The importance of the commercial real estate registry in Turkey

The importance of the commercial real estate registry in Turkey

The importance of the commercial real estate registry in Turkey
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Buying real estate in Turkey has now become the first choice for a remarkable section of foreign investors, as the number of these investors who want to buy a property in Turkey continues to increase year after year as the statistics and studies show the high rates of real estate sales in Turkey towards foreigners impressively. According to local experts and experts, thanks to this great turnout for buying real estate in Turkey, the advantages and components that Turkey real estate provide make it an attractive investment deal for these foreign investors and perhaps the most important factor that contributes to attracting more of them is real estate prices in Turkey, as it has become It is known in various real estate markets that Turkey's real estate is considered to have a low price compared to real estate prices in other regions or countries, especially in its neighborhoods of different European countries, even though Turkey's real estate is no less important or quality than those real estate, so many investors found no Especially those with limited income, a golden opportunity to invest in real estate in Turkey, in addition to the fact that the real estate market in Turkey is highly regulated and includes many important laws and documents that make it very easy to operate. The mechanism of buying, selling, and trading real estate between investors and aims to guarantee the rights of foreigners in particular, including the commercial real estate registry, which gives the buyer an idea of ​​all the information on the commercial real estate that he will buy so that he does not fall victim to any fraud or fraud in this country New it.



Definition and importance of the real estate commercial registry in Turkey:

Real estate in Turkey is divided into two types: residential real estate that includes apartments in Turkey and houses in Turkey and the like. The second type is commercial real estate such as shops, offices, and companies. Commercial then the commercial real estate registry, which is considered a necessary record for all types of commercial real estate from offices, shops, and stores, as we mentioned, must be obtained. Also, a residential real estate whose description is converted into commercial, i.e. used for commercial purposes instead of housing, must be extracted. The commercial real estate registry also has it, and thus it can be said that it is necessary to register the purpose of using the property on the real estate registry and to write the phrase commercial real estate registry on the real estate records in Turkey that are used for the conduct of activities and commercial business.



Necessary points when registering commercial real estate in Turkey:

Based on the great importance of the commercial real estate registry in Turkey, it is necessary to pay careful attention when issuing it and pay attention to several important points, including attention to the type of property that will be registered or owned, as sometimes a property is sold as a residential property and you want to buy it To live in it, but in fact, it is registered in the Real Estate Records Department as a commercial real estate and has a commercial real estate registry then it is imperative to change the type of property in these records to avoid your falling into any future problems when paying the fees or taxes for your property and if Fortunately, this process of modification is not complicated and can be done easily through several procedures, including a review of the municipality office to which the property you want to change belongs to in the real estate records.


* You should also pay attention to the need to obtain all the necessary licenses for your property and various permissions such as the floor easement license and floor ownership, and it is imperative to make sure that the residential buildings own them as this matter is very important, especially if this property is purchased. Be during the extraction of a real estate loan from the bank, as the lack of a floor ownership license for residential apartments exposes them to financial problems and fines, and these problems can be avoided by reviewing the Real Estate Records Department and verifying the validity of these licenses and the accuracy of each one of them.


* In addition to that the commercial real estate registry is organized by writing the name of the owner of the registry and clearly stating the area of ​​the property that is being registered, and detailed information about the property must be recorded from the location of the property, the type of property and the status of the shares installed in it, and it is necessary that all are registered The modifications that have been made in the event that any modifications have been made to the property within the commercial real estate registry for this property, and the commercial real estate registry also includes the serial number and date belonging to the property and the different offices and departments of real estate records between one region and another in Turkey, which exist Additional or city-specific conditions and in order to know these conditions or additional requests, you can review each of the municipality to which this property belongs, which includes its commercial real estate registry, as well as the real estate records department to which the property also belongs.


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