that you succeed in obtaining a residence in Turkey, the most important next steps that you must work to achieve are finding a place to live and it is good that real estate in Turkey provides a great diversity of options available to those looking for a place to stay and you can buy a property in Turkey and Live in it directly, and all that you have to do in this case is to pay the property insurance in addition to its price, but in the event that you do not have enough cash to buy a property in you at the present time, do not worry that the solution lies in renting a property and it can be Looking for a property that matches your budget, the options here are also wide and varied, and the cost of renting a property in Turkey varies depending on the city you want to reside in and depending on the area of ​​the city center or suburbs and parties, as well as for the location of the property and its neighborhoods of service and entertainment centers and Owning a view or not, in addition to factors related to the property itself in terms of size, number of rooms and cladding, as well as whether the apartment is furnished or unfurnished, and in general it can be said that the cost of rents in Turkey ranges between one thousand three hundred Turkish liras and up to one thousand seven hundred Turkish lire According to the aforementioned factors, additional expenses are added to the rental cost that you have to pay, which are the insurance expenses that are paid to the owner of the property, and their value in most cases is equivalent to the value of two months' rent, but the good thing is that you can recover the amount of the insurance that you have Pay it upon the expiry of the rent and vacate the property in the event that it was delivered completely intact and as I entered it for the first time.



Important general information for living in Turkey:

When you arrive in Turkey, you should open a bank account in any one of the banks in Turkey in order to be able to obtain a Visa Card, which does not cost any money but is completely free, but it will be vital and very useful for you during a period Your stay in Turkey will help you pay the monthly bills of water, electricity, gas and internet bills, and it will also provide you with the opportunity to get discounts from online sales sites.

It is also necessary for you to work to save the largest possible amount of expenses during the stay period, by following a set of saving habits, including buying all the food and food needs you may need weekly from one of the popular bazaars in Turkey that offer goods Excellent quality, cheap and attractive prices, which is a good deal. I also tend to adopt wholesale shops because they provide the same needs and of the same quality, but at lower prices than the market. They also provide highly discounted offers that will help you save money to benefit from it in trying things The other exciting in Turkey.


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